This is a short specification of what could be improved in the lightdm-gtk-greeter and what design it could feature. It will show a few mockups and describe the functionality the gtk-greeter should gain.

There's also another (collaborative) effort with folks from Lubuntu to improve the greeter: link

Launchpad Project


  • Show clock/date
  • Integrate accessibility menu and shutdown/restart menu into login-box and drop top panel
  • Lock the screen
  • Correctly scale the wallpaper/background
  • Better multi-monitor support (as laid out here)

Screen Lock (Postponed)

Todo list:

The Plan

  • Modify xflock4 and run tests
    • Panel > Action Buttons (Done)

    • xflock4 from Terminal (Done)

    • Power Manager > Suspend

  • Modify the greeter so that certain widgets are not shown (or are insensitive) when used as a lock screen.
    • User Selection combobox
    • Session combobox
    • Language combobox
  • Add a Switch User button


  • Here's an interesting mockup taken from Debian's artwork contest, entitled 7th-element.

    • attachment:greeter-7th-element.png

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