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Open action items

The discussion about "Open action items" started at 20:01.

Updates and Announcements

The discussion about "Updates and Announcements" started at 20:06.

  • ochosi is wrapping up the gtk 3.20 Greybird port
  • GTK 3.20 will be included in yakkety probably sometime next week

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  • upcoming date, Feature Freeze August 18th

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  • bluesabre
    • bluesabre and flocculant to reword the SD to formalize the council.
  • flocculant
    • bluesabre and flocculant to reword the SD to formalize the council.

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  • flocculant (115)
  • knome (77)
  • bluesabre (33)
  • krytarik (28)
  • akxwi-dave (20)
  • pleia2 (20)
  • meetingology (4)
  • Unit193 (1)

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  • 20:00 <krytarik> #startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting

    20:00 <meetingology> Meeting started Tue Jul 26 20:00:01 2016 UTC. The chair is krytarik. Information about MeetBot at

    20:00 <meetingology>

    20:00 <meetingology> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick

    20:00 <krytarik> Howdy and welcome to the Xubuntu community meeting. Agenda:

    20:00 <krytarik> So anyone here?

    20:00 <Unit193> o/

    20:00 <bluesabre> o/

    20:00 <akxwi-dave> o7

    20:01 <krytarik> #topic Open action items

    20:01 <knome> o/

    20:01 <krytarik> I just see items from knome and ochosi here.

    20:02 <knome> that's all done

    20:02 <flocculant> wut

    20:02 <knome> except the jenkins stuff from ochosi

    20:02 <flocculant> why's krytarik running the meeting lol

    20:03 <bluesabre> krytarik is Unit193 currently, maybe

    20:03 <pleia2> ohi

    20:04 <krytarik> knome: 'initialize voting on the council proposal on devel ML (week from now)' too?

    20:04 <knome> yes, the council proposal...

    20:04 <knome> not the council

    20:04 <knome> note that the last meeting was in may

    20:05 <krytarik> Okay, we can carry on unless you'd like to #done something.

    20:05 <flocculant> I think we are surely now in a place to move on?

    20:05 <knome> let's move on..

    20:05 <flocculant> eg my last mail on that

    20:05 <bluesabre> let me know what I can do to move that forward

    20:05 <flocculant> no no knome

    20:05 <knome> wut? Smile :)

    20:05 <bluesabre> if anything

    20:05 <flocculant> not move on - but move on on the council thing Smile :)

    20:06 <flocculant> we have their approval

    20:06 <knome> yes, move on the council, and move on on the meeting too

    20:06 <krytarik> #topic Updates and Announcements

    20:06 <flocculant> og good lord

    20:06 <krytarik> Next one I see is in Aug, FF so nothing soon.

    20:07 <bluesabre> ochosi is wrapping up the gtk 3.20 Greybird port

    20:07 <knome> bluesabre, #info?

    20:07 <bluesabre> #info ochosi is wrapping up the gtk 3.20 Greybird port

    20:07 <krytarik> Oh, and Debian picked up the Shimmer themes, splitting them out into separate packages.

    20:08 <bluesabre> #info GTK 3.20 will be included in yakkety probably sometime next week

    20:08 <bluesabre> aiui

    20:08 <krytarik> #topic Discussion items

    20:08 <krytarik> #subtopic Xubuntu QA (flocculant)

    20:10 <flocculant> so what's happening about the council thing then?

    20:10 <knome> flocculant, the list of tasks you posted on the mailing list

    20:11 <krytarik> flocculant: That can be the next topic, if knome has something.

    20:11 <flocculant> knome: ok

    20:11 <flocculant> krytarik: ok

    20:11 <knome> flocculant, i mean, i thought we had set the plans up already, we even have a blueprint Smile :)

    20:11 <flocculant> yea right ... blueprints ....

    20:11 <flocculant> ok

    20:11 <bluesabre> Smile :)

    20:12 <flocculant> so QA thing is pretty simple - I assume people present have read the mail?

    20:12 <krytarik> Yes.

