Brief introduction to the team, meeting, and theme if possible.

Time: 7:00PM on Saturday, 2010-01-09
Place: #ubuntu-cym @
Meeting Chair: Christopher Swift
Meeting Minutes by: Christopher Swift


  • Move more topics from IRC to mailing list to help promote list usage.
  • Try and get more members of the team to sign up to the list.
  • Speak to Welsh universities and colleges about efforts to assist in the distributing of Ubuntu.
  • Scout for more computer fayres in Wales which Ubuntu Cymru could attend as a team or as part of another team.
  • Look into marketing posters (bi-lingual preferred!) for Ubuntu and other Linuxes.
  • Setup database for general ideas of Ubuntu disc stock and to help with disc levels across the country.
  • Document more of the LoCo's work!

  • Do more social events like release parties and general bug/documentation/translation jams.

Agenda Items

The following agendas are proposed for this meeting:

  • Bangor University Fayre -- ianto

  • Disc Distribution -- ianto

  • Eisteddfod Ubuntu Presence -- Translators urgently needed if wanted to make 2010 -- ianto

  • Mailing List Usage -- ianto

  • Where is the LoCo planning on going -- kn100


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   3 [13:00:54] <ianto> First of all welcome all who are attending today's meeting, if you are here and paying any attention can you please type "Present" into the channel for our statistics
   4 [13:01:05] <kn100> Present
   5 [13:01:39] <TonyP2> present
   6 [13:01:40] <Kaia> Present
   7 [13:02:16] <ianto> While the rest of the members straggle in I thought that it'd be a good idea to bring up the topic of our new mailing list. Many of you have already subsribed to it although it is rarely used. I am just wondering what sort of email topics would you like to be seen on the list itself?
   8 [13:02:44] <ianto> For example, entirely support based email, computer jokes, only social events and meetings and the like
   9 [13:03:00] <ianto> [topic] Mailing List
  10 [13:03:52] <Elleo> vaguely present
  11 [13:04:23] <Kaia> Elleo: omniscient :P
  12 [13:04:31] <Kaia> omnipresent
  13 [13:04:53] <ianto> So how would you like the mailing list to be best utilised?
  14 [13:05:49] <Elleo> personally I'm happy to see it be pretty free form and just let people post whatever they like
  15 [13:05:52] <TonyP2> To discuss anything relevant to Ubuntu in Wales
  16 [13:06:14] <TonyP2> To ask other members for help
  17 [13:06:26] <ianto> Exactly what I was hoping, how about efforts to inscrea activity? Such as micro competitions?
  18 [13:06:30] <ianto> *increase
  19 [13:06:40] <TonyP2> All the stuff a mailing list can be used for
  20 [13:07:49] <TonyP2> For instance we could be carrying discussion of something raised here
  21 [13:08:54] <ianto> So do you reckon we should arry interesting topics from the channel to the list to get to a wider audience?
  22 [13:08:58] <ianto> *carry
  23 [13:09:39] <TonyP2> Of course, if its relevent
  24 [13:09:58] <TonyP2> Are all members on the list?
  25 [13:10:17] <Kaia> no
  26 [13:10:19] <ianto> Most of them in this channel are and it has been advertised to the launchpad group quite a bit
  27 [13:10:49] <ianto> [link]
  28 [13:10:56] <ianto> For those who wish to sign up ^
  29 [13:11:29] <ianto> So in short I take it most are happy with the list as it is and generally we could shift a few more topics from channel onto there/
  30 [13:11:51] <TonyP2> Personally, I prefer email to chat
  31 [13:12:17] <TonyP2> Not being a very fast typist
  32 [13:12:52] <ianto> So you're rather unhappy with the focus on IRC as a chat medium?
  33 [13:14:15] <TonyP2> It has its place, but its not my favourite medium.
  34 [13:14:44] <ianto> Welcome markie-, we're on topic of the mailing list at the moment. Logs are at
  35 [13:14:45] <Welshbot> Title: Index of / (at
  36 [13:14:51] <TonyP2> Its no good for announcements,for instance
  37 [13:15:13] <ianto> Yeah true however it can help with preliminary planning of events
  38 [13:15:31] <ianto> And can act as a greater social arena for the speed of which messages are sent
