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Meeting about Ubuntu-ZA August 2010

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  • Review previous minutes

  • Upcoming Events:
    • Ubuntu demo to ~70 kids in TSL on Friday 27 Aug 14:30-16:00
      • Anyone is welcome to pitch in, talk to Ben (Sigh on shadowfire)
    • Global Jam - 27th - 29th August

      • What have we got planned for CT Jam?
      • What do we have left to do?
      • Any other offers for talks?
      • Any other Jams we don't know about? Do they need help?
      • Posters printing and putting up
        • UCT and Stellenbosch; do we want to spread the word any further?
        • Email announcement to clug, sulug, etc.
      • Car pooling from Stellenbosch, maybe put info on website
    • Software Freedom Day - 18 Sept
    • Maverick release party - 10 Oct
      • Alternate release parties between UCT and Stellenbosch, with the next one at UCT?
      • Other centers try get hype going.
    • Geeknic? proposed date 21 Nov, Kirstenbosch

  • Activity in other centers. CPT/Stellenbosch seems semi active try get others involved.
    • Hop on the bandwagon of the Python courses in Jhb and Durban in 2011 to spark some interest?
  • Website. Reviews/ Posts


[17:04:19] STARTED (drubin)
[17:07:58] TOPIC: Previous Minutes (drubin)
[17:13:29] AGREED: drubin will post new pic from ubuntu hour (drubin)
[17:16:55] TOPIC: Events: Ubuntu Demo (drubin)
[17:22:22] AGREED: tumbleweed Will find out about Ubuntu CD's to hand out at Algo circle event (drubin)
[17:31:45] TOPIC: global jam (tumbleweed)
[17:37:05] AGREED: tumbleweed will organise transparent proxying to LEG (tumbleweed)
[17:38:12] AGREED: maiatoday will figure out what to demo and add it to the wiki (tumbleweed)
[17:39:08] AGREED: we need to give maiatoday driving meeting access to the bot (drubin)
[17:53:17] AGREED: maiatoday will write announcements and send to the appropriate mailing lists (tumbleweed)
[17:53:46] AGREED: drubin will add stuff about car pooling to the wiki (with links to website profiles for contact details) (drubin)
[17:55:27] TOPIC: Software Freedom Day - 18 Sept (tumbleweed)
[18:08:39] AGREED: we kind of like the idea fo an outside event, we want people to be able to use laptops / PCs if they want, we'd like to engage with a wider audience. to be discussed further on th ML (tumbleweed)
[18:09:36] TOPIC: maverick release party (tumbleweed)
[18:17:13] TOPIC: geeknic (drubin)
[18:18:57] TOPIC: other centers (drubin)
[18:21:58] ENDED (drubin)


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