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Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at 20:30 SAST (UTC+2) and are pretty informal. Anyone is free to join in and give comments and suggestions, its even encouraged. Please introduce yourself to the bot at the start of the meeting so he can take note of all members present as follows:





[18:32:24] STARTED (pieter2627)
[18:36:42] TOPIC: Welcoming and Introduction (pieter2627)
[18:38:03] TOPIC: Review minutes of previous meeting (pieter2627)
[18:42:00] TOPIC: Plans for 2015 (pieter2627)
[18:47:16] TOPIC: Events (pieter2627)
[19:24:44] AGREED: to start talking about a release party for 16.04 LTS (pieter2627)
[19:25:34] AGREED: pieter2627 to mail the list about a release party (pieter2627)
[19:25:40] TOPIC: Miscellaneous (pieter2627)
[19:33:32] AGREED: pieter2627 to create a list on trello of ubuntu in the wild (pieter2627)
[19:33:36] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (pieter2627)
[19:35:10] AGREED: pieter2627 to chair the next meeting (pieter2627)
[19:35:15] TOPIC: Next meeting (pieter2627)
[19:36:17] AGREED: next meeting on Tuesday, 27 October 2015 @ 20:30 (pieter2627)
[19:36:55] ENDED (pieter2627)


* Raoul Snyman (superfly)
* Gavin Bauer (Cryterion)
* Miles Sharpe (Kilos)
* Gustav H Meyer (inetpro)
* Cryterion_
* jeandre le roux (theblazehen)
* MaNI
* Pieter Engelbrecht (pieter2627)
* Jaco Stroebel (gremble)
* kulelu88 (kulelu88)

Raw Log

[18:32:24] <pieter2627> Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - Sept 2015
[18:32:24] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:33:01] <pieter2627> Good evening again everyone and thank you for joining our monthly meeting.
[18:33:31] <pieter2627> As always, Maaz is taking the minutes so please introduce yourself using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg.
[18:33:35] <Kilos> ek hier pieter2627 
[18:33:43] <gremble> Maaz: I am Jaco Stroebel
[18:33:43] <Maaz> gremble: Done
[18:33:45] <pieter2627> Maaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht
[18:33:45] <Maaz> pieter2627: Okay
[18:34:01] <Kilos> Maaz I am Miles Sharpe
[18:34:01] <Maaz> Kilos: Yessir
[18:34:09] * pieter2627 almost thought he was the only one
[18:34:31] <pieter2627> guess the others have to be pinged
[18:34:54] <Kilos> inetpro ping
[18:35:10] <Kilos> kulelu88 ping
[18:35:19] <Kilos> MaNI ping
[18:35:28] <gremble> gremble ping
[18:35:29] <Cryterion> Maaz: I am Gavin Bauer
[18:35:29] <Maaz> Cryterion: Done
[18:35:33] <Kilos> stucomplex ping
[18:35:42] <MaNI> pong
[18:35:44] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[18:35:44] <Maaz> inetpro: Yessir
[18:35:51] <inetpro> sanibonani
[18:35:58] <Kilos> hi inetpro 
[18:36:06] <pieter2627> today's meeting agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20150922
[18:36:08] <pieter2627> take a quick min to go through it and please feel free to make any last minute topic suggestions
[18:36:34] <pieter2627> oops forgot something...
[18:36:42] <pieter2627> Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction
[18:36:42] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction
[18:36:55] <theblazehen> Maaz I am jeandre le roux
[18:36:55] <Maaz> theblazehen: Okay
[18:37:41] <Kilos> hi theblazehen 
[18:37:45] <kulelu88> Maaz: I am kulelu88 
[18:37:45] <Maaz> kulelu88: Done
[18:37:56] <theblazehen> hey Kilos
[18:38:03] <pieter2627> Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:38:03] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:38:11] <pieter2627> the previous meeting's minutes can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20150728
[18:40:18] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:40:18] <Maaz> superfly: Sure
[18:40:24] <pieter2627> i made notes to the wrong link previous minutes is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20150825
[18:41:06] <pieter2627> i no has issues with it then we will be moving on in a bit...
