Improve and extend support for touchscreen multi-touch gestures in Unity.


Additional multi-touch gesture handling added to the Launcher, Dash, and Switcher components of Unity7 to improve the Ubuntu desktop experience on modern hardware.

User stories

  • Fred has purchased a new Microsoft™ Windows™ 8 compatible laptop with a multi-touch capable touchscreen, and wants to improve his experience by running Ubuntu. He wants to be able to use the Dash and free WiFi on his commuter train to browse artwork from various sites while making up his sample book, and can't use a mouse. He needs to be able to expand and scroll results in the Dash, open and close previews, and drag-and-drop between the dash and other applications using the touchscreen.

  • Wilma has a new convertible laptop with a detachable keyboard. She docks the screen while in the office but takes it on the road as a tablet. She wants to be able to open and navigate to her various productivity apps to prepare for appointments while travelling, all without a keyboard but by using the touchscreen.

Functional Checklist





Window Management

3-touch long hold

toggle greedy mode

not implemented

Window Management

3-touch drag

move window


Window Management

3-touch tap

open the HUD

not implemented0

Window Management

3-touch double tap

switch to previous window (alt-tab)


Window Management

3-touch tap then drag

open Switcher with focus on previous window


Window Management

3-touch pinch

maximize/unmaximize window



4-touch tap

open/close the Dash



1-touch edge drag

reveal the Launcher

not implemented3


  • 0 Original designs as implemented have the 3-touch tap bring up the move handles to move or resize windows. Perhaps a different gesture for opening the HUD should be designated.

    1 Switcher flashes on the screen ... may be a bug?

    2 Code is present but does not work on test hardware (may be a bug in OIF stack).

    3 Edge drags may not be physiologically practical on desktop form factors.


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