Meeting Info

Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at 20:30 SAST (UTC+2) and are pretty informal. Anyone is free to join in and give comments and suggestions, its even encouraged. Please introduce yourself to the bot at the start of the meeting so he can take note of all members present as follows:





[18:30:07] STARTED (chesedo)
[18:30:17] TOPIC: Welcoming and Introduction (chesedo)
[18:32:08] TOPIC: Review minutes of previous meeting (chesedo)
[18:34:37] AGREED: No raised issues for previous minutes (chesedo)
[18:34:45] TOPIC: Plans for 2016 (chesedo)
[18:36:46] TOPIC: Ubuntu for Hope (chesedo)
[18:43:20] TOPIC: Events (chesedo)
[18:45:58] TOPIC: DebConf (chesedo)
[19:00:24] AGREED: DebConf needs help and has to find video equipment for hire (chesedo)
[19:03:57] ACCEPTED: that Cryterion will try and register to help with DebConf (chesedo)
[19:06:18] TOPIC: Miscellaneous (chesedo)
[19:13:04] ACCEPTED: Kilos and inetpro to clean up trello (chesedo)
[19:16:55] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (chesedo)
[19:18:02] AGREED: chesedo to chair next meeting (chesedo)
[19:18:11] TOPIC: Next meeting (chesedo)
[19:19:09] AGREED: Next meeting is 26 April 2016 @ 20:30 (chesedo)
[19:20:03] ENDED (chesedo)


* Karl Fischer (kmf)
* Gavin Bauer (Cryterion)
* Greg Eames (magespawn)
* Pavel Sayekat (pavlushka)
* Pieter Engelbrecht (chesedo)
* Miles Sharpe (Kilos)
* Raoul Snyman (superfly)
* Stefano Rivera (tumbleweed)
* Zoueidi Naeil (Na3iL)
* Vincent Swart (Vince-0)
* Bradley Putzier (captine)
* magespaw2
* Kerasen Naidoo (K_K_N)
* Gustav H Meyer (inetpro)

Raw Log

[18:30:07] <chesedo> Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - March 2016
[18:30:07] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:30:17] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction 
[18:30:17] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction
[18:30:17] <chesedo> Welcome all and thank you for joining in on our monthly meeting
[18:30:34] <chesedo> Our bot Maaz will be doing the minutes so please introduce yourself to him using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg. 
[18:30:34] <chesedo> Maaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht
[18:30:34] <Maaz> chesedo: Okay
[18:30:37] <Cryterion> Maaz: I am Gavin Bauer
[18:30:37] <Maaz> Cryterion: Alrighty
[18:31:01] <chesedo> please feel free to suggest last minutes changes now
[18:31:01] <chesedo> Today's meeting agenda can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160322 
[18:31:06] <kmf> Maaz: I am Karl Fischer
[18:31:06] <Maaz> kmf: Alrighty
[18:31:23] <Kilos> Maaz I am Miles Sharpe
[18:31:23] <Maaz> Kilos: Okay
[18:31:38] <Kilos> superfly login time
[18:31:44] <Kilos> inetpro ping
[18:32:08] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:32:08] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:32:16] <chesedo> the last meeting's minutes is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160223 
[18:32:17] <chesedo> It was quite exciting so going over it should be fun
[18:32:32] <magespawn> Maaz: I am Greg Eames
[18:32:32] <Maaz> magespawn: Yessir
[18:32:59] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:32:59] <Maaz> superfly: Yessir
[18:33:05] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[18:33:05] <Maaz> inetpro: Done
[18:33:26] <chesedo> Is everyone happy with the agenda and previous minutes
[18:33:29] <Kilos> Na3iL you want to login with the bot please
[18:33:32] <chesedo> *?
