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  • More Release Party planning.


= 18:59:32 <MootBot> Meeting started at 13:00. The chair is ianto.
= 19:00:18 <MootBot> New Topic:  Release Party
= 19:09:23 <MootBot> IDEA received:  Start the night at Starbucks & then progress to a pub
= 19:09:52 <MootBot> Please vote on:  Does the idea agree with you?.
= 19:10:44 <MootBot> Final result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 3
= 19:10:51 <MootBot> AGREED received: 
= 19:12:40 <MootBot> LINK received:  http://swlug.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=15&Itemid=31
= 19:18:50 <MootBot> IDEA received:  Have a contact person for those who get lost
= 19:20:36 <MootBot> Please vote on:  Which venue.
= 19:22:51 <MootBot> Final result is 2 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 2
= 19:24:15 <MootBot> LINK received:  http://knowledge76.com/index.php/76er_Program#76er_Materials
= 19:28:12 <MootBot> ACTION received:  print posters
= 19:49:21 <MootBot> Please vote on:  Starbucks at 6pm?.
= 19:50:25 <MootBot> Final result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 3
= 19:51:09 <MootBot> AGREED received:  Starbucks @ 6pm
= 19:54:00 <MootBot> IDEA received:  Decide on the pub
= 19:59:27 <MootBot> IDEA received:  Community venue instead
= 20:07:42 <MootBot> AGREED received:  Starbucks @ 6pm, Central Bar later for socialising.
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[13:00:20] <ianto> Can all those present type present please ;)
 [13:00:24] <ianto> PRESENT
 [13:00:31] <Brace> PRESENT
 [13:00:37] <phantomjinx> PRESENT
 [13:00:50] <ianto> Any who join later do that too please :)
 [13:00:58] <ianto> [topic] Release Party
  [13:01:45] <ianto> Alright, so far it appear that the party will be down South, and as such people from SWLUG are of course happy to attend but which city should we use?
 [13:01:58] <Brace> not fussed, I'm in Bridgend
 [13:02:21] <ianto> OK, I'll list the two most habitated ones on the LP team, Swansea & Cardiff
 [13:02:49] <ianto> We need to think of turnout and accessibility here too
 [13:03:21] <ianto> Which do you think would be a better choice of the two?
 [13:03:38] <phantomjinx> what is likely turnout for such events?
 [13:03:57] <ianto> Minimum of 4, hopeful turnout of 15
 [13:04:04] <ianto> More likely 8
 [13:04:11] <ianto> We're a new team after all
 [13:04:51] <phantomjinx> and what is the agenda for a release party? Have no previous idea
 [13:05:10] <Brace> either really, as both the Cardiff and the Swansea SWLUG meetings can end up with 15 odd people at them
 [13:05:24] <ianto> The agenda is to maainnly communicate with others (and to find a reason to get drunk)
 [13:05:42] <phantomjinx> lol
 [13:05:50] <ianto> There will be pictures posted online might I add in case anyone is unhappy about that
 [13:05:58] <Brace> I'm fine with that
 [13:06:03] <ianto> To the wiki & my blog ^
 [13:06:37] <ianto> One might even do what Brace does and go around with a notepad
 [13:07:24] <Brace> did it on my phone the previous meeting
 [13:08:54] <ianto> There are issues about being open to everyone, this does mean those who are >18. The venue will have to relfect this of course
 [13:09:05] <ianto> s/relfect/reflect
 [13:09:11] <ianto> *<18
 [13:09:16] <ianto> D'oh!
 [13:09:28] <Brace> that does make things considerably harder
 [13:09:44] <Brace> we could start at a starbucks and then move on to a pub in the evening
 [13:10:03] <ianto> [idea] Start the night at Starbucks & then progress to a pub
  [13:10:12] <ianto> Btw, all can use the [idea] ttag
 [13:10:33] <ianto> [vote] Does the idea agree with you?
