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The next Xubuntu community meeting is on Friday 4th December 12:00 UTC


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  • Volunteers for running a 16.04 Community Wallpaper contest?
  • Media manager choice

  • Ubuntu Software Center will be replaced by Gnome Software in Xenial - where do we stand on this? (There are not too many alternatives apart from Synaptic or CLI)

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Open action items

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Updates and Announcements

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  • to see what people have worked on, check

  • gmb currently disabled from testing re known bug (flocculant)
  • call for first priority tests went out (flocculant)
  • had 6 new people arrive at Xubuntu testers since cycle start (flocculant)
  • had someone (akxwi-dave) join Xubuntu QA (flocculant)
  • testcases all gone through 1 check, some new changes landed (flocculant)
  • looking at adding QA 'stuff' to the new contributor docs (flocculant)
  • QA trello set up so testers can see what's happening (flocculant)
  • QA trello has a 'Disabled Tests' card there for information (flocculant)


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  • ACTION: flocculant to schedule the next meeting

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  • bluesabre (36)
  • meetingology (12)
  • Nairwolf (6)
  • akxwi_dave (2)
  • slickymasterWork (2)
  • krytarik (1)

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