• Name: Vincent

  • Status: website maintainer.

  • Projects: Xubuntu, Pivip

  • Location: The Netherlands

  • Running: Xubuntu

  • Launchpad:

  • IRC: vinnl @

Latest update on: 3 August 2008

This page is based on CodySomerville with permission, feel free to do the same.

About me

Living in the Netherlands, I'm a GUI-oriented Xubuntu user looking to help people by writing tutorials and helping on IRC (I'm often in #xubuntu and #xubuntu-devel) and mailinglists (xubuntu-users, which I administer, and xubuntu-devel).

Skill Set

Though not of much use to Xubuntu, I'm fluent in (object-oriented) PHP, XHTML and CSS. I've also toyed with the GIMP and Inkscape.

Besides, I'm very familiar with Xubuntu so I can help most people with most basic and some advanced tasks. I also have a small amount of experience with Ubuntu.

Dutch is my native language, and I can officially call myself a "near-native speaker" when it comes to English. Writing is something I quite enjoy - a skill I use in writing tutorials regarding, among others, Xubuntu.

My Contributions

Team Membership


  • For upstream Xfce I've done Dutch translation work, most notably for Thunar.

Support & Bug Triage

  • Helping with Xubuntu in #xubuntu on
  • Occasionally triaging a bug on Launchpad.
  • Tracking Xubuntu on Ubuntu Brainstorm, making sure ideas end up with the right people.


  • Writing tutorials on third-party sites.

Community, Advocacy, & Marketing

  • Managing
  • Promoting Xubuntu at my own and other websites

Code, Packaging, & Development

  • Nothing much to see here...

Plans & Goals

Finding as much time as possible to contribute to Xubuntu with the limited set of relevant skills I have.


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