  [13:10:37] <ianto> 1
 [13:10:50] <ianto> +1
 [13:10:52] <Brace> +
 [13:10:53] <ianto> Silly me
 [13:10:58] <Brace> +1
 [13:11:06] <phantomjinx> +1
 [13:11:24] <ianto> [endvote]
  [13:11:32] <ianto> [agreed]
  [13:11:52] <ianto> OK, that sounds like a good plan for now.
 [13:12:10] <Brace> yup
 [13:12:13] <ianto> Swansea doesn't have quite the array of pubs as Cardiff does for the 2nd option
 [13:12:32] <Brace> we use a nice one for the LUG
 [13:12:43] <phantomjinx> curious to know a date since my weekends are governed by the boss
 [13:12:46] <ianto> So, obviously Cardiff looks the best venue even if it is further for most of the people said to be going
 [13:12:51] <ianto> phantomjinx: 25/3/09
 [13:12:57] <ianto> And then 266th is the LUG meeting
 [13:13:00] <ianto> *26th
 [13:13:09] <ianto> Uhoh
 [13:13:11] <phantomjinx> its April
 [13:13:12] <ianto> 25/4/09
 [13:13:20] <ianto> phantomjinx: Yeah just noticed ;)
  [13:13:20] <Brace> http://swlug.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=15&Itemid=31
 [13:13:37] <Brace> that's teh bar we use for the swansea meetings
 [13:14:08] <ianto> littletank: Welcome :)
 [13:14:19] <ianto> We are deciding in a venue for the release party
 [13:14:21] <ianto> *on
 [13:14:47] <littletank> hi
 [13:15:12] <ianto> Brace: No Sign does look nice (Google results)
 [13:15:17] <littletank> I remember from last week
 [13:15:37] <ianto> littletank: So far we have decided on starting on a starbucks for the younger generation and then later in the evening going to a pub
 [13:16:14] <littletank> also for the younger generation
 [13:16:43] <Brace> they're free
 [13:17:04] <Brace> well, as long as you buy some drinks
 [13:17:08] <ianto> Brace: What's free?
 [13:17:12] <ianto> Oh entry?
 [13:17:48] <Brace> pubs are free to get into
 [13:18:01] <littletank> I am just lurking too old for you lot
 [13:18:08] <ianto> Oh yeah of course
 [13:18:40] <ianto> littletank: You'll be welcome to attend as is everyone else who isn't here
 [13:19:02] <littletank> thanks I appreciate it
 [13:19:05] <Brace> I think the idea is that if we start in a coffee place then all can come for at least the first part
 [13:19:31] <ianto> [idea] Have a contact person for those who get lost
  [13:20:01] <ianto> Brace: Yeah specially for those who work on Sundays (poor old them)
 [13:20:06] <Brace> yup
 [13:20:55] <ianto> Alright, we've decided a series of events however not the city which is just as important :)
 [13:21:09] <ianto> I'll do a vote, +1 Cardiff, -1 Swansea, 0 netiehr
 [13:21:13] <Brace> ok
 [13:21:16] <ianto> [Vote] Which venue
  [13:21:21] <Brace> +1
 [13:21:29] <ianto> +1
 [13:21:37] <phantomjinx> 0
 [13:21:58] <Brace> phantomjinx: where then?
 [13:22:01] <ianto> phantomjinx: Sorry, +0 ;)
 [13:22:30] <phantomjinx> I have no preference for either
 [13:23:00] <phantomjinx> Swansea and Cardiff have a fair number of enthusiasts likely to attend
 [13:23:07] <ianto> OK, i thought that he a had a cool new idea
 [13:23:10] <ianto> :p
 [13:23:16] <phantomjinx> sorry
 [13:23:20] <Brace> fair enough
 [13:23:20] <phantomjinx> nooo
 [13:23:27] <littletank> I can't get but I wish you well
 [13:23:32] <ianto> [endvote]
  [13:23:42] <ianto> 2 for Cardiff then
 [13:23:51] <ianto> Alright, 2nd point advertising
 [13:24:24] <ianto> One moment ad I'll link to posters
  [13:24:55] <ianto> http://knowledge76.com/index.php/76er_Program#76er_Materials
 [13:25:28] <ianto> I like the Colorado poster, do you think that we require such things in and around the cities?
