Countdown banners for Ubuntu 11.10

Post your ideas for a countdown banner here. Guidelines are:

  • width: 180px
  • height: 150px
  • optimized png, gif or jpg, or

  • iframe containing interactive content (using static html, css, js and images - no PHP)
  • no flash - must work perfectly with only free software

A successful implementation will countdown the days from the Beta 2 to final release. This means 21 images numbered 21 to 1 plus one for day 0 that says "coming soon" and one more that says "it's here" (24 images total).

For reference see the JauntyCountdownBanners

Post your drafts and mock-ups here along with any extra information you feel is useful then send a message to the web presence team mailing list so we can discuss it.


Post your mock-ups and ideas here. Make sure there's enough detail so that we can contact you!

Corbin Davenport

I'm a 13-year old web developer from Woodstock, GA, USA. I have been using Ubuntu since 9.10, and I absolutely love it. This is the first time I am entering for this contest. My creation is an IFRAME banner. The banner is coded entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The font is rendered the same way Ubuntu's website does it: with the Google Fonts API. I decided to make mine simple and easy on the eyes, versus a complicated clock.


There is a demo available (hosted on my site) here: If you want the code, email me at, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!!

Website | Twitter | | Google Buzz

Sayantan Chaudhuri

I intend build a derivative of the Ubuntu-logo-as-a-progress-bar model using a dynamic canvas element.

Please see the static mock-up for further details. I can be contacted at .

A fully functional banner, currently set to demonstrate, has also been uploaded. Banner uses Google Web Fonts and Processing.js.

The working banner (not in demo-mode,) along with assets, can be downloaded as an archive here. A completely stand-alone (albeit slightly larger) version of the banner (also not running in demo-mode) can be found here.

Please note, I have considered the release date to be 13th October, as per the current schedule. Modifying this is simply a case of changing the date parameter of the RELEASEDATE constant in the file.

Leszek Pruszyński

Greetings from Poland! My idea of Ubuntu 11.10 countdown is a static images set - "Countdown Dots". All numbered images and Inkscape SVG source available. Contact me at: leszekp(at)

dots_lp_21.png dots_lp_17.png dots_lp_09.png dots_lp_01.png dots_lp_00.png dots_lp_its_here.png

Martin Holicky

Hello, I am 14 year old web developer from Slovakia. My idea is gray ocelot that slowly changes into orange ocelot - using. Javascript and png images of ocelot. Working widget you can see here. Contact: martin.holicky(at) ocelotwidget.png


Greetings from Germany. Here's my idea of ​​a countdown banner for Ocelot. The design is available as vector graphics. Contact: daniel_87(at)


Download: oneiricbanner_daniel.tar.gz

Embed Code

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="200" height="164"></iframe>

Daniel J

I made one entirely with HTML5 canvas. When included in an iframe it shows the small version. It dynamicly updates, if you leave it on the "progress bar" will move. The logo is slightly animated. It uses the Ubuntu-font loaded with CSS. It is cross-browser compatible (any browser with canvas support).

Contact me at: daniel(dot)hede[at]hotmail(dot)com.

Try it out here! See it in action (iframe): Download it as zip:


Martín Césare

Inspired by the current look of the Ubuntu websites' headers, this is my "last minute" proposal. I'll try to improve it a bit in the next few hours if I get some free time, but I'm very happy I was able to submit at least one. It's not animated. I did it for the Official Banner in 10.10 and I wanted to go in a different direction.



Website --- Twitter --- Mail: martincesare [at] gmail [dot] com

Thorsten Wilms


John Baer




Aditia A. Pratama

Hi, I'm an author for this Websites. I'm from Balikpapan, my design for Ubuntu Countdown banner. I'm using inkscape and my Inspiration was thermometer, why? Cuz y'know...oneiric is hot...I've got fever Big Grin :)

If you like it, you can contact me : or in twitter : @aditia_ap







UPDATE ! For HTML code visit my Blog

Håkan Sörensson





Mail: hakan_thn [at] yahoo [dot] se

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