[18:33:40] <Na3iL> sure
[18:33:46] <Na3iL> Maaz, I am Zoueidi Naeil
[18:33:46] <Maaz> Na3iL: Alrighty
[18:33:51] <Kilos> ty
[18:34:37] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed No raised issues for previous minutes
[18:34:37] <Maaz> Agreed: No raised issues for previous minutes
[18:34:38] <Kilos> ya chesedo go on
[18:34:45] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Plans for 2016
[18:34:45] <Maaz> Current Topic: Plans for 2016
[18:35:11] <chesedo> in the last meeting kapanda asked about Ubuntu membership
[18:35:22] <chesedo> ... do not know if he got sorted
[18:35:35] <Kilos> i havent seen him since
[18:36:07] <chesedo> He is also at Joburg LUG if anyone else might be there too?
[18:36:09] <Kilos> pavlushka you wanna login with our bot
[18:36:19] <Kilos> and watch how to use him
[18:36:39] <pavlushka> sure, but how?
[18:36:46] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Ubuntu for Hope
[18:36:46] <Maaz> Current Topic: Ubuntu for Hope
[18:36:47] <Kilos> welcome K_K_N 
[18:36:59] <K_K_N> hi
[18:37:02] <K_K_N> thanks Kilos
[18:37:09] <K_K_N> am too late for the meeting forgot all about it
[18:37:18] <Kilos> login with the bot please sir
[18:37:19] <chesedo> kmf: release is next for, think we will have a get together before next meeting?
[18:37:25] <chesedo> next month
[18:37:28] <Cryterion> pavlushka - Maaz: I am Your Name, logs you in
[18:37:37] <K_K_N> Maaz: I am Kerasen Naidoo
[18:37:37] <Maaz> K_K_N: Okay
[18:38:07] <kmf> chesedo what did you have in mind .... you asking me on a date ;)
[18:38:25] <K_K_N> did I miss anything important so far or you guys just started?
[18:38:36] <pavlushka> Maaz: I am pavlushka
[18:38:36] <Maaz> pavlushka: Yessir
[18:38:40] <Kilos> one month to release of 16.04
[18:38:49] <Cryterion> nice
[18:38:57] <Kilos> your name pavlushka not your nick
[18:39:14] <chesedo> kmf: to pc need to be fixed up, resources 'leveled'  or OSes installed that you might need help from the Loco?
[18:39:21] <Kilos> not serious but next month
[18:40:08] <kmf> chesedo I'll have to make a plan, why not launch the project at a release party :) then we have a lot more interaction
[18:40:20] <pavlushka> Maaz: I am Pavel Sayekat
[18:40:20] <Maaz> pavlushka: Alrighty
[18:40:24] <Kilos> wb Vince-0 
[18:40:30] <Vince-0> haai
[18:40:28] <Vince-0> Maaz: I am Vincent Swart
[18:40:28] <Maaz> Vince-0: Sure
[18:40:44] <chesedo> kmf: we could but have no release party plan for prt
[18:41:26] <kmf> ok
[18:41:51] <Kilos> kmf rope in inetpro he escapes too often
[18:42:14] * Cryterion starts tying a noose
[18:42:18] * chesedo has been thinking of having one, but his brother has b party that weekend
[18:42:29] <kmf> sure ... will do I need to run speak to you guys later ... sorry 
[18:42:46] <Kilos> ok kmf ty for joining
[18:42:47] <chesedo> ok kmf
[18:43:02] <kmf> ta 
[18:43:05] <kmf> laters
[18:43:20] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Events 
[18:43:20] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[18:43:20] <chesedo> nothing seems to have happened last month
[18:43:40] <chesedo> but we have DebConf comming up
[18:43:54] <chesedo> superfly: you available now
[18:43:57] <chesedo> *?
[18:44:08] <Kilos> tumbleweed you too
[18:44:51] <chesedo> in mean time, no one knows of anything else for upcoming month?
[18:45:01] <superfly> chesedo: Sortof. I'm sitting behind some really awful lag.
[18:45:17] <chesedo> or any other?
