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Open action items

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  • 32 Bit (22:11)

    • ACTION: flocculant to mail list for Team vote on 32 bit

  • Minimal Install for Core-like experience (22:16)

    • ACTION: bluesabre to mail the list to vote on minimal install ubiquity option

  • Orage (22:26)

    • Vote: Remove Orage from seed (Carried)

    • ACTION: flocculant to note to ml

  • Add Apturl to seed (22:43)

  • Adding GIMP to seed (22:49)

    • Vote: Add Gimp to seed (Carried)

  • Add Libreoffice Impress to seed (22:52)

  • Status update on GNOME Software / alternatives? (23:07)

  • Replacing Light Locker with Xfce Screensaver (23:15)

  • Applying Xubuntu defaults to commonly used apps (Plank, others) (23:25)

    • ACTION: flocculant to mail list re applying Xubuntu defaults to various apps

  • Developing "Xubuntu Tweak" (23:40)


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