    20:12 <bluesabre> yes

    20:12 <flocculant> for the records in irc

    20:12 <flocculant> I need a break.

    20:12 <flocculant> Team have been sent a private mail atm detailing that.

    20:13 <flocculant> I've not completely gone - in fact I will be here as much as I am now. 20:13 * pleia2 hugs flocculant

    20:13 <knome> ack

    20:13 <pleia2> breaks are good

    20:13 <knome> flocculant, thanks for *everything* you have done so far

    20:13 <pleia2> indeed!

    20:13 <flocculant> but I'll not be mving things in the zeppedy zaphod zycle

    20:13 <bluesabre> +10000

    20:13 <knome> (and sorry for being too ignorant at times - probably more often than not)

    20:13 <akxwi-dave> sorry hexchat had crashed

    20:14 <knome> akxwi-dave, no problem... you just dodged a lot of things being auto-assigned to you :P

    20:14 <flocculant> I'm happy to come back - but the remaining members of team need to decide that with akxwi-dave

    20:14 <knome> (just kidding)

    20:14 <akxwi-dave> Smile :-)

    20:14 <pleia2> wb akxwi-dave

    20:14 <akxwi-dave> ok seems missed a bit

    20:14 <flocculant> it *is* a poisoned-chalice

    20:14 <flocculant> akxwi-dave: not really

    20:14 <knome> so to have some kind of plan

    20:15 <knome> we're participating in beta2, right?

    20:15 <flocculant> akxwi-dave: you have the irc pm and mail I assume

    20:15 <flocculant> knome: I'll be here till the end of YY

    20:15 <flocculant> that's why I am doing this now Smile :)

    20:15 <bluesabre> knome: yes for B2

    20:15 <flocculant> so we can plan Wink ;)

    20:15 <akxwi-dave> hey if I can survive 25 years of marriage ... Smile :-)

    20:15 <knome> flocculant, sure Smile :)

    20:15 <bluesabre> flocculant: much appreciated

    20:15 <akxwi-dave> yes got the email anmd your pm this dinner

    20:15 <flocculant> 2 seconds here

    20:15 <bluesabre> 1

    20:15 <bluesabre> 2

    20:16 <bluesabre> Big Grin :)

    20:16 <flocculant> just want people to understand that I am still here - and depending on what we do for the next cycle - I'll be about as needed

    20:16 <knome> mhm

    20:16 <bluesabre> sounds reasonable to me

    20:16 <knome> indeed

    20:17 <flocculant> I don't care what we do - either muddle along for a cycle, let Dave run it, don't 20:17 * bluesabre gears up for unending development next cycle

    20:17 <flocculant> I'm cool with it all

    20:17 <knome> re: plan, if there's anybody that is interested in running qa stuff with flocculant this cycle, and potentially leading next cycle, now's a good time to talk Smile :)

    20:17 <knome> *cough* akxwi-dave *cough*

    20:17 <knome> ;P

    20:18 <flocculant> I'll be about for the next cycle still unless it all looks better - at which point there's no point in going backwARDS

    20:18 <akxwi-dave> ohhhh ok as long as you get me that kfc

    20:18 <flocculant> oops

    20:18 <flocculant> heh

    20:18 <krytarik> Doesn't QA currently contain flocculant, akxwi-dave, and slickymaster?

    20:19 <knome> i'm on the team as well... granted, not very active

    20:19 <bluesabre>

    20:20 <knome> though i try to see my position to be an enabler... eg. making sure QA can have stuff they want on the status tracker

    20:20 <knome> (where possible and realistic) 20:20 * knome saves his bottom ^

    20:20 <akxwi-dave> good getout 20:20 * bluesabre claps

    20:20 <flocculant> just for the record

    20:21 <flocculant> QA as active is akxwi-dave and me

    20:21 <knome> yeah, slickymaster has been away from all stuff lately, even docs

    20:21 <flocculant> but akxwi-dave has been rather trained in the last few months :P

    20:22 <flocculant> he would certainly get a vote from me as a team member

    20:22 <knome> i'd agree with that

    20:22 <bluesabre> same here

    20:22 <flocculant> and he would certainly get all the help he needed from me

    20:22 <akxwi-dave> Well, from me, I would be willing to stand in for a cycle, until flocculant come to his senses and comes back

    20:22 <flocculant> but

    20:22 <pleia2> akxwi-dave: \o/

    20:22 <knome> indeed, huzzah for akxwi-dave

    20:23 <bluesabre> and flocculant!

