2011-01-27 Meeting Minutes

Old Business

  • Old business - all
    • none

Team updates

Packaging & Development

  • uploaded Xfce 4.8
  • this week, the focus has been on xubuntu-default-settings and xubuntu-artwork
  • Xfce 4.8 is not available for Xubuntu 10.10(Maverick) and 10.04(Lucid) at this time.
    • We will consider backporting or a PPA after the first bug fix release (xfce4.8.1)
  • Have all comparisons in for default applications selection by February 3

Bug Triage & Testing

  • We have kept the number of new bugs level this week.
  • As for testing, we have Alpha2 coming out next thursday

Website & Marketing

  • Suggestion from ochosi - it would be great if the first page would show the slideshow that is shown during installation.
  • We will need an announcement for alpha2 the 3rd of February.
  • We need to start either a ML item or webpage item for marketing


  • greybird is now in the daily images


  • Lucid documentation in -proposed has been tested

Updates for Xubuntu 10.04.2

  • We will be testing the images for 10.04.2 February 14
  • we should have Firefox 3.6.14 and Thunderbird 3.1.8 in 10.04.2


  • None

Governance structure

  • Vote for Project Lead
    • Please vote for Charlie Kravetz as the Xubuntu Project Lead
    • No objections received
    • There was an email sent out by Steve Dodier-Lazaro to Charlie Kravetz, stating "I'd like to vote for Lionel." Steve was informed by reply email that the only nomination was Charlie Kravetz, and that Lionel did not want the position. He did not place an objection.
    • 4 +1, one -1, 2 abstained. Total: 3
    • Charlie is approved as Xubuntu Project Lead

Any Other Business

  • Next meeting is in one week, Frebruary 3, #ubuntu-meeting, at 19:00 UTC.
  • Meeting log

Action items for the 2011-01-27 meeting

  • thunderbird-locales needs testing in lucid-proposed

Carried Forward

Please see the previous log

Xubuntu Governance

The Xubuntu Council

  • The Council size should be 5 members, with one of them being the PL.
  • PL will have a vote in every voting in the Council, not just as a tie-breaker.
  • The 4 members in the Council in addition to the PL should be selected by the existing Xubuntu Contributors.
  • The appropriate Team Lead can be the tiebreaker in a vote, but only if PL is absent.
  • The council should *aim* to have balanced membership across the different aspects/teams of Xubuntu.
  • The council should be named/selected after every LTS release. Thus, every season lasts for 2 years.

2011-01-27 Meeting Log

Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-meeting

People Present:

  • knome
  • mr_pouit
  • MichealH
  • charlie-tca
  • pleia2
  • beardygnome
  • micahg
  • Sysi
  • ubottu
  • vinnl
  • evilvish

Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-meeting

[13:04:00] <knome> MichealH, not any more.

[13:04:33] <mr_pouit> \o

[13:04:37] <MichealH> o/

[13:04:38] <charlie-tca> The full meeting agenda is available for your viewing at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings

[13:05:18] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Old business

[13:05:46] <charlie-tca> As far as I recall, there isn't any?

[13:06:05] <pleia2> I think you're right

[13:06:23] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Team updates - Team Leads

[13:06:38] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Packaging & Development

[13:06:43] <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: floor's yours

[13:07:04] <mr_pouit> ok, last week: uploaded Xfce 4.8

[13:07:16] <charlie-tca> w00t!

[13:07:18] <pleia2> woohoo!

[13:07:19] <mr_pouit> this week, the focus has been on xubuntu-default-settings and xubuntu-artwork

[13:07:32] <charlie-tca> We like that!

[13:07:39] <beardygnome> hi all, have i missed much?

[13:07:44] <charlie-tca> just starting

[13:08:17] <charlie-tca> \o

[13:08:27] <charlie-tca> I have a question, mr_pouit

[13:09:59] <mr_pouit> yes?

[13:10:17] <charlie-tca> Are we going to try to backport xfce4.8 to maverick and lucid?

[13:10:52] <charlie-tca> or at least get a PPA for them?