[18:45:31] <chesedo> superfly: ok will switch topic soon
[18:45:32] * superfly is not entirely sure where tumbleweed is right now
[18:45:33] <superfly> he seems to be talking from a plane all too often
[18:45:44] <chesedo> lol
[18:45:58] <Kilos> yeah the globe trotter
[18:45:58] <chesedo> Maaz: topic DebConf
[18:45:58] <Maaz> Current Topic: DebConf
[18:46:07] <chesedo> superfly: floor yours
[18:46:10] <superfly> uh, right
[18:46:21] <Cryterion> when and where is it being planned?
[18:46:26] <Kilos> tumbleweed ping
[18:46:35] <superfly> For those who don't know, DebConf is the annual Debian conference for developers and users.
[18:47:01] <Cryterion> tumbleweed is 0.44 seconds away
[18:47:13] <superfly> Ubuntu is based on Debian.
[18:47:34] <superfly> DebConf 16 is being held in Cape Town, from the 2nd to the 9th of July. Registration opened on Friday.
[18:47:35] <chesedo> Cryterion: in Cpt, 2-9 July
[18:48:07] <magespawn> how big is the conference?
[18:48:10] <Cryterion> will note, hopefully I can make it, will have to fly down for a few days
[18:48:23] <superfly> Attendance is free, and there are bursaries for those who can't afford travel and accommodation expenses.
[18:48:25] <Kilos> https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2016/03/msg00008.html
[18:48:46] <Kilos> wb captine 
[18:48:51] <Kilos> login please
[18:48:57] <Vince-0> https://debconf16.debconf.org/
[18:49:00] <superfly> To request bursaries (sponsorship) for food, accommodation, or travel, you must be registered by Sunday, 10 April 2015. Any registrations after that can't be guaranteed bursaries.
[18:49:21] <superfly> To register, go to https://debconf16.debconf.org/ and sign up on the site. Once you're signed up, go to your profile and click on the "Register" button.
[18:49:35] <superfly> (I'm currently about 30 seconds behind everyone else)
[18:49:43] <captine> kilos thanks
[18:49:50] <captine> how do i do it again?
[18:49:50] <Kilos> sorry superfly 
[18:49:53] <tumbleweed> superfly: sorry :)
[18:49:59] * tumbleweed is in SF today
[18:50:09] <tumbleweed> (plane yesterday, plane tomorrow)
[18:50:22] <Kilos>  captine Maaz I am Full Name
[18:50:43] <superfly> Sorry guys I can't answer questions right now, my lag is sitting at 45 seconds
[18:50:48] <captine> Maaz I am Bradley Putzier
[18:50:48] <Maaz> captine: Sure
[18:50:49] <Kilos> tumbleweed you wanna login please
[18:50:52] * tumbleweed can answer questions
[18:50:55] <tumbleweed> Maaz: I am Stefano Rivera
[18:50:55] <Maaz> tumbleweed: Done
[18:51:01] <Kilos> ty
[18:51:02] <tumbleweed> also, o/
[18:51:17] <chesedo> o/ tumbleweed
[18:51:29] <superfly> tumbleweed: no need to apologise :-)
[18:51:31] <magespawn> tumbleweed: how big is the conference in attendance?
[18:51:37] * Kilos greets our globe trotter
[18:51:45] <tumbleweed> magespawn: we're estimating 250 people
[18:51:48] <tumbleweed> magespawn: not huge
[18:51:56] <tumbleweed> last year was over 500 - record size
[18:52:18] <chesedo> tumbleweed: is the conf very technical in nature?
[18:52:24] <magespawn> still fairly big
[18:52:34] <superfly> magespawn: Typically it's 350 people, I think we're expecting a little less than that, but tumbleweed will have a better estimate.