  39 [13:15:34] <Kaia> i understand that announcements could be made in the topic if necessary
  40 [13:16:24] <ianto> It's true that we do tend to neglect social mediums other than IRC as a team mainly
  41 [13:16:28] <ianto> Check out our forums for example
  42 [13:16:31] <Elleo> I'd say that it's fine for planning to begin on IRC, but that anything serious should be moved to the mailinglist once it leaves the preliminary planning stages to allow for wider contribution and better archiving of discussion
  43 [13:17:03] <TonyP2> Just what I was thinking
  44 [13:17:25] <Kaia> I agree
  45 [13:18:11] <ianto> [ACTION] Move interesting topics from IRC to Mailing List after prelimary discussion if of interest to the team - All
  46 [13:18:28] <ianto> WIth the actions anything after - dictates who should carry out the action btw.
  47 [13:18:43] <TonyP2> So we should try and get all members on the list
  48 [13:19:00] <ianto> [ACTION] Promote List to a greater number of members - All.
  49 [13:19:05] <gneel> Sorry I'm late!
  50 [13:19:30] <ianto> gneel: No problem, you always are :)
  51 [13:20:44] <ianto> SO in regards to our list, more members and more topics migrating to there from our other mediums when ready to be discussed by the team?
  52 [13:21:32] <TonyP2> Yes, I agree
  53 [13:22:23] <ianto> Does anyone else have anything to add to that before we move onto the topic of disc distribution? (Putting off Bangor until markjones is back)
  54 [13:23:07] <ianto> If you have nothing please say that as well so I have a general idea of how you are all feeling
  55 [13:23:54] <Elleo> well I don't have anything more to say on the topic
  56 [13:24:18] <ianto> Elleo: If you have another topic to add feel free to mention it when we finish a topic
  57 [13:25:36] <Elleo> right-o
  58 [13:26:11] <ianto> It looks like the topic of the list is over so if Elleo has something to say go ahead and do it, if I've misinterpreted what you were saying then just say so :)
  59 [13:26:13] <kn100> Are we discussing disk distribution now?
  60 [13:26:37] <Elleo> nope, I was just saying I had nothing further to say about the mailinglist
  61 [13:26:44] <ianto> Ah right fair enough
  62 [13:26:51] <ianto> [topic] Disc Distribution
  63 [13:27:21] <kn100> I think we need a plan to get disks out to people who know nothing or very little about ubuntu/open source
  64 [13:27:35] <ianto> Right I'm sure that many of you have already upgraded yourselves to Karmic 9.10, however we still have some discs to get distribution amongst computer users in Wales.
  65 [13:27:58] <ianto> At the moment we have two major distribution points, me in South Wales and markjones up in Bangor
  66 [13:28:47] <kn100> ianto, I think we need to advertise the fact the disks are free
  67 [13:28:52] <ianto> Both of us will usually be happy to sort out discs via post if you request but we need methods to get discs distributed to those who don'0t know as kn100 is saying
  68 [13:29:20] <ianto> kn100: Yeah quite, freeness always goes down well
  69 [13:29:29] <kn100> I think posters about open source/ubuntu could be a good thing with maybe a way to request disks
  70 [13:29:32] <Kaia> ianto: contacting universities who will be willing to distribute?
  71 [13:29:51] <ianto> Kaia: Done Bangor, who should we contact for Aber?
  72 [13:30:04] <Kaia> ianto: Elleo you are better off asking to be honest
  73 [13:30:27] <Kaia> he knows more about the university and its staff than i do
  74 [13:30:28] <Elleo> interms of the computer science department Aber already has a student accessible freedom toaster that can spit out ubuntu disks for free in our reception area
  75 [13:31:02] <Elleo> and ubuntu (and linux in general) take-up amongst students has been pretty good the past couple of years (much greater than in the past)
  76 [13:31:26] <Elleo> not sure what approach would be best if you want to target the university as a whole though (i.e. non-technical departments)
  77 [13:31:52] <gneel> I work with some people who have recently graduated from the Cardiff CS department. I'll see if they still have any contacts...
  78 [13:32:03] <ianto> gneel: Perfect!
