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  • Milestone participation - flocculant
  • Raspberry Pi images in 16.10 - dkessel
  • New Project Lead - ochosi/knome

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Open Action Items

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Updates and Announcements

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  • The non-language pack translation deadline was Thursday April 8, so no more translations for our apps
  • "The small details" and "My media manager" article series' are doing well
  • the wallpaper contest has concluded and the winners have been chosen. A new xubuntu-community-artwork package will be uploaded today with the new wallpapers
  • Final Freeze and RC are just 4 days away


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  • PDF in docs (17:46)

  • core situation (17:50)

  • Seeding Snappy (17:53)

  • Release Candidate (17:59)

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  • knome to schedule next meeting

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