I, Unit 193, apply for the MOTU upload rights.


Unit 193

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Who I am

I am a Xubuntu team member, developer, and the Debian liaison. As part of the role of Debian liaison, I keep a close eye on Xfce bugs and uploads in Debian and report to the team any that may affect us. I also keep an eye on our delta over the packages in pkg-xfce in addition of my contributions to pkg-xfce itself.

My Ubuntu story

Started playing with Kubuntu back in '07 or so, converted fully to Xubuntu later.

My involvement

  • Currently involved in Xubuntu, either as a packager or whatever else needs done. I also have an interest in packages that rest in universe, and seem uncared for.
  • Provide support and channel management for several core channels.
  • Work upstream in Debian both as a Debian Maintainer and team member (non uploading).

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

The most recent examples of work I'm actually "proud" of would be in Debian.

  • I spearheaded the transition to net-ssh 4.x series. (Includes chef, specinfra, net-scp uploads)
  • Eliminated the need for delta in the deluge package.
  • Am working with the Irssi Debian developer to eliminate the need to merge the package from Debian.
  • Various Xfce/Xubuntu related packages, including package updates, default settings changes, and new optional packages, including xfdashboard and xfce4-statusnotifier-plugin.
  • Fixed longstanding bugs in bzr-fastimport that would cause the translated repo to have files that were deleted long ago.
  • A few uploads/syncs of packages I'm interested in, some of which I helped Debian with.
  • Recently did the xfconf transition in Cosmic, which also kicked off smaller thunar and xfce4-panel transitions.
  • In Debian:
    • I maintain icecast2 and ices2 as part of the pkg-multimedia team.
    • I also help maintain ruby-rbnacl and ruby-net-ssh in pkg-ruby-extras.
    • I am the maintainer for gcalcli, inxi (DM permission), ruby-roo, thunar-dropbox-plugin (with the Xubuntu lead developer as uploader), and am marked as uploader for alpine and pianobar (non-team packages.)
    • I and another Debian package maintainer introduced xfce4-eyes-plugin to Debian, which is a package Ubuntu had been carrying for quite a while.
    • I also made quite a few commits to the mini-dinstall package.
    • Have done a couple QA uploads as well as assisted others with packaging.
  • See my Sponsorship Miner page for a full listing.

Areas of work

  • I am a Xubuntu developer, so I work with the Xubuntu development team, which puts me working with Sean Davis, the Xubuntu development lead, a lot.
  • I have also worked with various packages in universe, some of which have been listed above.

Things I could do better

Bugs, in both filing and being responsive to them.

Plans for the future


I, of course, plan to continue to make Xubuntu a great flavor, but am also interested in not only keeping an eye on the packages I help with in Debian in great order for Ubuntu, but also keep packages in great working order for Ubuntu use. In the future, I plan to apply for DD as well.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @SIG@.

While I haven't sponsored Unit193's patches enough to justify a full endorsement in my opinion, Unit193 is a great guy (I have known him for several years), and the two uploads that I have sponsored for him were both high quality uploads, where no changes were needed on his part and he demonstrated his knowledge of correctly preparing bug reports and generating the diffs. From what I can tell in conversations with him, he has a lot of knowledge of what things should go in Debian and what shouldn't, and Ubuntu release policies in general. It would be great to see him as MOTU, we need more skilled people like Unit193. -- tsimonq2 2017-09-08 21:51:03

Unit193 has been part of the OpenLP community for many years, and his assistance has been phenomenal. He sees things which he feels he needs to bring to my attention (rightly so), and then lets me know about them, often with a solution he has already put together to remedy the issue. As a fellow Debian Maintainer, he has been irreplaceable, again often bringing solutions to problems he sees with some of packages. Unit193 is an asset to anyone, and I highly recommend him for MOTU. @-- raoul-snyman 2017-09-09 00:36:14@

Unit193 was instrumental in causing my (extremely limited) reinvolvement with the Ubuntu community after a significant hiatus. I routinely see IRC activity including assisting developers with work, helping new folk with development tasks, and coordination of packages between Debian and Ubuntu well outside the Xubuntu packageset. Further, I fully endorse the choice of pseudonym, which has remained a constant and reliable identity with upload rights to both Debian and Ubuntu for some time. @-- persia 2018-03-11 01:55:38@


As a sponsor, just copy the template below, fill it out and add it to this section.

Sean Davis

General feedback

As Xubuntu Technical Lead for some time, I might be Unit193's biggest fan. I sponsored numerous packages (looks like 27) for Unit193 in the past when I was the only uploader for the Xubuntu packageset. Since then, Unit193 applied to also have upload rights to the packageset and has done a really great job of package maintenance for Xubuntu and Xfce. Despite his claim of "Bugs, in both filing and being responsive to them.", he's been incredibly responsive to bugs and is often the first person to notify me of breaking issues.

His packages are always of superior quality, and I depend on him for review of my own packages and of maintaining the same high quality and standards compliance across all of our packages in the archive and our team's PPAs.

Specific Experiences of working together

Commits to our team's packages:

Our team's PPAs, where most packages have his name on them or are built by his daily packaging:

Leading the charge with Xubuntu Base/Core (despite our inability to get traction on this with the teams responsible for merging it):

Packaging new releases within hours of release:

There's definitely even more examples, but I think it is safe to say that Xubuntu could not be in the position that it is in now without his hard work and dedication.

Areas of Improvement

As Unit193 stays current with all changes to Debian packaging, reviews and tests his packages thoroughly, and actively seeks out sponsors for his work, I do not have any areas of improvement for him at this time.

-- bluesabre, 2017-09-08 06:22:00 EST

Gianfranco Costamagna

General feedback

I did sponsor a ton of packages for Unit 193, and pressed him to apply for DM and MOTU processes. He knows his job, how to do it, he is careful about copyrights, and cares about things to go in -release pocket.

I don't even remember having to nitpick on his work, I just blindly sign/sync/merge/upload when he asks me.

the stats shows not an high number of uploads I performed to him, but this is because I don't use the right flags when I force-sync packages for him from Debian.

He cares about dropping deltas whenever possible, and this is always something nice and appreciated*&sponsoree_search=name

-- LocutusOfBorg, 2017-09-11 09:00:10 EST


=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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