  79 [13:32:30] <gneel> As Elleo just said though, that's not the whole university.
  80 [13:32:54] <ianto> Getting Ubuntu into CS departments of universities of Wales is certainly a good way of strengthening the community in Wales. And hopefully the CS guys have enough charisma to talk to others about it huh? :)
  81 [13:33:21] <matti> Hm.
  82 [13:33:26] <Elleo> I think non-CS departments are likely to be a hard sell, if we do want to go down that route it might entail trying to work out the benefits that it'd bring to specific departments
  83 [13:33:48] <Elleo> i.e. what tools and workflow could it help a biologist with, etc.
  84 [13:33:56] <markie-> you could set up a monthly/weeky stall in cities, such as cardiff. giving out free discs and letting people know. religious ppl do it all the timed own here.
  85 [13:33:57] <matti> CS as people playing counter strike?
  86 [13:33:58] <matti> ;]
  87 [13:34:06] <Elleo> matti: heh, computer science ;)
  88 [13:34:13] <matti> Elleo: I am just being silly.
  89 [13:34:13] <matti> ;p
  90 [13:34:29] <ianto> But we have to bear in mind that this isn't just getting more users, what we want is more community members, those who come into IRC and do stuff with the teams, go on mailing lists and hopefully even one day develop or contribute to Ubuntu
  91 [13:34:41] <matti> Elleo: And I know nowthing about computers ;/
  92 [13:34:53] <Elleo> ianto: yeah, and those are more likely to come from CS departments
  93 [13:34:56] <ianto> matti: You're going for a PhD aren't you? ;)
  94 [13:35:06] <Kaia> matti: you can always learn
  95 [13:35:36] <Kaia> ianto: what about colleges?
  96 [13:35:39] <matti> ianto: Gosh.
  97 [13:35:50] <matti> ianto: You just blew up whole tease.
  98 [13:35:50] <matti> ;p
  99 [13:36:00] * matti looks in a very weird way at ianto 
 100 [13:36:42] <ianto> Kaia: Colleges are sure a fun way and as it happens I'll be trying to see if I can get Neath Port Talbot college to let us borrow a room for our next big meetup. I can also talk to the Computing lecturers about disc distribution and other such things
 101 [13:36:48] * matti is rising one eyebrow.
 102 [13:36:59] <matti> ianto: Look me in the eyes youngone..
 103 [13:37:00] <matti> ;]
 104 [13:37:54] <gneel> I'll start trying harder to get my colleagues into the community. We've recently been allowed to install Linux in work, and now have about 10 Ubuntu users!
 105 [13:38:05] <matti> ianto: What is disc distribution?
 106 [13:38:22] <ianto> matti: Getting discs around the place considering we have a few hundred :)
 107 [13:38:32] <matti> ianto: Oh, as CD?
 108 [13:38:33] <ianto> Official printed and enclosed discs
 109 [13:38:34] <ianto> Yeah
 110 [13:38:42] <matti> That's not green.
 111 [13:38:48] <ianto> Green?
 112 [13:38:49] <matti> Pollution that is.
 113 [13:38:56] <markie-> heh
 114 [13:39:07] * ianto rolls his eyes
 115 [13:39:08] <gneel> matti: throwing out the discs that the LoCo has is even less green!
 116 [13:39:22] <gneel> ^LoCo *already* has
 117 [13:39:26] <matti> gneel: Well then - BAD, BAD LoCo team.
 118 [13:39:38] <matti> ianto: LOL ;p
 119 [13:39:42] <ianto> matti: Most LoCo teams have a few hundred discs, standard protocol ;)
 120 [13:39:50] <matti> Dammit.
 121 [13:39:59] <matti> ;]
 122 [13:40:00] <ianto> We have a bit more this release due to the Bangor Fayre which we can hopefullytalk about when markjones arrives
 123 [13:41:42] <ianto> Right so I saw kn100 mentioning posters or something?
 124 [13:42:37] <kn100> Yeah, as we are looking to expand Ubuntu's reach within the community, and most people have not heard of it, we need some form of getting people to know about it
 125 [13:43:06] <kn100> Posters could work if they were iconic enough, like 'Windows too slow for you?' type posters
 126 [13:43:48] <ianto> Posters are a good way however it's not exactly nice to go dissing other Operating Systems, even Vsita
 127 [13:43:52] <ianto> *Vista
 128 [13:44:02] <kn100> Could we just hint at other OS's?
 129 [13:45:28] <Elleo> yeah, "attack" style-ads always just make me cringe :/
 130 [13:45:29] <TonyP2> Only to tell people that Ubuntu is just as good for them