 [13:26:05] <Brace> it can't do any harm
 [13:26:19] <ianto> [idea
 [13:26:23] <ianto> Snap
 [13:26:38] <ianto> Alright, does anyone know of a place that prints good quality stuff?
 [13:27:06] <ianto> jo_: Welcome, we've decided on Cardiff as the city right now and we are discussing the advertisements - http://knowledge76.com/index.php/76er_Program#76er_Materials
 [13:28:20] <ianto> Anyone? :p
 [13:28:30] <Brace> if you can't find anything just use any old printer
 [13:28:45] <ianto> [action
 [13:28:52] <ianto> [action] print posters
  [13:28:55] <ianto> The
 [13:29:06] <ianto> The ] key is next to my etnnter
 [13:29:13] <ianto> eee pc keyboard......
 [13:29:21] <Brace> :)
 [13:29:24] <ianto> s/etnnter/enter
 [13:29:47] <phantomjinx> "If your fingers are too fat, please just mash the keyboard..."
 [13:29:49] <ianto> Are there any good gfx people here? :)
 [13:30:02] <ianto> Or at least adequate GIMP users
 [13:30:25] <Brace> nope
 [13:30:25] <phantomjinx> what are you thinking ... modifying the link about?
 [13:30:33] <phantomjinx> s/about/above/g
 [13:31:07] <ianto> phantomjinx: Either getting permission and editting the above link or starting afresh
 [13:32:20] <littletank> If it's not too complicated I use GIMP
 [13:33:05] <ianto> littletank: I cannot use GIMP to save my life :p, basically text editting on an existing image (using GIMP formatting and layers)
 [13:33:36] <Brace> I'm useless at that sort of thing
 [13:33:39] <ianto> Same
 [13:33:47] <littletank> Sounds fun
 [13:34:30] <littletank> where do I start and I will tell you if I can do it
 [13:34:54] <ianto> littletank: http://knowledge76.com/images/Andrews_flyer_v2.xcf
 [13:35:22] <littletank> OK I'll have a look
 [13:35:34] <ianto> Alright, shall we start the evening in the Star bucks on Queen St?
 [13:36:44] <Brace> sounds good too me
 [13:36:51] <ianto> Or do the natives have a better one in mind?
 [13:37:00] <littletank> That looks very pretty
 [13:37:29] <ianto> littletank: Yeah it does :). Do you know how to edit the text on there? :)
 [13:37:29] <littletank> presumably you just want the text changing
 [13:37:30] <phantomjinx> there are two Starbucks on Queen St.
 [13:37:41] <ianto> littletank: Yeah, I don't know how to though
 [13:37:47] <phantomjinx> at 45 and 125
 [13:37:53] <phantomjinx> Can we confirm which
 [13:37:56] <littletank> I am prepared to have a go
 [13:38:22] <littletank> perhaps you could send me the text in an email
 [13:38:37] <Brace> the one nearest to Central Bar? by Barclays
 [13:38:45] <ianto> littletank: I'd love to
 [13:38:52] <ianto> Brace: Yeahthat sounds like a plan
 [13:39:18] <ianto> 125
 [13:39:29] <littletank> my address norman@littletank.org
 [13:39:29] <ianto> 125 Queen St is next to Barclays (121)
 [13:40:16] <littletank> I'll tell you within 24 hours of receipt of the text
 [13:40:43] <ianto> littletank: Diolch :)
 [13:40:52] <ianto> Does anyone have a good time of when we should start?
 [13:41:00] <littletank> you are welcome
 [13:41:44] <littletank> I await your text when you have everything settled
 [13:42:02] <phantomjinx> ianto: just looking for opening times of Starbucks.
 [13:43:04] <Brace> I can't find the opening times
 [13:43:44] <ianto> I hvae their phone number
 [13:43:47] <ianto> Shall i call and find out?
 [13:44:51] <ianto> Oh it may be a bit late now.. to call
 [13:44:51] <phantomjinx> "did you mean Cardiff, UK or Cardiff, AL?"
