Rethink default shortcut keys



Rethink default shortcut keys



Sysi, ochosi, knome


Precise Pangolin

Detailed specification

Shortcut keys to be added or changed



Firefox (via exo-open)

Super W (Web)

Thunderbird (via exo-open)

Super M (Mail)

Thunar (via exo-open)

Super F (Files)

Terminal (via exo-open)

Super T (Terminal)


Super R (Run)


Super E (Editor)


Super 1


Super 2


Super 3


Super 4

Fill window horizontally

Alt F5

Fill window vertically

Alt F6

Fill window (H+V)

Alt F7

Stick window

Alt F8 (was: Alt F6)

Move window

None (was: Alt F7)

Resize window

None (was: Alt F8)

Obsolete/superseded specification

Additions to default application shortcuts

Alt F1 for main menu xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu

Changes to default window manager shortcuts

Comparison table of shortcut keys


Default shortcut

Suggested shortcut

Close window

Alt F4

Super Q

Maximize window

Alt F10

Super B

Hide window

Alt F9

Super H

Move window

Alt F7

Super M

Resize window

Alt F8

Super R

Stick window

Alt F6

Super S

Raise window

Alt Shift PageUp

Super PageUp

Lower window

Alt Shift PageDown

Super PageDown

Toggle above

Alt F12

Super A

Toggle fullscreen

Alt F11

Super F

Move window to previous workspace

Alt Ctrl Home

Super Home

Move window to next workspace

Alt Ctrl End

Super End

Move window to workspace 1

Alt Ctrl KP1

Super KP1

Move window to workspace 2

Alt Ctrl KP2

Super KP2

Show desktop

Alt Ctrl D

Super D

Add workspace

Alt Insert

Super Insert

Delete last workspace

Alt Delete

Super Delete


  • Rationale for Super instead of Alt? --- knome

  • Not all Xubuntu users know English well. Good rationale for spreading out the shortcuts all over the keyboard rather than trying to group them, even if the shortcut key wouldn't make sense? --- knome
  • In my ignorant opinion, this proposed changes make not sense at all, why would we want to spread the shortcuts all over the keyboar using random letters to do stuff, and using the Super key? i know that the vast mayority of today keyboards have them, but many old ones do not. Why taking the shortcuts from alt? This really just dont make any sense. The only shortcut i think its needed to be add, is binding xfce4-popup-menu to the Super key, this wont harm those without a Super key and will bastly help those with it. --- GridCube

Application Shortcuts


The key idea is to provide shortcuts for the most commonly used applications by default. Those users that don't use keyboard-shortcuts at all probably won't discover them (so it won't hurt anyone), those who do might appreciate it. The main problem I see is developing a consistent scheme of naming/setting the shortcuts. Obviously using the first letter of the name of an application doesn't always work (e.g. Thunderbird and Terminal conflict), also in some cases it might make sense to use something else (e.g. Appfinder > Super R(un) ). Adding some documentation for that might make sense, but in general it's easy enough for the user to change this (go to Settings Manager > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts). So I think in a first step it should be decided whether we generally want this and in a second step the list of applications should be decided upon and then the shortcuts should be set. --- ochosi

Proposed Shortcuts

Proposed list of application shortcut keys


Proposed shortcut


Super W(eb)


Super M(ail)


Super T


Super R(un)


Super E(ditor)


Super G

Comments (App Shortcuts)

  • Should exo-default-browser/mailreader be used instead of Thunderbird and Firefox? --- ochosi
    • I'd say yes for that, and especially in that case, the Firefox shortcut should be Super W(eb). Also, what about Super A(udio) for Gmusicbrowser too? --- knome

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