 131 [13:45:31] <kn100> like 'How much would you pay for a computer that always ready when you are, does not get slower with time, comes with all the apps you'd ever need, and even if you do need more apps, they are there ready for you to install free of charge'
 132 [13:46:07] <kn100> then at the bottom 'Well welcome to the world of Ubuntu. Oh, and its free.
 133 [13:46:34] <gneel> kn100: "always ready" is dangerous, since it depends on their hardware...
 134 [13:46:43] <TonyP2> Look at how the Ubuntu web site does it
 135 [13:46:59] * gneel agrees with TonyP2
 136 [13:47:03] <kn100> gneel, Microsoft says that vista is faster than XP, and that is a BLATENT lie
 137 [13:47:11] <kn100> :P
 138 [13:47:26] <ianto> Have you guys seen the Spread Ubuntu site?
 139 [13:47:28] <Welshbot> Title: spreadubuntu | Ubuntu marketing for human beings (at
 140 [13:47:33] <kn100> but I think that a 'how much would you pay' ad would be very effective
 141 [13:47:40] <ianto> [link]
 142 [13:47:41] <Welshbot> Title: spreadubuntu | Ubuntu marketing for human beings (at
 143 [13:47:43] <gneel> kn100: depends on the hardware, and how you measure. It's not a blatent lie, if you look at exactly what they claim.
 144 [13:47:50] <ianto> Which has lots of marketing materials
 145 [13:48:27] <kn100> ianto, do the karmic covers actually look like this?
 146 [13:48:45] <ianto> No that's a customised version
 147 [13:49:04] <kn100> that is so hawt
 148 [13:49:20] <ianto>
 149 [13:49:22] <Welshbot> Title: Canonical Store (at
 150 [13:49:23] <ianto> They look like that
 151 [13:50:26] <kn100> aww, that's not nearly as hawt
 152 [13:50:56] <ianto> Regardless we haven't really addressed how to help distribute other than colleges and universities. How do we target the general publci?
 153 [13:51:32] <kn100> I stick with the original idea, spreading posters of some sort
 154 [13:52:38] <gneel> Alan Cox in Ubuntu-UK runs a stall most times there's a computer fair in Bracknell (IIRC).
 155 [13:53:25] <gneel> Don't know if there are any computer fairs in Wales at the moment though.
 156 [13:54:15] <ianto> gneel: is a good site for IT related topics in Wales
 157 [13:55:45] <ianto> Regardless kn100, how do posters help with distribution in your opnion? After view a poster they'll just download the disc anyway
 158 [13:56:29] <kn100> ianto, That's what I am talking about, have some form of ring this number to request a disk
 159 [13:56:34] <gneel> ianto: is the main intention to get rid of the discs, or to get people involved?
 160 [13:56:45] <TonyP2> A disk in the hand is worth two on the web
 161 [13:56:53] <gneel> the emphasis is slightly different.
 162 [13:57:00] <TonyP2> It might get used
 163 [13:57:19] <TonyP2> Or at least tried
 164 [13:57:42] <gneel> TonyP2: I agree, I've got some ISOs that I've never used after downloading.
 165 [13:57:45] <kn100> I think we need to work on getting open source into the mindset
 166 [13:58:29] <ianto> gneel: Intention to interact with the public who dont care about OSes, giving them a disc and contact info for the team showing/tellig them how to get involved
 167 [13:58:44] <gneel> ianto: just wanted to check.
 168 [13:58:57] <Kaia> local companies?
 169 [14:03:24] <ianto> [action] Speak to universities & college - markjones, Ellio, ianto, gneel
 170 [14:03:41] <ianto> Kaia: What sorts of companies?
 171 [14:04:17] <markjones> oops
 172 [14:04:23] <markjones> forgot about the meeting xD
 173 [14:05:07] <markjones> ianto: the loco pack comes with a nifty CD holder
 174 [14:05:14] <ianto> [ACTION] Report back on any computer fayres in Wales if any are found - All
 175 [14:05:20] <ianto> markjones: I know :)
 176 [14:06:04] <ianto> markjones: Other than the fayre, any ideas for disc distribution?
 177 [14:06:08] <markjones> um
 178 [14:06:14] <ianto> [idea] Look into marketing posters - FRom kn100
 179 [14:06:46] <markjones> [idea] speak to local PC shops re: displaying posters
 180 [14:07:15] <markjones> then they can contact one of us if they need a disk
 181 [14:07:42] <markjones> ianto: might be an idea to send 50 - 100 disks to everybody