[13:11:05] <mr_pouit> possible, micahg spoke about that a few meetings ago

[13:11:18] <charlie-tca> Got a lot of users asking

[13:11:47] <mr_pouit> I would rather wait for the first bugfix releases though

[13:11:56] * micahg is willing to help

[13:12:04] <charlie-tca> Okay, that's fine then.

[13:12:10] <charlie-tca> At least we will have an answer

[13:12:43] <charlie-tca> Thank you, mr_pouit. Are there any questions?

[13:13:02] <knome> mr_pouit, will xfce 4.8 be backported to dapper?

[13:13:12] <mr_pouit> eww, I don't think so :P

[13:13:23] <micahg> dapper is EOL in 5 months

[13:13:23] <knome> damn! have to update then...

[13:13:27] <pleia2> lol

[13:13:29] <charlie-tca> Dapper is EOL in June for servers. It is already EOL fro desktops

[13:13:32] <micahg> for real this time :P

[13:14:05] <charlie-tca> Good question, knome. Thanks for asking that one.

[13:14:09] <micahg> charlie-tca: yes, but PPA uploads are still accepted for it Smile :)

[13:14:26] <knome> charlie-tca, you're welcome.

[13:14:36] <charlie-tca> Anything else for development?

[13:14:44] <mr_pouit> no Smile :)

[13:14:52] <knome> what about packages

[13:15:00] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] [TOPIC] Bug Triage & Testing

[13:15:13] <knome> is there any consensus/work made towards new default applications?

[13:15:23] <charlie-tca> not yet

[13:15:35] <charlie-tca> other than we are keeping Thunderbird

[13:15:44] <knome> is there any work PLANNED to compare new default applications?

[13:15:44] <charlie-tca> that is on the agenda, though

[13:15:53] <knome> when is the "deadline"?

[13:16:27] <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: when do we have to decide?

[13:16:53] <charlie-tca> knome: as far as I know, no one has started comparisons

[13:17:21] <knome> when is the last day to submit those comparisons, so we have time to test and vote?

[13:17:37] <micahg> After Feb 24, a release exception will be needed

[13:18:03] <knome> the day to submit comparisons should be way before

[13:18:13] <Sysi> (/me joins in) are there any plans for what apps to change/add/remove?

[13:18:25] <knome> Sysi, have you read the email list?

[13:18:29] <charlie-tca> Let's get the comparisons in by the next meeting, then?

[13:18:44] <charlie-tca> That gives a week or two to discuss them and vote

[13:18:50] <Sysi> knome: not, url?

[13:18:52] <pleia2> Sysi: defaults thread is here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2011-January/thread.html#7640

[13:18:57] <Sysi> thanks

[13:19:30] <knome> Sysi, or, at http://lmgtfy.com/?q=xubuntu-devel+archives

[13:19:55] <charlie-tca> [IDEA] Have all comparisons in for default applications selection by February 3

[13:20:17] <Sysi> knome: i was going for that

[13:21:27] <charlie-tca> As for testing, we have Alpha2 coming out next thursday

[13:21:38] <charlie-tca> We need all the help we can get testing the images.

[13:21:51] <knome> (brb)

[13:22:20] <charlie-tca> anything else on the applications, bugs, testing?

[13:22:36] <micahg> o/

[13:22:41] <charlie-tca> Go ahead, micahg

[13:22:43] <micahg> does 10.04.2 testing count?

[13:22:52] <charlie-tca> sure

[13:23:02] <micahg> thunderbird-locales needs testing in lucid-proposed

[13:23:26] <charlie-tca> [ACTION] thunderbird-locales needs testing in lucid-proposed

[13:23:28] <micahg> We have 3 new translations and updates for many more

[13:23:47] <charlie-tca> Do you have to know the languages to test it?

[13:24:28] <micahg> Bug #705028, New translations for Gaelic, Galician, and Serbian

[13:24:30] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 705028 in thunderbird-locales (Ubuntu Natty) "Update Thunderbird translations to 3.1.7" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/705028

[13:24:59] <micahg> They should be in natty alpha 2 as well, but no testing per se is needed there

[13:25:17] <charlie-tca> I tested the lucid-proposed docs this week. They are done for 10.04.2!

