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Open action items

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Updates and Announcements

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  • Wallpaper contest results (22:13)

    • We have 6 winning wallpapers from 6 different contestants!
    • We're still working with the contestants, but at least 5 of the winning submissions will be included in 4k resolution (woot!)
    • Blog will be updated soon with winners' names and winning submissions Smile :)

    • A huge thank you everybody for submitting! We had a total of 162 submissions compared to less than 100 last time. We have an awesome (and I hope a growing) community!
  • Release Schedule (22:22)

    • Bionic Final Beta should be landing soon, today/tomorrow
    • Translations are due next week
    • Final Freeze is the 23rd
    • Final Release is the 26th
    • Release Candidate on the 19th


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  • Icon changes after UIF (ochosi) (22:31)

    • LINK:

    • ACTION: bluesabre will push beaaf3f6f47fb1e80fb7821fe69b3513a707cfbe and 28120d05e011ec89412d33d7dc5897d7f6bcf8ee from elementary-xfce to xubuntu-artwork as bugfix

    • ACTION: ochosi and ali1234 will try to script the gradient swap-out for most icons that need updating

    • ACTION: ochosi will manually update whatever icons are left over from the script approach

    • ACTION: knome will file the UIFe paperwork once the branch is ready

    • ACTION: bluesabre will again be doing the uploading honours


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Schedule next meeting

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  • ACTION: Unit193 to schedule the next meeting

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