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Team Lead Candidates:

Please only add your own name to the list, if you wish to be considered as the Point of Contact for the Ubuntu Cymru LoCo team.


Christopher Swift (ianto)
Darius Huntly (dariusH)
Craig Lomax (arthurL)

Christopher Swift (ianto)

Hi all, most people know me as ianto in IRC. I have been very active in the -cym community since the very beginning, both Darius and I were founding members. Most people will recognise my emails to the launchpad group or the Ubuntu-UK mailing list however we have requested an Ubuntu-cym mailing list which should be enabled after the Jaunty torrent of downloads have calmed down a little bit!

Contributions to the Ubuntu distro & community

Currently I have made many contributions to the community and the distribution of Ubuntu itself. Firstly, I have been very very active in pushing the Ubuntu Cymru LoCo contacting many members across various Ubuntu teams regarding ubuntu-cym including but not limited to: The Community Council of Ubuntu, the EU team for LoCos of Ubuntu who have registed ubuntu-cym.org but I am still awaiting the DNS key of the domain, Shipit for requests of gear and discs for conferences (being planned) and handouts to save shipit some money on shipping discs, the current Ubuntu-UK PoC and ex-PoC, the ubuntu-uk mailing lists as well as the lists of every LUG in Wales (with the assistance of fellow team members, we had a team or more each to handle) and many more people such as Jono Bacon (the lead of the community aspect of Ubuntu).

I have tried my best to contribute to launchpad daily however due to some stuff that I do behind the scenes for Ubuntu-cymru and little other projects that has gone on a burst of actions, i.e. not doing something for a week and then suddenly doing over 50 actions in one night, it has lead to some confusing karma calculations. I have also packaged some applications in the Ubuntu repository as an amateur packager such as grdc: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/grdc "Original Maintainer (usually from Debian): Christopher Swift"

For the community, I have been an active member of Ubuntu-UK for some time and I have been trying my best to get myself involved into the MOTU community even if just a person that talks to other participants than an ├╝ber packager! I have also been an active person on the Ubuntu Marketing mailing list as well as a lurker on many many more Ubuntu lists including the LoCo-Contacts list. I have also traveled to London (from South Wales) to attend and participate in bugjam '09 where we helped to triage and/or close many many bugs in Ubuntu, I believe that the UK team came 2nd or 3rd in total. It was a fantastic experience and one that I hope to have back home in Wales soon!

Future Plans

  1. Better organise the LoCo team, having a central contact point and many more participants in IRC. I have big hopes on the mailing list in progress to be a hub of users.

  2. Better marketing of Ubuntu both in Wales and the rest of the UK. Education and policing (like the French police) are two big sectors that are on the agenda.
  3. Finalise the Ubuntu-Cym website, after the -EU team relinquish hold of the DNS key of the domain.
  4. Get more people in Wales involved in Ubuntu!!

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