[18:41:42] <Kilos> im fine
[18:42:00] <pieter2627> Maaz: topic Plans for 2015
[18:42:00] <Maaz> Current Topic: Plans for 2015
[18:42:07] <inetpro> pieter2627: we can always fix it later if necessary
[18:42:12] <pieter2627> i am only going to give a minute's waiting time for anyone to add something that they might have here
[18:42:27] <Kilos> cool
[18:42:56] <pieter2627> no one spotted the error, so wonder who went to look anyway
[18:43:21] * inetpro is way too tired 
[18:43:22] <pieter2627> ok, in the future we would hopefully have more for this topic
[18:43:29] <pieter2627> so if anyone wants to sign the  COC or wants to become a member then speaking to Kilos or superfly would be your best bet
[18:43:37] <pieter2627> to join our Trello just speak to inetpro and for a launchpad ID just speak up
[18:43:53] <Kilos> everyone has too much on their minds to even remember what was agreed on  last meeting
[18:44:04] <Kilos> nono
[18:44:05] <gremble> I just signed up for the trello (again I think)
[18:44:11] <Kilos> inetpro and superfly 
[18:44:47] <pieter2627> Kilos: thought you are a member and not inetpro 
[18:45:38] <Kilos> lol ya but inetpro had to help me to sign the COC
[18:45:53] <Kilos> thats a big job
[18:46:09] <Kilos> we have a how to on trello as well
[18:46:18] <gremble> https://help.launchpad.net/Signing%20the%20Ubuntu%20Code%20of%20Conduct for anyone interested
[18:46:35] <Cryterion> If the guideline got updated to include the posting key to keyserver, then the guideline would be 100%
[18:46:39] <Kilos> ty gremble 
[18:46:49] <pieter2627> ah ok, moving on...
[18:47:16] <pieter2627> Maaz: topic Events
[18:47:16] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[18:47:47] <pieter2627> SFD was over the weekend and was quite exciting...
[18:47:55] <Kilos> theblazehen do you and gremble have feedback from sfd
[18:48:01] <pieter2627> i understand that gremble was also there
[18:48:17] <gremble> Yup.
[18:48:28] <inetpro> pieter2627: you ended up going as well?
[18:48:35] <pieter2627> inetpro: yes
[18:48:43] <inetpro> nice! 
[18:48:46] <Kilos> well done
[18:49:07] <gremble> I'm busy with a write-up. Took notes and stuff, so I will host it on the internet somewhere for those that didn't attend to read
[18:49:13] <Cryterion> we need them in more areas though
[18:49:32] <pieter2627> here is a quick summary - gremble and theblazehen correct me on errors
[18:49:45] <pieter2627> Seaparo Phala, the CIO for the Department of Arts and Culture, told us what government is trying to do to increase FOSS usage and he highlighted the 4 FOSS users 
[18:49:45] <pieter2627> as a note, he mentioned a few government departments that make use of FOSS
[18:50:24] <pieter2627> next, Dave Russell from Microsoft highlighted how they have had FOSS for awhile but it has not received the best of marketing and how they might increase that in the future
[18:50:40] <gremble> > Free as in beer not FOSS
[18:51:04] <inetpro> ai!
[18:51:07] <pieter2627> ^^ that for Microsoft
[18:51:12] <gremble> FOSS with the opening of stuff like .Net Core earlier this year
[18:51:37] <inetpro> sounds like old spinning tactics to me
[18:51:57] <pieter2627> Dr Leti Kleyn from UP highlighted why research should be more open and accessible
[18:52:16] <pieter2627> Aslam Raffee, the former CIO of the Department of Science and Technology, explained how the copyright amendment bill might go against OSS contribution in SA
[18:52:42] <pieter2627> Shahn van Zyl mentioned how a company called LSD runs assessments for public companies to help them switch over to FOSS
[18:53:01] <pieter2627> Tim Haak showed how to use docker and gave a few tips for new and advance users
[18:53:14] <pieter2627> Henti Smith explained how Bacula, a backup suite, works and highlighted its features
[18:53:30] <pieter2627> Nevar Fourie how digital contracts can be created using Ethereum - lents somewhat from bitCoin but is for where two items/entities are transfered between parties in a fool proof and open manner
[18:53:37] <pieter2627> almost done...
[18:54:18] <pieter2627> Mark Clarke showed the basics of react - a js library
[18:54:26] <pieter2627> Ross Addis from Redhat talked about the hybrid cloud and reasons for the open cloud
[18:55:08] <pieter2627> gremble: will you be able to post a link for your summary on the list
[18:55:25] <gremble> mailinglist? Sure
[18:55:36] <pieter2627> and is anyone interested in a more complete note set?
[18:55:37] <Kilos> or paste bin
[18:55:41] <inetpro> pieter2627: nice list, thanks for sharing
[18:55:51] <Kilos> ty pieter2627 
[18:56:03] <pieter2627> np
[18:56:57] <inetpro> pieter2627: how many people were there?
