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Open Action Items

The discussion about "Open Action Items" started at 10:05.

Team Updates

The discussion about "Team Updates" started at 10:08.

  • feh added to live session to draw the installer desktop, still waiting on branch merge for ubiquity

  • work started on next version of Catfish (more UI goodies, plugin manager)
  • xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin has been added to pkg-xfce, and will make it to debian sometime soonish
  • The libreoffice icon-set is closing in on its first release, we'll then try to get it into ubuntu as a separate package
  • test libreofice-style-elementary at

  • xfpm 1.5.2 in xubuntu-staging ppa, "launch xfpm" bug fixed
  • knome added some nice graphics to

  • slickymaster will start the calls for package translations this week, in the m/l


The discussion about "Announcements" started at 10:16.

  • The first milestone we're participating in this cycle is Beta 1 (August 27)
  • While it has been announced already, let me formally repeat it here: elfy has retired from his QA team lead position and from the Xubuntu team as a whole.
  • current testing status and information

  • some (maybe) flavors will be doing the Alpha 1 milestone this week, just as a heads up


The discussion about "Discussion" started at 10:21.

  • Core as an image (10:21)

  • Status and plans for the QA subteam (10:28)

    • ACTION: dkessel to investigate automated image testing

    • xubuntu-dev to help maintain xubuntu-qa in the meantime

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  • knome to schedule next meeting

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Action items, by person

  • dkessel
    • dkessel to investigate automated image testing
  • xubuntu-dev
    • xubuntu-dev to review requirements for xubuntu-core iso, investigating patches to livecd-rootfs, ubuntu-cdimage and debian-cd

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  • (none)

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  • ochosi (52)
  • slickymasterWork (18)
  • dkessel (11)
  • meetingology (11)
  • qwebirc855185 (3)
  • Noskcaj (2)
  • ubottu (1)
  • Unit193 (1)
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