 182 [14:08:08] <ianto> markjones: Nice idea but lets wait until Serendipity and check our stock
 183 [14:08:20] <markjones> yeah
 184 [14:08:33] <TonyP2> We are talking about *disk distribution* at the mo. Perhaps we should talk about marketing in general on the mailing list
 185 [14:08:33] <markjones> i've still got half a box of the initial batch
 186 [14:09:08] <ianto> TOnyP2: Excellent case-point
 187 [14:09:12] <gneel> markjones: how many is that?
 188 [14:10:11] <markjones> 45
 189 [14:10:19] <markjones> (quick count)
 190 [14:10:42] <gneel> markjones: I was only wanting an estimate.
 191 [14:10:57] <markjones> gneel: doesn't take me long to count
 192 [14:11:34] <markjones> [idea] use a database to log where disks are distributed within the LOCO
 193 [14:12:54] <markjones> ^ that way we can monitor where disks are sent, and then chase up whether the supplies need topping up
 194 [14:12:58] <ianto> Are there any further ideas (which can be discussed on list to hurry the meeting along) which you'd like to quickly bring up regarding distribution?
 195 [14:13:34] <matti> Eh.
 196 [14:15:42] <gneel> not from me
 197 [14:17:02] <ianto> Right I think it's time to do the Bangor part of the meeting, markjones how do you feel about doing a short intro?
 198 [14:17:21] <markjones> ok
 199 [14:18:06] <ianto> [topic] Bangor Serendipity Fayre
 200 [14:18:48] <markjones> in 2 weeks next Thursday there is the Societies Fair. My new society will be there and will be giving out freebies. including Ubuntu information
 201 [14:19:12] <markjones> the goal of this fair is to get members to join my society
 202 [14:19:21] <ianto> The Computer Society
 203 [14:19:31] <markjones> but on the side we can use it to showcase Ubuntu :0
 204 [14:19:35] <markjones> * :)
 205 [14:20:18] <ianto> Bearing in mind this is a side-goal and the main objective is of course the promotion of the Computer Society but still having CompSoc related materials i.e. info on Ubuntu ;)
 206 [14:20:32] <markjones> exactly
 207 [14:22:38] <markjones> I've got to prepare materials that I can distribute relating to the Society, and get some other freebies (sweets mainly, and things that relate to the number 7)
 208 [14:22:58] <ianto> Right do you have any basic figures yet? How many are coming, how much discs you have, how many if any members any the CompSoc currently has?
 209 [14:23:17] <markjones> we have 0 members
 210 [14:23:20] <ianto> Bearing in mind this is the beginning of the COmpSoc ^
 211 [14:23:32] <markjones> and no
 212 [14:23:39] <markjones> i have no exact figures
 213 [14:23:59] <ianto> OK no worries
 214 [14:24:18] <markjones> What I suggest we do is just use the CD holder and keep topping that up
 215 [14:24:54] <kn100> Heh I got an email from Hotmail wishing me a happy birthday, in my GMAIL account
 216 [14:24:56] <markjones> (if anybody wants to design posters for me they are welcome to do so, I have very little time)
 217 [14:25:04] <ianto> THe plan is basically for Mark to help promote BangorCompSoc and I'm going up to the scary North once more to help him. Are there any ideas you guys would like to see implemented in his stand to help with either Ubuntu/Linux promotion or CompSoc?
 218 [14:26:51] <markjones> i guess not :0
 219 [14:26:55] <markjones> * ;)
 220 [14:28:35] <kn100> Demo laptops running different apps from different categories from ubuntu
 221 [14:28:51] <kn100> for example one showing the software center, another running openoffice, and another running a FPS
 222 [14:28:59] <markjones> yeah
 223 [14:29:34] <markjones> i was thinking of finding an application that works on all operating systems
 224 [14:29:58] <TonyP2>
 225 [14:30:00] <kn100> OH, have one running a media center app like boxee or XMBC too
 226 [14:30:04] <ianto> Chrome/Firefox ;) and
 227 [14:30:19] <kn100> just preload one laptop with the entire ubuntu repo :P
 228 [14:30:28] <gneel> There's the Open CD which has FOSS for Windows on it (IIRC)
 229 [14:30:43] <markjones> hmm
 230 [14:30:56] <markjones> what games work on all 3?
 231 [14:31:02] <ianto> WarSow!
 232 [14:31:12] <gneel> That will give you an app that works on both...