[18:57:40] <pieter2627> i would guess 60... depending on how many were behind me
[18:57:42] <theblazehen> Maybe ~50 to ~70?
[18:57:47] <theblazehen> yeah
[18:58:08] <pieter2627> 60 might be overstated also
[18:58:19] <gremble> The turn-out wasn't very good
[18:58:24] <theblazehen> Yeah :/
[18:58:28] <gremble> We should work on marketing I think
[18:58:29] <inetpro> hmm...
[18:58:36] <theblazehen> Pretty much no one did key signing
[18:58:46] <pieter2627> there were train problems as well... some arrived late
[18:58:50] <inetpro> more than 50 is not bad though
[18:58:52] <theblazehen> Just me, and charl Le Roux, the organiser
[18:59:25] <gremble> Needs more advertising
[18:59:33] <inetpro> clearly we have work to do for the next one :-)
[19:00:17] * inetpro wondering how we can get more people to come
[19:00:23] <pieter2627> anyone have anything to raise for other events on the agenda?
[19:00:24] <Kilos> media
[19:00:43] <Kilos> tswane tv and news papers
[19:00:49] <Kilos> and fb
[19:01:03] <inetpro> Kilos: it was advertised on fb
[19:01:11] <pieter2627> or whatever your media of choice is...
[19:01:33] <Kilos> ok
[19:02:19] <pieter2627> if each one those a little bit of what he/she can then is will add up i think
[19:02:37] <Kilos> yip
[19:02:48] <pieter2627> so no news for the installfests in cpt?
[19:03:16] <pieter2627> and no one planning on organizing any new events?
[19:03:51] <gremble> I just have the tlug, but that is not really an event, more of a thing
[19:04:21] <pieter2627> gremble: tlug?
[19:04:40] <inetpro> pieter2627: did the arts and culture guys talk about the DASA event coming in October?
[19:04:44] <gremble> Either TuksLUG or TshwaneLUG. We'll do both. Karl suggested that I link up with him
[19:05:25] <inetpro> Inaugural meeting of Drupal users in Government and NGO sector http://www.meetup.com/Drupal-Pretoria-Arcadia-NGO-gov
[19:05:37] <pieter2627> Kilos: does getting involved mean taking an interest in their events?
[19:05:50] <pieter2627> inetpro: not that i can remember
[19:05:57] <Kilos> glad you got together with kmf gremble 
[19:06:13] <pieter2627> Kilos: involved with lugs that is..
[19:06:23] <Kilos> inna way
[19:06:41] <Kilos> you choose what you want to get involved in
[19:07:19] <Kilos> tey must has stuff going thats of interet to you
[19:07:23] <Kilos> they
[19:07:31] <pieter2627> i mean under the Misc section we have 'get more involved with lugs to promote ubuntu and foss together'
[19:07:58] <Kilos> the plan was that we work together  more
[19:08:29] <Kilos> even though we are mainly ubuntu we are linux as well
[19:08:42] <Kilos> and foss
[19:09:27] <pieter2627> ok...
[19:09:45] <pieter2627> who is planning on attending PyCon?
[19:09:45] <Kilos> so why let lugs do their thing and we do ours
[19:10:09] <Kilos> strength in numbers
[19:10:15] <inetpro> Kilos: we are not a lug
[19:10:42] <Kilos> ya inetpro but we can work and play with them
[19:11:00] <Kilos> kindred spirits so to say
[19:11:45] <inetpro> each one has it's own character, oviously anyone can join anywhere else
[19:11:57] <pieter2627> so that covers events?
[19:12:30] <inetpro> pieter2627: no
[19:12:44] <pieter2627> inetpro: what did i miss?
[19:12:53] <inetpro> release party
[19:13:00] <inetpro> next release is coming soon now
[19:13:19] <inetpro> I think we should start organising something again
[19:13:36] <inetpro> at least we can try 
[19:14:21] <pieter2627> ok... what is a release party?
[19:14:48] <inetpro> Wily Werewolf getting released on 22 October 2015 
[19:15:00] <inetpro> Ubuntu 15.10
[19:15:46] <pieter2627> yes, so is the party on the weekend of the release? 
[19:15:53] <inetpro> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningReleaseParty
[19:16:14] <pieter2627> i have only seen photos of this stuff not what they are... will check the link
[19:17:12] <pieter2627> so inetpro do you need a vote to see if we will have one, want to check the interest, etc?
