Meeting Info

Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at 20:30 SAST (UTC+2) and are pretty informal. Anyone is free to join in and give comments and suggestions, its even encouraged. Please introduce yourself to the bot at the start of the meeting so he can take note of all members present as follows:



  • Meeting chair: chesedo

  • Welcoming and Introduction
  • Review minutes of previous meeting

  • Plans for 2016
  • Events
    • Past Month:
    • Other:
      • To be arranged: Ubuntu Hour, Installfests or other events

    • Upcoming Next Month:
      • ?
  • Miscellaneous
    • Ubuntu in the Wild - is it still relevant
    • Get more involved with lugs to promote Ubuntu and Foss together
    • Discuss Ubuntu education project
  • Elect chairperson for next meeting
  • Next meeting: 23 August 2016



[18:30:41] STARTED (chesedo)
[18:30:52] TOPIC: Welcoming and Introduction (chesedo)
[18:36:17] AGREED: No one raised issues with agenda (chesedo)
[18:36:27] TOPIC: Review minutes of previous meeting (chesedo)
[18:41:12] AGREED: All happy with previous minutes (chesedo)
[18:41:23] TOPIC: Plans for 2016 (chesedo)
[18:49:17] AGREED: Kilos will be of the first to add testimony for magespawn's membership (chesedo)
[18:51:16] AGREED: To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting (chesedo)
[19:00:21] AGREED: kulelu88 to help with Ubuntu for Hope site devel (need to add him to gitlab) (chesedo)
[19:02:34] IDEA: To add the Ubuntu for Hope website/tasks to team reports (chesedo)
[19:03:10] TOPIC: Events (chesedo)
[19:19:45] TOPIC: Miscellaneous (chesedo)
[19:29:54] AGREED: Ubuntu in the Wild can be archived (chesedo)
[19:31:36] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (chesedo)
[19:32:44] AGREED: chesedo to chair next meeting (chesedo)
[19:32:52] TOPIC: Next meeting (chesedo)
[19:33:01] AGREED: Next meeting is 23 August 2016 @ 20:30 (chesedo)
[19:33:35] ENDED (chesedo)


* Sicelo A. Mhlongo (Sicelo)
* Gavin Bauer (Cryterion)
* Matthew J. Thompson (SEptic)
* William Kinghorn (williamk)
* Pieter Engelbrecht (chesedo)
* Kyle Robbertze (paddatrapper)
* Miles Sharpe (Kilos)
* Raoul Snyman (superfly)
* jerit
* Na3iL
* Gustav H Meyer (inetpro)
* Logan (jerit-)
* kulelu88 (kulelu88)
* Greg Eames (magespawn)
* S. M. Pavel Sayekat (pavlushka)
* Neil Oosthuizen (nlsthzn)
* Zaki Chowdhury (zaki)

