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When: Thursday, June 11th, 20:00 UTC

Where: #ubuntu-website on the Freenode Network


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MatthewNuzum / #newz2000

I'd like to introduce Christina and Alejandra and explain their roles at Canonical and how it impacts the Web Presence Team

Localization project

MatthewNuzum / #newz2000

Adding a link to the top of the website that steers people to resources in their preferred language

Download location

MatthewNuzum / #newz2000

simplify the "choose a location" list to show only countries and then pre-select an option so that usually no interaction is needed

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Minutes from past meetings

July, 22nd 2008 20:00 UTC

Log of the meeting available here starting at 21:00 (search for the "----------------- BEGIN MEETING ---------------------" string).


We don't need a driver for the countdown images - please, everyone submit your work.


  • Target dimensions are 180x150
  • 30 images numbered 1 - 30
  • one image saying, "it's almost here" or some similar message
  • one image saying, "it's here, download Ubuntu 8.10 now" or similar
  • The images should not make reference to "Intrepid Ibex"

Feel free to be edgy with your proposals. We have lots of time to refine if your suggestions are too radical. We had an interesting point brought up:

risbac: how about an image revealing the new look of 8.10 day by day? this way, it's more than "just" a number.

This is an excellent idea, though day by day may be ambitious.

ACTION ITEM Submit your idea for a countdown banner.


Assuming we pull it off, it will be featured prominently on the Ubuntu homepage and will get a lot of eyeballs. I'd love to see something that makes people scream wow!!!

We'll start by focusing on the graphical/layout part and worry about the content as we near release day. (when the final features will be more refined)


  • I don't think the layout has to be constrained to match, though it should bear enough resemblance that people don't wonder where they're at
  • no flash
  • non-linearity - it should be easy for people to find and see the feature they're interested in
  • Ajax is fine - we can use ajax to hide text and show it only on click with a cool effect
  • people visiting will already have mootools in their browser cache - we don't need to use moo, but it would be a good choice
  • the tour must also function without JS, though it's reasonable to expect less functionality/visual appeal

This will require a team with the following skills: A leader who can delegate + CSS/HTML creation, Javascript/Ajax/Effects, graphic design and image optimization, possibly copy editor

ACTION ITEM If you love the idea of leading this team and coordinating the efforts (and doing a portion of the work), please announce your willingness to do so THIS WEEK.


We need to have another meeting to discuss this. We had a ton of good comments regarding this and I can't easily summarize them here. Please view the IRC log starting at 21:47

We need to cull these ideas into a single thread and then discuss them in greater detail and decide what we want. I also need to get an answer to the question, "can/should we publish our work in progress start pages so that they're visible to alpha testers?"

ACTION ITEM Plan a follow up meeting.

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