[13:25:30] <micahg> thanks charlie-tca

[13:25:44] <charlie-tca> Thanks to Book_Em_Dano for doing them

[13:26:26] <micahg> charlie-tca also found a new bug (not a regression) introduced in the docs, but that will be addressed after 10.04.2 is released

[13:26:30] <charlie-tca> Thanks, micahg, for bringing up the thunderbird stuff. It will be easier to get things done knowing it needs it

[13:27:03] <charlie-tca> Okay, let's keep moving

[13:27:09] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Website & Marketing

[13:27:12] <charlie-tca> anyone?

[13:27:34] <charlie-tca> We still need a marketing director

[13:27:52] <charlie-tca> and it seems like a difficult job to lead, too

[13:28:19] <charlie-tca> pleia2: anything on the website update?

[13:28:32] <micahg> charlie-tca: I assume this is a volunteer position?

[13:28:39] <charlie-tca> Yup

[13:28:45] <charlie-tca> all of our stuff is

[13:29:00] <knome> except project lead? :P

[13:29:03] <charlie-tca> and no, you don't get paid to put in a lot of time trying to market Xubuntu

[13:29:20] <charlie-tca> project lead is voluntary too, isn't it?

[13:29:35] <knome> but it's not like you just step up and the position is yours, right?

[13:29:43] <charlie-tca> neither are the rest

[13:30:10] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Artwork

[13:30:29] <charlie-tca> Hm, the only update I have on this is that greybird is now in the daily images

[13:30:48] <knome> also, about marketing xubuntu: in the last years, i have started to think the best way to "market" xubuntu is to produce high quality artwork and good looks. that makes people want to try xubuntu. saying xubuntu is for low-end pc's, or for those who want the most of their systems (now that everybody has 4GB of ram) is pretty much +-0

[13:30:54] <charlie-tca> any one have anything?

[13:31:24] <charlie-tca> A valid point, knome

[13:31:34] <knome> a good set of default applications as well as a "traditional" DE will make xubuntu stand out

[13:31:43] <charlie-tca> We have been trying to change the perception that Xubuntu is only for old and slow systems

[13:31:59] <knome> especially now when gnome is getting shells and kde4

[13:32:19] <charlie-tca> but it still requires a certain amount of marketing, including blogs, good reviews, user reports, posters, etc.

[13:32:46] <Sysi> we have a chance now because xgce 4.8 is great, unity, gnome shell and kde4 are a bit weird :P

[13:32:52] <Sysi> *xfce

[13:33:05] <knome> agreed about blogs, good reviews and user reports, but really, they should be by users, not the developer community all the time

[13:33:10] <knome> so we can't really affect that

[13:33:18] <knome> what comes to posters... i've never seen one

[13:33:31] <vinnl> We could encourage users to blog and spread the word

[13:33:42] <charlie-tca> Great idea, how?

[13:33:55] <Sysi> do we have any kind of idea about loco marketing?

[13:33:59] <knome> yes, the 'marketing' should focus on users bring involved and by offering them low-hanging fruits

[13:34:30] <vinnl> Provide them with a platform to blog on, perhaps

[13:34:32] <knome> as many of the other areas of development too

[13:34:50] <knome> there was this idea to put up a developer blog on xubuntu.org

[13:35:06] <charlie-tca> that isn't for users, though

[13:35:08] <knome> no.

[13:35:18] <Sysi> i think people like more "their level" kind of marketing

[13:35:20] <vinnl> On the other hand, something like this can easily turn into something with a lot of "Xubuntu doesn't keep this and this light-weight enough" of "Xubuntu doesn't include this or that application darnit"

[13:35:29] <vinnl> Developer blogs also cost a lot of time

[13:35:42] <knome> there already is developer blogs

[13:35:46] <knome> the idea then was to aggregate

[13:36:03] <charlie-tca> correct. that is why it takes a person to lead the marketing efforts and keep it going in a direction that benefits Xubuntu.

[13:36:04] <knome> but since cody thought xubuntu.org is only for "official" news and stories, that never came to be

[13:36:27] <charlie-tca> again, a developer blog on xubuntu.org is not for the users

[13:36:55] <Sysi> my point is that if we can't create apple-style media circus we should maybe focus on lower level

[13:37:08] <knome> yes, but right now the news/blog on xubuntu.org is "alpha1 released!" "alpha2 released!" "beta is here!" "10.10 is here!"