    20:23 <knome> yes

    20:23 <flocculant> if after doing it for a cycle - and deciding he wanted to carry on - I would not ever be in for any sort of fight

    20:23 <knome> hahah Smile :)

    20:23 <flocculant> bluesabre: he's obviusly already got my vote Wink ;)

    20:24 <flocculant> I'd then leave team of course

    20:24 <krytarik> I'm pretty sure he has everyone's vote. I thought he was in team. 20:24 * bluesabre looks to train flocculant for dev next cycle

    20:25 <knome> krytarik, that's because he is.

    20:25 <knome> Wink ;)

    20:25 <akxwi-dave> Smile :-)

    20:25 <krytarik> Oh good, so my memory is only half failing. 20:25 * krytarik hides.

    20:25 <flocculant> krytarik: he is in team - that was the WHOLE point of -qa

    20:25 <knome> bluesabre, not the right time to say this, but i wrote my first (working) python script today...

    20:25 <flocculant> krytarik: now I'm really not sure which you are lol

    20:25 <bluesabre> knome: congrats!

    20:26 <knome> \o/

    20:26 <akxwi-dave> grats as well

    20:26 <krytarik> So looks like nothing more on this topic.

    20:26 <flocculant> akxwi-dave: you need to sort out irc constant to deal with the non-yorkshire people :p

    20:27 <flocculant> krytarik: one more thing

    20:27 <akxwi-dave> Smile :-)

    20:28 <akxwi-dave> starts to look for his rasp-pi

    20:28 <flocculant> can people please give akxwi-dave more real support than I have had when it really matters, I cannot say this enough nor loud enough - but if QA asks people to test something and people from Xubuntu Team don't bother - why the hell should they? It REALLY is not rocket science.

    20:29 <flocculant> krytarik: and now you can move on Wink ;)

    20:29 <pleia2> I'll continue to do my best

    20:29 <knome> same here - and i think that's the most one can promise...

    20:29 <flocculant> pleia2 and everyone else: everyone does - but it is usually about 5% - you can test an iso in a vm

    20:30 <krytarik> And of course, try to remember to report when you do.

    20:30 <flocculant> or it is pointless

    20:30 <knome> i always report when my test is appropriate for testing

    20:30 <krytarik> No other topics? If not, announcements.

    20:31 <flocculant> did we briefly brush over not getting anywhere with council ?

    20:31 <knome> what we should try to do is getting random "testers" do valid tests and report them instead of telling us "it works" on the mailing list or social media

    20:31 <knome> (but it's easier said than done)

    20:32 <pleia2> or "it doesn't work but I don't want to submit a bug report" on list Confused :\

    20:32 <pleia2> not sure what to do with that

    20:32 <knome> flocculant, i'd still say the roadmap for that is in our knowledge, and now we just need to do things as we got the ACK from CC

    20:32 <knome> flocculant, i've been AFK and busy so haven't been able to work on it after the ack, but i'll be on it as soon as i have time

    20:32 <pleia2> thanks knome

    20:33 <flocculant> knome: yea ok but

    20:33 <knome> for the record:

    20:33 <knome>

    20:33 <knome>

    20:33 <flocculant> afaik we need to do the things I said then - shouldn't be hard

    20:34 <knome> flocculant, nope

    20:34 <flocculant> and I think we need to action them

    20:34 <flocculant> and

    20:34 <flocculant> pointless action anyone but knome for item 1 or it will just be interminable discussion and mails till it does

    20:34 <flocculant> so

    20:35 <flocculant> action knome point 1

    20:35 <flocculant> I am happy to argue once we have draft :p

    20:36 <bluesabre> Smile :)