 233 [14:31:17] <gneel> Games? Old ones :-)
 234 [14:32:25] <markjones> the stand will have a laptop with Ubuntu on it, a macbook with OSX n it and a laptop with Ubuntu on it
 235 [14:35:30] <ianto> markjones: How many laptops do/will you have not including mine?
 236 [14:35:42] <markjones> 2
 237 [14:35:54] <markjones> i can probably get a 3rd
 238 [14:35:56] <gneel> markjones: I guess you meant one with Windows, not 2 with Ubuntu
 239 [14:36:09] <ianto> I can bring netbook and laptop, so UNR and Ubunntu standard huh? ;)
 240 [14:36:35] <gneel> What version of Windows/
 241 [14:36:46] <markjones> win 7
 242 [14:36:57] <markjones> (as vista is cach)
 243 [14:37:28] <gneel> Not used Win 7, so I can't comment on compatible apps.
 244 [14:37:41] * gneel is also not a gamer
 245 [14:37:53] <markjones> i've sorted out game
 246 [14:38:00] <markjones> Multiwinia
 247 [14:40:32] <markjones> ok, hanks for the input guys
 248 [14:40:46] <ianto> Right this topic I think is done if mark's happy
 249 [14:40:51] <markjones> I'm still wondering if somebody wants to do posters?
 250 [14:41:00] <markjones> (if you do drop me a /query)
 251 [14:41:06] <markjones> thanks Chris.
 252 [14:41:09] <ianto> [Action] Ask for posters on list - markjones ;)
 253 [14:41:19] <ianto> kn100: Ping
 254 [14:41:31] <kn100> hey
 255 [14:41:39] <kn100> What kind of posters do yo guys need?
 256 [14:41:40] <ianto> Where is the LoCo planning on going -- kn100
 257 [14:41:45] <ianto> Did you wanna talk about that?
 258 [14:42:31] <kn100> I meant by that, where are we planning to get to, what milestones can we set to measure our success
 259 [14:42:49] <ianto> [Topic] Where is the LoCo planning on going
 260 [14:43:15] <ianto> What do you as a team want to see us do?
 261 [14:43:28] <kn100> The original aim of course, spread ubuntu!
 262 [14:43:38] <kn100> But, how can we measure our success in doing so?
 263 [14:44:34] <ianto> What we really need is to really document what we do more because sometimes I get lazy and/or can't keep up with every thing we do so I can't record it all. So I want the rest of us as a team to not be so scared of editting the wiki, if we make mistakes we can also revert back to an earlier version
 264 [14:46:10] <gneel> Are we going to try for official LoCo status?
 265 [14:46:20] <gneel> or what ever it's called
 266 [14:46:53] <kn100> I don't think we should until we have some proper events like this one markjones is sorting out out of the way, as that will look good on the resume ;)
 267 [14:47:09] <kn100> also ianto did the website ever get redesigned?
 268 [14:47:13] <gneel> I agree. But are we going to try?
 269 [14:47:36] <ianto> gneel: Yes and we really should document every tiny little thing we do as a team to stand a full chance of being accepted
 270 [14:47:45] <gneel> Exactly, ianto
 271 [14:48:47] <ianto> kn100: Not yet, not exactly my speciality and a few others have been busy
 272 [14:50:01] <kn100> markjones seems to be afk so when is this event ianto?
 273 [14:50:21] <markjones> kn100: i am working on the text for the posters
 274 [14:50:31] <kn100> Ah I see :D
 275 [14:51:28] <ianto> Last Saturday of January, 29th I think
 276 [14:51:38] <ianto> COuld be Friday actuallu
 277 [14:52:04] <markjones> it's Saturday, 29th January
 278 [14:52:38] <ianto> Are you sure? MY Calendar says 29th is a Friday
 279 [14:53:21] <markjones> you are right
 280 [14:57:35] <markjones> I'll look at the site again over the Summer
 281 [14:59:04] <ianto> To answer kn100 I think we need to document more, do more Jams and release parties, and just do more other stuff like general meetings and the like
 282 [14:59:35] <markjones> [action] set up database
 283 [15:00:30] <gneel> markjones: think ianto has to do the actions...
 284 [15:01:14] <markjones> ianto: ...
 285 [15:02:04] <ianto> [action] Setup database
 286 [15:07:25] <ianto> OK is that all?
 287 [15:07:32] <markjones> mhm
 288 [15:08:38] <ianto> Thanks all for coming, I'll try to forward on the majority to the mailing list within the next few days. Thanks again for attending
 289 [15:08:43] <ianto> #endmeeting

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