What is Ubuntu Kylin ?

The objective of the Ubuntu Kylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for Chinese users. We are committed to provide you with a delicate, thoughtful and fully customized Chinese user experience out-of-the-box. For instance, by providing a desktop user interface localized in Chinese and installing common software that Chinese users commonly use by default. Ubuntu Kylin has been a formal member of the Ubuntu family, since Ubuntu Kylin 13.04. Now, we are working on 16.10.

What's new in Ubuntu Kylin 16.10

We are glad to announce the Release of Ubuntu Kylin 16.10 (codename YakketyYak). In this release, we have fixed many internationalization and localization bugs in Ubuntu itself and bugs in software written by the Ubuntu Kylin team. All the work that Ubuntu Kylin team do is within the Ubuntu community and ecosystem and as such they are flowed back to Ubuntu itself naturally and everyone using Ubuntu can benefit the result of our work.

Changes since 16.04

This release is based on 4.8 linux kernel.

The core applications have been updated to their latest versions:

  • Firefox 49
  • Thunderbird 45.3
  • LibreOffice 5.2

  • Chromium 53
  • Nautilus (aka ‘Files’) 3.20

We have also released Sogou Pinyin . It is not included in the image by default, but you can install it easily from the Ubuntu Kylin Software Center.

Besides a plethora of bugs fixed in this milestone, several Ubuntu Kylin specific packages have also been updated:

  • ubuntukylin-theme updated to 1.6.2
    • Update Ubuntu kylin themes to support GTK 3.20. ()

      • gedit: Don't set a border on the 'x of y' thing in the search results
      • gtk-widgets: Set a proper minimum width on levelbar troughs
      • nautilus :Remove box-shadow from .background:backdrop.
      • gtk-widgets-borders: Fix jumping menu items. (LP: #1617415)
      • add libreoffice.css: fix gtk3 toolbar theming for LibreOffice (LP: #1580537)

    • change device icons
    • change plymouth text for 16.10
    • Adapt to flatpak style icon names for GNOME apps (LP: #1618138 #1623768)
    • fiexd caffeine icon wrong (LP: #1598445)
    • change libreoffice icons
    • improve the display effect of device icons
    • change kylin_greeter_background.png for ubutnu kylin 16.10
    • change ubuntukylin-logo to 16.10 (LP: #1618326).
  • ubuntukylin-default-settings updated to 1.3.15
    • modify override file for yakkety version

Add a new package to provide a welcome and guide interface interface :

  • ubuntu-kylin-wizard
    • The wizard of Ubuntu Kylin.



The Release ISO can be downloaded from here.

Known Issues

Below is the list of prominent bugs that are existing in 16.10:

  • The CandidateView of Chinese input method obscured by the Dash page.(LP: #1465512)

  • Unable to switch from English inputting to Chinese inputting in the homepage of Dash.(LP: #1550103)

  • The Fcitx input method only existing the input method enngine of “pinyin” by default.(LP: #1612129)

  • The system settings panel crash after click "Text Entry-->"system settings " twice times.(LP: #1569110)

  • Chinese-calendar - Problems brought by Touch screen.(LP: #1559042)

  • "Desktop" is not localized in live mode.(LP: #1306866)

For issues related to Ubuntu itself, please refer to the Ubuntu project at Launchpad.


Thanks to everyone involving in the development of Ubuntu Kylin, the success of Ubuntu Kylin 16.10 would the result of our joint efforts. If you want to be a contributor of Ubuntu Kylin,see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/NewContributorGuide and https://developer.ubuntukylin.com.

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