    20:36 <flocculant> possibly worded that harshly

    20:37 <flocculant> not what I meant at all lol

    20:37 <knome> np

    20:37 <bluesabre> I think it's understood

    20:37 <bluesabre> progress is +1

    20:37 <knome> yep

    20:37 <flocculant> well it is - just didn't meant it to sound harsh - the sentiment is right Smile :)

    20:38 <flocculant> if Xubuntu hasn't sorted this thing out soon, then I will nominate and then not be able to vote Wink ;)

    20:38 <flocculant> and it should be easy

    20:38 <flocculant> really easy

    20:38 <knome> i think we all agree on the general direction, and just need the more literal version for the strategy document

    20:39 <flocculant> I did similar with the forum and that had 200k currents

    20:39 <knome> once somebody (who can be me or somebody else) has the time to write that down, i think it's another easy vote

    20:39 <flocculant> knome: yea - it's about bullet points from the mail I am sure

    20:39 <knome> yep

    20:39 <flocculant> in order

    20:40 <flocculant> so 'power of statement' dilutes

    20:40 <flocculant> the power should always lay in the hands of 'team'

    20:41 <flocculant> they 'give' council power and should be able to wrest it away in times of duress

    20:41 <flocculant> everything else should be 'tasks'

    20:43 <flocculant> does that make sense to people?

    20:43 <flocculant> cos - all quiet ....

    20:44 <akxwi-dave> sorry taking a long drink of IPA

    20:44 <knome> i'm having problems focusing because $other_things

    20:44 <akxwi-dave> and yes..

    20:44 <knome> (which is why a long pause in replying too)

    20:44 <pleia2> I admit, I wasn't really prepared for this topic

    20:45 <bluesabre> sounds reasonable

    20:45 <pleia2> so I'll reread things to catch up, but it's hard for me to speak to anything right now

    20:45 <flocculant> pleia2: it's been bubbling around for ages

    20:45 <pleia2> flocculant: yes, I know, which is why I don't know what the state is

    20:45 <knome> the state was "waiting on CC's ACK" for a long time, like a few weeks

    20:45 <flocculant> pleia2: though it's not stated specifically

    20:46 <knome> and as everybody agreed with the general direction, i don't know why they wouldn't agree with the final literal form

    20:46 <flocculant> pleia2: recenttish was ack

    20:46 <knome> i mean, i don't intend to add or remove any subject matter to/from it

    20:46 <flocculant> but then there has been no response from anyone at all for 4 days

    20:46 <flocculant> at all

    20:47 <flocculant> hard to know if that's a

    20:47 <knome> if somebody thinks something should be done, then they should have raised up concerns earlier, or do it now

    20:47 <flocculant> carry on

    20:47 <flocculant> sto]

    20:47 <flocculant> stop

    20:47 <flocculant> pleia2: and I don't mean that I expect immediate responses either

    20:48 <pleia2> oh, I assumed we were just moving forward, my slience was assent

    20:48 <flocculant> but neither have we had any 'wth is going on' responses

    20:48 <pleia2> we have a blueprint for this, it's moving in the correct direction

    20:48 <flocculant> pleia2: I played that game with the FC :p

    20:48 <flocculant> hence the portion you liked Wink ;)

    20:48 <akxwi-dave> same here I assumed we were waiting for the time to nominate announcement

    20:49 <flocculant> knome: then I will take that as a +1 to doing strat doc changes

    20:49 <flocculant> can we has vote here please

    20:50 <flocculant> I'd like to know how long we should wait for a null to taken as a positive for any changes

    20:50 <knome>

    20:51 <flocculant> knome: so how long sensibly to get an agreed change between us for SD? 2 weeks?

