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Unit 193

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Ohio, USA

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Unit193 on Freenode and Coldfront

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Xubuntu current/devel and Lubuntu LTS

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Xubuntu and occasionally Lubuntu

About Me

Well, what's to say? I have been using some form of Ubuntu since 6.10 (Which I updated to Lubuntu 10.04 a week before 10.10 came out), and fully switched to Xubuntu in 2010 or 2011. I've been off and on IRC since 2008, but now I'm on full time thanks to the help of irssi and screen.

Volunteer computer work

I volunteered in the IS department at a local hospital for over 400 hours over a 3 year period.

I was a fair board member, CARTeens instructor, Jr Leader, and club president in 4-H with 6 years of self-determined projects on computers.


I regularly help family members and older people with computers. I run Icecast2 on my server for a local non-profit to have live streaming.

Community Participation


I'm an active team member, developer, and Debian liaison. As part of the role of Debian liaison, I keep a close eye on Xfce bugs and uploads in Debian and report to the team any that may affect us. I also keep an eye on our delta over the packages in pkg-xfce.

I spearheaded the effort of testing xmir on Xubuntu, creating the live ISOs and keeping in touch with the Mir team. I have also done several other proof of concept ISOs for the Xubuntu development team, to give additional information when making decisions.

I do packaging for our team PPAs and the Ubuntu repository proper.

As a team member, I'm in the rotation to chair Xubuntu community meetings.


I help out in many IRC channels, Ubuntu and otherwise. I plan to continue helping in the support channels and learn from the others in there as well.

As part of being in the Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio communities, I take part in the role of catalysts and also OP for the channels.

I maintain and host one of the ubot clones for external and internal Ubuntu community use, as well as the floodbot for #ubuntu and other channels.

I'm in quite a few IRC channels, but I can usually be found in one of the Ubuntu development, support, or offtopic channels.

And you can find me in other random Freenode channels.

ISO Testing


As part of the Lubuntu and Xubuntu teams, I do ISO testing and bug reporting and get to work some great people in both communities.

US Ohio LoCo

As a member and leader of the Ohio Local Community, I hang out in our IRC channel and attend other LoCo events. I hope to attend OLF and meet some other community members in person!


Ubuntu Beginners Team


I was an active member and later a leader of Ubuntu Beginners Team, eventually co-leading its graceful closure.


When first setting up Launchpad to officially join our LoCo, I signed the CoC and made sure to have all the requirements fulfilled. I have since then joined a few teams, reported bugs, and tried out the code hosting.



During 2011, I had the honor of working with BodhiZazen on his Debian remix called Zenix. At the time, I didn't fully know him and how involved he was with the Ubuntu community. I was the main tester and now I am a forum moderator. It was with this experience that I decided to help Xubuntu with ISO testing and later with Lubuntu before they got official support. My thanks to the Zenix team with starting me on the path to getting involved in the testing aspect and what I learned with them.

Openbox Desktop

As a project just for fun, I created a community flavor for Openbox. It's complete with a metapackage, default settings, and artwork packages that I still maintain.

Future Aim In Community

I will keep on helping in IRC, QA, our Local Community, development and support. It would be great to get more people I know using something in the Ubuntu family or Linux in general! I believe the 4-H motto fits here too, "To make the best better".

In the future, I hope to attain Xubuntu packageset upload rights (applying now), and later on MOTU. In Debian I hope to gain DM status to assist me in my effort to maintain packages there as well.


If you wish to describe any of my contributions to the Ubuntu Community, please feel free to do so below. Thank You.

I've known Unit193 for a number of years now, we are both in a number of the Ubuntu, Debian and other channels. He is consistently informative, helpful, and friendly. In recent years he has become a Debian Member, and then a Debian Developer, and has helped me personally with a number of packaging issues in both Debian and Ubuntu. His knowledge of IRC is exceptional, and I know I can depend on Unit193 when I need some help with IRC. His help extends beyond packaging and IRC too, he has helped me with some server administration as well. I highly recommend him for IRC Council. superfly May 6th, 2019

What is there to add? He is the Team Leader for lubuntu irc channel ops tasked with liasing with the ubuntu-ops IIRC. He's active and very helpful on the lubuntu channels. Involved in testing the pre-releases etc. I have no hesitation in recommending him for ubuntu membership. phillw December 29th, 2011

I've known Unit193 for about a year now. I think it's a shame not more people have put up a testimonial for this great person. He's very responsible and dedicated to the latest official flavor of Ubuntu: Lubuntu where he's IRC OP TeamLeader. He's got my recommendation for Ubuntu Membership. MrChrisDruif January 4th, 2012

I first "met" Unit193 on IRC, in #ubuntu-us-oh about 6 months ago. He is friendly, informative, and he knows what he is doing on IRC land, as well as Ubuntu in general. +1 for Ubuntu Membership from me. jamesgifford

I met Unit193 a couple of weeks ago in #xubuntu. He's been helpful, friendly, and generally seems like a sane and reasonable individual. nanotube

Unit193 is contributing to Xubuntu user support and testing, and he's been really helpful for the team with these things. He's also giving valuable feedback on development. +1 -- PasiLallinaho, Xubuntu Project Lead

Unit193, also known as "the bot", is a very nice person, always trying to help others. I met him in the Beginners Team, and he was the one who welcomed me. He is a great supporter, and great person. He must get Membership, that's what he deserves. JoseeAntonioR 27th Mar. 2012

As an Ubuntu Beginners Team mentor for unit193 I have had an awesome opportunity to see and watch him gather self-confidence and bloom in different Ubuntu related projects and communities. He's not just an support/irc fella, he's like an Swiss Army Knife what comes to helping or instructing people and guiding them on the correct path. What ever he decides to do, I'm 120% behind him and supporting for that. And I know I should have written this ages ago, but I never really knew what to write. Sorry for that, mate. Wink ;) bioterror 4th of may 2012.


phillw was delegated with the day to running of #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic well over a year ago

  • phillw +votsriRfAF (founder) [modified 1 year, 13 weeks, 5 days, 18:36:31 ago]).

As a part of that it was left to my discretion to appoint OPs as and when I felt they were ready. as nhandler was my mentor for a while on UBT and instilled into me the role of freenode-catalyst and also the higher Code-of Conduct Higher Code of Conduct as it pertains to both forum dealings, IRC dealings etc. Each and everyone of the current OPs on lubuntu not only follow the letter of the rules, but also the spirit. They are our ambassadors, and I am privalidged to count them also as good friends. Furthermore, Unit193 now heads up the lubuntu-ops team and has been granted Founder status in order that he can speak for lubuntu on matters IRC. I have no hesitation in recommendeding Unit193 who was appointed as a lubuntu Founder Unit193 +votsriRfAF (founder) [modified 1 week, 2 days, 21:13:25 ago] for full core OP's adoption, having previously been an OP. phillw 7th Jan 2012

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