[13:37:11] <Sysi> i think one eager person in loco can make much

[13:37:36] <charlie-tca> yes, they could.

[13:38:27] <charlie-tca> someone want to push this to the devel ML for us? It helps to keep track of the discussion if it is threaded and readable

[13:38:29] <vinnl> I'm going to go now, though

[13:38:45] <vinnl> Good luck with the vote charlie-tca Smile :)

[13:38:46] <charlie-tca> vinnl: need a news next week

[13:38:51] <charlie-tca> thanks

[13:38:54] <vinnl> What day?

[13:39:03] <charlie-tca> should be out thursday

[13:39:09] <knome> i vote a wiki page for the website discussion

[13:39:14] <vinnl> alpha 2?

[13:39:21] <charlie-tca> yes, alpha2

[13:39:24] <knome> easier to follow the different options etc.

[13:39:29] <vinnl> Noted Smile :)

[13:39:32] <knome> (and opinions as well)

[13:39:42] <charlie-tca> great, knome. Want to take the action item for it?

[13:39:49] <knome> sorry, nope Smile :)

[13:40:01] <vinnl> OK, bye then, good luck with the meeting

[13:40:22] <knome> being busy with other things so i don't think that would make much sense for me to work on it

[13:40:51] <knome> Sysi, maybe you could set the wikipage up

[13:40:56] <charlie-tca> anyone else want to take this one?

[13:41:21] <knome> Sysi, i can offer help when i'm available

[13:41:50] <Sysi> knome: i'm busy for couple of weeks, end of high school

[13:42:09] <charlie-tca> Okay, that will get tabled for now, then.

[13:42:18] <knome> let's postpone this to the next meeting then (old business) and see again then

[13:42:28] <charlie-tca> We need to keep moving

[13:42:35] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Updates for Xubuntu 10.04.2

[13:43:19] <charlie-tca> We will be testing the images for 10.04.2 February 14

[13:43:36] <charlie-tca> Is there anything else for this?

[13:43:59] <micahg> o/

[13:44:02] <charlie-tca> go

[13:44:02] <knome> (a proposal for the agenda: let's move the PL vote as the next item so everybody having to leave @20UTC can join the vote)

[13:44:31] <charlie-tca> We are ending at 20:00 UTC anyway. so let us get this doen

[13:44:35] <charlie-tca> micahg:

[13:44:45] <knome> charlie-tca, if not, and just to be sure.. Smile :)

[13:44:56] <micahg> ok, just wanted to mention that we should have Firefox 3.6.14 and Thunderbird 3.1.8 in 10.04.2

[13:45:05] <micahg> s/should/most likely

[13:45:50] <charlie-tca> We are gaining... Smile :-)

[13:45:57] <charlie-tca> Thanks, micahg

[13:46:08] <charlie-tca> any other news/business on 10.04.2

[13:46:54] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Announcements

[13:47:03] <charlie-tca> I have none this week.

[13:47:20] <knome> you missed two items on the agenda

[13:47:37] <charlie-tca> knome: the more you interrupt, the less we get done

[13:47:45] <knome> but i think panel launchers are not worth to discuss before we've decided the default apps

[13:48:01] <knome> charlie-tca, afaik, you don't have to stop typing while i type :P

[13:48:01] <charlie-tca> let me know when you are ready to continue now

[13:48:05] <knome> go on

[13:48:30] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Governance structure

[13:48:50] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] vote for Project Lead

[13:49:22] <charlie-tca> We have a single nomination after trying for quite a while to make something definite happen with the Xubuntu Project Lead

[13:49:42] <charlie-tca> The nomination is myself, as approved by the Community Council.

[13:50:19] <charlie-tca> As previously explained in emails to the Xubuntu development and users mailing lists, we will vote to confirm this nomination and finalize the Project Lead.

[13:51:00] <charlie-tca> pleia2: anything to add, as a Community Council member?

[13:51:57] <charlie-tca> pleia2: also, any objections received?

[13:51:57] <pleia2> nope, just one +1 from vinnl who couldn't make it to the meeting

[13:52:33] <charlie-tca> Not having a firm method of selecting the project lead, we are going to allow anyone interested in Xubuntu vote at this time.

