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Open Action Items

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Updates and Announcements

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  • ochosi has started porting xfce4-clipman-plugin and gaston has ported some other small plugins to gtk3
  • all images currently fail with ubi-console error - though can be installed if ignored
  • knome has been working on a new tracker where all work items are tracked internally (eg. not in LP) - mails will follow when it's ready enough for others to test and evaluate whether we want to use that
  • tracker now shows (more or less) a daily +/- on whether our image boots at least
  • ochosi looked at what would be necessary for gtk3.20 support for greybird, and it's basically a rewrite (even though ubuntu doesn't seem to be likely to upgrade gtk3 this cycle as they're still looking for a new larsu, i'd rather get a head-start on this as soon as i can)
  • unlikely that QA will run IRC sessions unless they get more positivity about them
  • LINK:

  • ACTION: ochosi will see whether he can come up with ways to automate the ISO installing with jenkins


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  • Debian Liaison Unit193 to schedule next meeting

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  • knome
    • knome to send a reminder mail to reply to the council proposal within a week
    • knome to initialize voting on the council proposal on devel ML (week from now)
  • ochosi
    • ochosi will see whether he can come up with ways to automate the ISO installing with jenkins
    • ochosi to send mail to micah and jackson about their membership and the upcoming council vote

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  • flocculant (169)
  • knome (154)
  • ochosi (116)
  • pleia2 (30)
  • slickymaster (21)
  • meetingology (11)
  • Unit193 (6)
  • ubottu (3)
  • aaronraimist (1)

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