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We will be using #info, #done and #action (see the meetingology wikipage) to build the meeting logs automatically.
These items will also be used as the base for the team reports and the release notes, where applicable.



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Open action items

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Team updates

The discussion about "Team updates" started at 21:05.

  • the hacky patch from bug #1437180 won't get shipped in 15.04, the bug will remain as it is and we will have to resolve it in 15.10
  • we'll be sharing on social media soon, but here first - polos and sweaters!

  • Gimp, Abiword and Gnumeric will be dropped for 15.10, LibreOffice (or parts of it) will be installed by default (result of the team vote from last week)


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Action items, by person

  • elfy
    • elfy to draft an EOL announcement (with other flavors)
  • xubuntu-docs
    • xubuntu-docs to throw the ball around about the FAQ articles

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  • (none)

People present (lines said)

  • knome (84)
  • slickymaster (76)
  • elfy (50)
  • ochosi (32)
  • balloons (20)
  • micahg (11)
  • pleia2 (6)
  • meetingology (5)
  • zequence (3)
  • Unit193 (2)
  • ubottu (1)
  • xubuntu-docs (0)

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