[13:52:57] <charlie-tca> [VOTE] Please vote for Charlie Kravetz as the Xubuntu Project Lead

[13:52:58] <knome> pleia2, did you notice the mail by steve dodies?

[13:53:03] <knome> s/s/r/

[13:53:12] <pleia2> +1

[13:53:26] <micahg> +1

[13:53:33] <pleia2> knome: yeah, it was sent to the list (not sure how voting for someone who didn't put their name forward works)

[13:53:46] <pleia2> he didn't send an objection though

[13:53:51] <knome> can i have a PM?

[13:53:57] <pleia2> sure

[13:54:09] <charlie-tca> I did respond to his email, explaining that mr_pouit turned the position down.

[13:54:19] <pleia2> ok, thanks charlie-tca

[13:54:21] <beardygnome> +1

[13:54:31] <charlie-tca> +0

[13:54:44] <micahg> charlie-tca: very noble Wink ;)

[13:56:56] <charlie-tca> micahg: thought I should do that, just for the official count.

[13:57:24] <charlie-tca> Are there any other persons wish to vote, please do so now

[13:57:47] <charlie-tca> going....

[13:57:54] <charlie-tca> going...

[13:57:59] <pleia2> ok, we'll count it as a private -1 (it's not knome)

[13:58:05] <knome> Smile :)

[13:58:08] <pleia2> err, sorry, we got one -1

[13:58:16] * pleia2 typing fail today

[13:58:28] <charlie-tca> that's okay. That makes it Count now 2

NOTE: corrected vote count, counting vinnl +1 is:

  • so 4 public +1, one public +0, one private +0, one private -1

[13:58:32] * pleia2 nods

[13:58:39] <charlie-tca> [ENDVOTE]

[13:58:41] <knome> pleia2, the most beautiful of them all today

[13:59:16] <charlie-tca> Official total is 2, a carry, considering the number of participants, isn't it, pleia2 ?

[13:59:25] <pleia2> yep

[13:59:45] <charlie-tca> I will then be the official Xubuntu Project Lead, and I leave off the interim now.

[13:59:56] <charlie-tca> Thank you all for participating

[14:00:03] <knome> thanks and congratulations

[14:00:07] <knome> i have to leave now

[14:00:07] <charlie-tca> and, we are out of time

[14:00:10] <knome> see you all later

[14:00:10] <beardygnome> well done charlie-tca

[14:00:54] <charlie-tca> thank you, beardygnome

[14:01:10] <charlie-tca> Is there any other business to be discussed that won't wait?

[14:01:31] <beardygnome> charlie-tca: you deserve it after all your hard work over the past months

[14:01:46] * micahg is surprised so few people voted

[14:01:56] <charlie-tca> I just try to do my own little bit to help out

[14:02:04] <charlie-tca> Me, too, micahg

[14:02:20] <charlie-tca> but that is the way it is...

[14:02:47] <charlie-tca> Thank you all for attending the meeting, we will meet again next Thursday, 19:00 UTC

[14:02:53] <charlie-tca> [endmeeting]

[14:03:02] <Sysi> (you need to know kinda much about project and people to vote)

[14:03:36] <beardygnome> charlie-tca: i'm not sure that last command worked

[14:03:46] <charlie-tca> [#endmeeting]

[14:04:03] <evilvish> charlie-tca: its #endmeeting

[14:04:04] <beardygnome> does it need to be in caps?

[14:04:05] <charlie-tca> well, third times a charm, right

[14:04:10] <micahg> thanks charlie-tca and congratulations

[14:04:11] <charlie-tca> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

Added to the meeting log and minutes:

Quoting an email received by charlie:

From: Steve Dodier-Lazaro To: cjk AT teamcharliesangels DOT com Subject: Re: Xubuntu Project Lead Vote Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 07:51:26 +0100

And of course that message wasn't intended for the mailing list... Doh -.-'

2011/1/25 Steve Dodier-Lazaro : > Hello Charlie, > > Just in case I forget about the meeting or in case I can't find the > time to login, I'd like to vote for Lionel.

Steve was informed by reply email that the only nomination was Charlie Kravetz, and that Lionel did not want the position. He did not place an objection.

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