[19:17:38] <inetpro> somebody should just take the initiative and run with it
[19:17:53] <inetpro> arrange a venue and send invites, etc
[19:18:11] <inetpro> and we can have it in many locations all at the same time
[19:19:12] <inetpro> invite a few friends and make it your own
[19:19:47] <pieter2627> inetpro: can you get us going with the one?
[19:20:06] <inetpro> eish!
[19:20:14] <Kilos> wb Cryterion_ 
[19:20:47] <Cryterion_> Lappy dead, going inside so can charge, be back soon
[19:20:57] <Kilos> kk
[19:21:33] <inetpro> pieter2627: I don't want to commit to anything right now, way too many other things on my plate
[19:22:08] <pieter2627> no other interest seem to arise...
[19:22:09] <inetpro> I just had to mantion so we don't all forget about these basics
[19:22:18] <inetpro> mention as well
[19:22:47] <inetpro> releases happen every six months, and release parties are kinda fun
[19:22:53] <pieter2627> can we set out to start planing/shaping the basics details for the next release?
[19:23:56] <pieter2627> a party for it i mean??
[19:24:14] <inetpro> yeah I think we should at least have a big one for the LTS release in April
[19:24:44] <pieter2627> Maaz: agreed to start talking about a release party for 16.04 LTS
[19:24:44] <Maaz> Agreed: to start talking about a release party for 16.04 LTS
[19:25:04] <pieter2627> i can mail the list about that tomorrow?
[19:25:13] <inetpro> ty
[19:25:34] <pieter2627> Maaz: agreed pieter2627 to mail the list about a release party
[19:25:34] <Maaz> Agreed: pieter2627 to mail the list about a release party
[19:25:40] <pieter2627> Maaz: topic Miscellaneous
[19:25:40] <Maaz> Current Topic: Miscellaneous
[19:26:24] <pieter2627> we have had the ubuntu-in-the-wild on for awhile now
[19:26:35] <pieter2627> are all ok if we go ahead and create the ubuntu-in-the-wild page using Nikola's gallery feature?
[19:27:50] <pieter2627> other than that does anyone have anything else to add for topics under Misc?
[19:28:59] * pieter2627 seems to be speaking to himself
[19:29:04] <Kilos> lol
[19:29:17] <inetpro> superfly: ^^
[19:29:19] <Kilos> no one is arguing with you man
[19:29:49] <pieter2627> i asked for confirmation not an argument...
[19:29:58] <inetpro> lol
[19:30:00] <Kilos> hehe
[19:30:27] <inetpro> how about putting stuff on the wiki?
[19:31:02] <pieter2627> inetpro: i guess we can do that...
[19:31:23] <inetpro> or on our fb, g+ and or twiiter feeds?
[19:31:41] <pieter2627> maybe i need to have a list of all the things i have for the next meeting so that we can make a choice..
[19:32:34] <pieter2627> time seems to be running out...
[19:32:34] * inetpro suggests using trello as a sandbox
[19:33:00] <pieter2627> ok will create the list there
[19:33:32] <pieter2627> Maaz: agreed pieter2627 to create a list on trello of ubuntu in the wild
[19:33:32] <Maaz> Agreed: pieter2627 to create a list on trello of ubuntu in the wild
[19:33:36] <pieter2627> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:33:36] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:33:45] <inetpro> +1 for pieter2627
[19:33:55] <Kilos> pieter2627 +1
[19:34:16] <Kilos> pieter2627 yu are doing well
[19:34:28] <inetpro> pieter2627: you're doing a great job and I know I may not be available in October
[19:34:28] <Kilos> o
[19:34:31] <pieter2627> inetpro: we can also swap around sometime with africa's meetings if you want
[19:34:47] <pieter2627> oh ok
[19:35:10] <pieter2627> Maaz: agreed pieter2627 to chair the next meeting
[19:35:10] <Maaz> Agreed: pieter2627 to chair the next meeting
[19:35:15] <pieter2627> Maaz: topic Next meeting
[19:35:15] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next meeting
[19:35:38] <pieter2627> The next meeting is the 27th of Oct hope to see you all again
[19:36:14] <Kilos> pieter2627 ty for stepping up and helping out
[19:36:17] <pieter2627> Maaz: agreed next meeting on Tuesday, 27 October 2015 @ 20:30
[19:36:17] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting on Tuesday, 27 October 2015 @ 20:30
[19:36:18] <inetpro> thanks pieter2627
[19:36:26] <pieter2627> np Kilos and inetpro 
[19:36:47] * inetpro calls it a day
[19:36:52] <inetpro> good night everyone
[19:36:53] <pieter2627> that all thanks everyone for attending
[19:36:55] <pieter2627> Maaz: end meeting

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