[18:52:57] <tumbleweed> chesedo: yes, pretty technical, but also very social
[18:53:01] <tumbleweed> people bring their whole families
[18:53:13] <tumbleweed> but they're there to get work done
[18:53:17] <tumbleweed> (and have fun)
[18:54:55] <tumbleweed> chesedo: have a look at previous years' programmes
[18:55:09] <tumbleweed> e.g. https://summit.debconf.org/debconf15/
[18:55:15] <chesedo> tumbleweed: ty
[18:55:17] <tumbleweed> https://summit.debconf.org/debconf14/
[18:56:39] <chesedo> anyone else have more questions?
[18:57:28] <tumbleweed> well, I'm here for another reason that just to tell you about it
[18:57:38] <tumbleweed> we are also starting to need some help, in preparation
[18:58:08] <tumbleweed> and we will need some help, when it's under way
[18:58:21] <tumbleweed> talk to me, or join #debconf-team on irc.debian.org, if you're interested
[18:58:23] <Kilos> i mailed maia and asked her to try attend tonight but no reply yet
[18:58:33] <Kilos> have you heard from her tumbleweed 
[18:58:40] <chesedo> Kilos: you are all our cpt peeps?
[18:58:49] <chesedo> *who
[18:58:55] <tumbleweed> one thing that comes to mind, is that we could use someone to try and find video equipment for hire (we have very specific needs, so it probably means quite a bit of time on the phone)
[18:59:24] <chesedo> wow, tall order...
[18:59:30] <Kilos> they are very short here tonight
[18:59:40] <Kilos> fly knows them all
[19:00:24] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed DebConf needs help and has to find video equipment for hire
[19:00:24] <Maaz> Agreed: DebConf needs help and has to find video equipment for hire
[19:00:36] <Kilos> kulelule was gonna help , dunno where he is tonight
[19:00:56] <Kilos> nuvolari is also down there
[19:01:38] <Kilos> Cryterion arent you there as well?
[19:01:58] <inetpro> even thatgraemeguy is there, not?
[19:02:00] <Cryterion> I'm in Durban
[19:02:04] <Kilos> yes
[19:02:12] <Kilos> sorry Cryterion 
[19:02:16] <Cryterion> well just south of durban
[19:02:19] <chesedo> Cryterion: if you would go?
[19:02:25] <Kilos> fly there they will sponsor
[19:02:41] <superfly> tumbleweed: hrm, I'll need a reminder, but if you  can give me some more specific information, I can ask one or two folks I know.
[19:02:52] <Cryterion> I would, any help would be appreciated, tks
[19:03:07] <Kilos> register Cryterion 
[19:03:11] <superfly> thatgraemeguy is down here, I'm not sure where kulele88 is
[19:03:13] <Cryterion> will do
[19:03:44] <Kilos> #debconf-team
[19:03:56] <Kilos> join them there too 
[19:03:57] <chesedo> Maaz: accepted that Cryterion will try and register to help with DebConf
[19:03:57] <Maaz> Accepted: that Cryterion will try and register to help with DebConf
[19:05:20] <chesedo> hmm... anyone got more?
[19:06:10] <chesedo> ty you for volunteering Cryterion
[19:06:18] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Miscellaneous
[19:06:18] <Maaz> Current Topic: Miscellaneous
[19:06:30] <Cryterion> np :)
[19:06:56] <Kilos> make us proud of the banana boys Cryterion 
[19:07:06] <Cryterion> lol
[19:07:11] <chesedo> williamk does not seem to be here tonight
[19:07:16] <chesedo> lol
[19:07:18] <Cryterion> Must I bring some with
[19:07:42] <Kilos> na they are snoek eaters
[19:07:44] <Cryterion> still need to get hold of him, live the save small town now
[19:08:09] <chesedo> Ubuntu-in-the-wild is still up at trello if any has more to add to it (it has expanded since last i cheched)
[19:08:40] <Kilos> wowmive forgotten all about trello
[19:08:41] <tumbleweed> superfly: ack
[19:09:28] <chesedo> Kilos: do not have much to add about LUGs involvement (only got a response from kmf so far)
[19:09:52] <Kilos> np chesedo well keep working on them
[19:10:04] <Kilos> they also seem snowed under atm
[19:10:20] <Kilos> or have become social media addicts
[19:10:28] <chesedo> speaking of trello though, maybe we should do some cleanup there
[19:10:30] <Kilos> wb magespawn 
[19:10:34] <magespawn> ty
[19:11:00] <Kilos> inetpro ^^ trello cleanup
[19:11:10] <chesedo> Kilos: you think you could maybe?