    20:51 <pleia2> I guess I'm just used to blueprint items moving along without revoting

    20:51 <pleia2> I thought it was implied that we move along to the strategy document updates, again, I thought it was pretty much finaized

    20:51 <knome> nobody replied to that, so i take the team is OK with somebody doing the writing part

    20:51 <pleia2> knome: nods

    20:51 <flocculant> pleia2: except we've not really used them for cycle(s)

    20:51 <knome> and now that CC ack'd our draft, there's no blocked in doing that

    20:52 <pleia2> flocculant: I still use them Confused :\

    20:52 <knome> now we only need somebody to have time to write it

    20:52 <flocculant> knome: do you think we can do our bit by eow?

    20:52 <knome> we did use blueprints heavily last cycle; this cycle has been very slow generally, and not much has happened, which is why blueprints haven't got too much love either

    20:52 <knome> i can't promise anything either way

    20:52 <flocculant> ok

    20:52 <knome> but it's possible, given that things don't go too much south

    20:53 <pleia2> thanks for trying, knome

    20:53 <knome> i should be "back at the office" next week, so at latest then i'll have time to work on that too

    20:53 <flocculant> so we'll just have another meeting then

    20:53 <flocculant> knome: ack - not pressuring you here - just you know Smile :)

    20:53 <knome> again it's just a task of making a bullet point list literal

    20:53 <knome> no worries

    20:53 <knome> if somebody else feels like doing it, go for it

    20:54 <flocculant> knome: if you want me to take ti with someone else?

    20:54 <flocculant> I've got time

    20:54 <knome> (we'll likely end up doing one or two wording changes anyway, so no need to feel like to have to be perfect the first time)

    20:54 <flocculant> yea yea

    20:54 <knome> sure, it's up for "anybody" to pick up (assigned to -team)

    20:54 <flocculant> has to be someone fairly active

    20:55 <flocculant> e.g. people talking :p

    20:55 <knome> well anyway,

    20:55 <akxwi-dave> speak to me in morning on irc and ill see if i can jumo in and help with it

    20:55 <flocculant> bluesabre: do you have time?

    20:55 <flocculant> akxwi-dave: okey doke

    20:55 <knome> let's not stretch the meeting... we can figure out schedules with people after it Smile :)

    20:55 <bluesabre> flocculant: yup

    20:56 <bluesabre> I'm on vacation this week, but generally available at most times or can make myself available

    20:56 <knome> yeah, i'm technically on paternity leave this week as well (if my application is approved)

    20:56 <flocculant> akxwi-dave: not dissing you, thanks for the offer, if I take this with bluesabre - it'll not be QA orientated :p

    20:57 <akxwi-dave> flocculant, no probs mate just wanted to help out if no one else available

    20:57 <flocculant> howabout if we action bluesabre flocculant : reword SD for Council

    20:57 <akxwi-dave> +1 from me..

    20:58 <krytarik> #action bluesabre and flocculant to reword the SD to formalize the council. 20:58 * meetingology bluesabre and flocculant to reword the SD to formalize the council.

    20:58 <flocculant> then move next meeting from slickymaster to either me or bluesabre and we can report it

    20:58 <bluesabre> alrighty

    20:58 <flocculant> s/it/in

    20:59 <flocculant> does that make sense?

    20:59 <flocculant> I just want this to be sorted out asawc

    20:59 <flocculant> \o/

    20:59 <krytarik> Not sure if it matters who is running, but flocculant you're before bluesabre.

    21:00 <knome> flocculant, just put it in a pad, and point me to it when you work on it and i might pokey poke it.

    21:00 <flocculant> yea I read Smile :)

    21:00 <flocculant> yup

    21:00 <knome> (if you want extra set of eyes)

    21:00 <flocculant> bluesabre: as you are now 'Day' could you start in a pad?

    21:01 <flocculant> if -team fiddle can they at least let us know how did stuff~?

    21:01 <krytarik> flocculant: Details after the meeting?

    21:01 <flocculant> krytarik: ack

    21:01 <krytarik> #topic Announcements

    21:01 <krytarik> flocculant to schedule next meeting

    21:01 <krytarik> Anything else?

    21:01 <bluesabre> #info upcoming date, Feature Freeze August 18th

    21:02 <bluesabre> nothing more from me

    21:02 <akxwi-dave> or me

    21:03 <krytarik> #endmeeting

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