 [13:44:54] * phantomjinx boggles
 [13:45:00] <ianto> Cardiff UK :P
 [13:45:23] <phantomjinx> starbucks.com is a little slow
 [13:45:36] <ianto> I believe it is open from 7:30am to 9pm
 [13:46:09] <phantomjinx> trying to confirm
 [13:46:23] <ianto> Yeah it is _extremely_ slow
 [13:46:26] <ianto> their site
 [13:47:02] * phantomjinx blanches as its M$ VirtualEarth
 [13:48:13] <phantomjinx> well thats the other one -> http://www.itchycardiff.co.uk/review.cfm/5/184422/Cardiff-City-Guide/review/Starbucks-Coffee-Company
 [13:48:50] <ianto> Shall we start at like 6pm?
 [13:49:46] <Brace> sure
 [13:50:01] <ianto> [vote] Starbucks at 6pm?
  [13:50:06] <ianto> +1
 [13:50:10] <Brace> +1
 [13:50:25] <phantomjinx> +1
 [13:50:56] <ianto> OK that is sorted thenn
 [13:50:59] <ianto> [envote]
 [13:51:05] <ianto> [endvote]
  [13:51:24] <ianto> I guress we're then onto the Centrla Bar?
 [13:51:28] <ianto> Or somewhere else?
 [13:51:36] <ianto> *central
 [13:51:50] <ianto> [agreed] Starbucks @ 6pm
  [13:52:23] <ianto> littletank: I've sent you an email by the way :)
 [13:52:49] <Brace> central is near to starbucks it's generally fairly quiet
 [13:52:54] <littletank> Thanks will this contain all the info
 [13:53:16] <ianto> littletank: Yeah all of it, if you were just editting the file
 [13:53:21] <ianto> littletank: Any quetions email me back
 [13:53:37] <littletank> got the message
 [13:54:10] <littletank> I'll have a look and a think cheers for now
 [13:54:40] <ianto> [idea] Decide on the pub
  [13:55:13] <ianto> If we were better connected, we could've rented out a club in Cardiff off a friend or something :P
 [13:55:39] <sladen> farm might be easier
 [13:56:09] <ianto> sladen: You can rent a farm? Heh I have no words for that :)
 [13:57:38] <sladen> or other community barn/village hall/pub social room
 [13:58:09] <ianto> sladen: Good ideas, know of any going?
 [13:58:31] <Brace> I know of a pub social room up in ponty
 [13:58:42] <Brace> otherwise it's a simple process of ringing round pubs
 [14:00:01] <ianto> [idea] Community venue instead
  [14:01:00] <ianto> If you know of such a venue, speak forward ;)
 [14:01:33] <Brace> small downer, in many instances they will charge you to use the room
 [14:01:49] <Brace> however, try the Otley Arms in Pontypridd
 [14:02:25] <ianto> How out of way / inaccessible is that?
 [14:06:18] <Brace> pretty
 [14:06:42] <ianto> [vote
 [14:06:42] <Brace> basically booking a room isn't probably feasible as we can't guarantee numbers and have no money to pay for something
 [14:07:06] <ianto> Brace: Good points so, stick with Cardiff or change over?
 [14:07:19] <Brace> so lets just stick to easy, which is Starbucks in Cardiff at 1800 moving onto Central Bar/another pub later on
 [14:07:30] <Brace> not ideal I know, but as a first try it'll do
 [14:07:31] <ianto> Brace: Yeah thought so :)
 [14:07:39] <Brace> anyway, got to go now
 [14:07:41] <ianto> Yeah it will have to do
 [14:07:41] <Brace> laters
 [14:07:45] <ianto> Brace: Ah OK then ttyl
 [14:08:23] <ianto> [agreed] Starbucks @ 6pm, Central Bar later for socialising.
 [14:08:44] <ianto> Any other input, otherwise the meeting will end in 5mins :)
 [14:09:09] <phantomjinx> nope from me
 [14:09:43] <ianto> jo_ & sladen?
 [14:11:50] <ianto> OK that's a wrap, thanks all for attending and taking part, I'll add the logs to the wiki soon :)
 [14:11:53] <ianto> #endmeeting


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