[19:11:24] <Kilos> could what?
[19:11:35] <Kilos> oh trello
[19:11:52] <chesedo> clean up... you most in the know of everyone
[19:12:26] <Kilos> ill  look yes and get pro to help he is the admin guy there
[19:12:42] <chesedo> lol ok
[19:12:50] <inetpro> Kilos: we can do it 
[19:12:55] <Vince-0> I need a reason to go to Cape Town
[19:13:00] <Kilos> ty inetpro 
[19:13:04] <chesedo> Maaz: accepted Kilos and inetpro to clean up trello
[19:13:04] <Maaz> Accepted: Kilos and inetpro to clean up trello
[19:13:18] <Kilos> Vince-0 what reason do you need
[19:13:22] <chesedo> ty Kilos and inetpro
[19:13:34] <Kilos> oh chesedo Vince-0 is dbnlug
[19:13:49] <Kilos> and wiliam
[19:13:54] <Kilos> and magespawn 
[19:14:21] <chesedo> oh hey ty Kilos
[19:14:24] <Vince-0> debconf sounds like a good reason I mean
[19:14:29] <Kilos> dbnlug are G+ addicts
[19:14:39] <Kilos> yes Vince-0 it is
[19:14:40] <Cryterion> G+?
[19:14:54] <chesedo> Kilos: nope their was last updated years ago
[19:14:57] <chesedo> :P
[19:14:59] <Kilos> and if you volunteer to help theyll even feed you
[19:15:01] <Kilos> hehe
[19:15:13] <Kilos> oh my
[19:15:18] <chesedo> Vince-0: think you could volunteer?
[19:15:36] <Kilos> Cryterion google thing
[19:15:57] <Cryterion> yuck, I'm not google
[19:16:00] <Vince-0> ya lemme check my schedule
[19:16:10] <Kilos> https://plus.google.com/
[19:16:12] <chesedo> Vince-0: ok
[19:16:19] <Cryterion> still yuck
[19:16:29] <chesedo> that seems to cover the meeting stuff then...
[19:16:37] <Kilos> inetpro give Cryterion the link for our G+ please
[19:16:51] <Cryterion> Think I have it somewhere
[19:16:55] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:16:55] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:17:11] <Kilos> +1 for chesedo
[19:17:21] <magespawn> +1
[19:17:30] <Cryterion> +1
[19:17:42] * chesedo just gives another heads up that he will miss may's
[19:17:48] <Kilos> inetpro vote man
[19:17:53] <chesedo> lol
[19:17:56] <inetpro> +1
[19:17:58] <Kilos> inetpro may is yours
[19:18:02] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed chesedo to chair next meeting
[19:18:02] <Maaz> Agreed: chesedo to chair next meeting
[19:18:11] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Next meeting
[19:18:11] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next meeting
[19:18:37] <chesedo> it seems to be 26th april to you gues too?
[19:18:56] <Kilos> yip
[19:19:02] <chesedo> *guys
[19:19:06] <chesedo> great
[19:19:09] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed Next meeting is 26 April 2016 @ 20:30
[19:19:09] <Maaz> Agreed: Next meeting is 26 April 2016 @ 20:30
[19:19:46] <chesedo> that's it... thanks you for joining in and hope to see again on next meeting or before
[19:19:56] <Vince-0> k
[19:20:00] <Kilos> ty for chairing again chesedo 
[19:20:03] <chesedo> Maaz: end meeting

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