Raw Log

[18:30:41] <chesedo> Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - August 2016
[18:30:41] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:30:52] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction
[18:30:52] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction
[18:31:06] <chesedo> A warm welcome to all and thanks for joining in on our monthly meeting
[18:31:23] <Kilos> ty chesedo 
[18:31:23] <chesedo> Our bot maaz does the minutes as usual so please introduce yourself to it using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg.
[18:31:28] <Cryterion> maaz: I'm Gavin Bauer
[18:31:28] <Maaz> Cryterion: What?
[18:31:38] <Kilos> Maaz I am Miles Sharpe
[18:31:38] <Maaz> Kilos: Yessir
[18:31:40] <chesedo> Maaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht
[18:31:40] <Maaz> chesedo: Okay
[18:31:41] <Cryterion> hmm, lol
[18:31:49] <Cryterion> Maaz: I am Gavin Bauer
[18:31:49] <Maaz> Cryterion: Done
[18:31:53] <chesedo> Cryterion: 'I am'
[18:32:03] <Kilos> hi nlsthzn 
[18:32:03] <Sicelo> Maaz: I am Sicelo
[18:32:03] <Maaz> Sicelo: Yessir
[18:32:05] <williamk> Maaz : I am William Kinghorn
[18:32:05] <Maaz> williamk: Yessir
[18:32:06] <Kilos> just in time
[18:32:06] <Sicelo> or am I?
[18:32:10] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:32:10] <Maaz> superfly: Yessir
[18:32:16] <chesedo> Today's agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160726
[18:32:27] <nlsthzn> Maaz, I am weasel
[18:32:27] <Maaz> nlsthzn: Righto
[18:32:28] <chesedo> Sicelo: that is the question...
[18:32:36] <Cryterion> maaz needs to learn some new vocabulary
[18:32:36] <Maaz> Cryterion: *blink*
[18:32:43] <Kilos> ai! neelsie
[18:32:48] <nlsthzn> >.>
[18:32:58] <chesedo> any last minute changes are welcome
[18:33:17] <SEptic> Maaz, I am SEptic
[18:33:17] <Maaz> SEptic: Okay
[18:33:28] <kulelu88> Maaz: I am kulelu88 
[18:33:28] <Maaz> kulelu88: Yessir
[18:33:29] <Kilos> wb jerit- 
[18:33:35] <Kilos> you gonna login
[18:33:36] <pavlushka> maaz I am S. M. Pavel Sayekat
[18:33:36] <Maaz> pavlushka: Alrighty
[18:33:54] <Kilos> good lad pavlushka 
[18:34:04] <chesedo> Sicelo nlsthzn Sicelo: could you guys maybe use fullnames?
[18:34:12] <pavlushka> thanks Kilos 
[18:34:16] <Sicelo> Maaz: I am Sicelo A. Mhlongo
[18:34:16] <Maaz> Sicelo: Yessir
[18:34:18] <Cryterion> Maaz: you haven't logged in yet
[18:34:18] <Maaz> Cryterion: Excuse me?
[18:34:18] <Sicelo> :p
[18:34:40] <Kilos> ty Sicelo 
[18:34:46] <chesedo> ty Sicelo
[18:35:01] <chesedo> all happy with the agenda
[18:35:03] <SEptic> Maaz, I am Matthew J. Thompson
[18:35:03] <Maaz> SEptic: Okay
[18:35:04] <chesedo> *?
[18:35:14] <chesedo> ty SEptic
[18:35:27] <jerit-> why does quassel want me to connect to a Core account?
[18:35:31] <nlsthzn> chesedo, I could
[18:35:52] <chesedo> nlsthzn: but would you... :P
[18:35:54] <jerit-> what Core account am I supposed to connect to even?
[18:35:58] <Kilos> lol
[18:36:07] <nlsthzn> Maaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen
[18:36:07] <Maaz> nlsthzn: Righto
[18:36:17] <Kilos> superfly inetpro ping
[18:36:17] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed No one raised issues with agenda
[18:36:17] <Maaz> Agreed: No one raised issues with agenda
[18:36:27] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:36:27] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:36:28] <Kilos> ty nlsthzn 
[18:36:34] <chesedo> Kilos: fly is already here
[18:36:50] <Kilos> ooops
[18:36:52] <chesedo> minutes of the previous meeting is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160628
[18:37:00] <chesedo> Please read it for a refresher
[18:37:19] <magespawn> Maaz I am Greg Eames
[18:37:19] <Maaz> magespawn: Righto
[18:37:38] * Cryterion waits for browser to open
[18:37:43] <chesedo> lol
[18:38:21] <zaki> maaz I am zaki
[18:38:21] <Maaz> zaki: Sure
[18:38:33] <jerit-> Maaz I am Logan
[18:38:33] <Maaz> jerit-: Okay
[18:38:49] <jerit-> I'm also confused
[18:39:11] <chesedo> jerit-: quassel has a core and client component
[18:39:12] <Cryterion> jerit-: confused how?
[18:39:24] <zaki> maaz I am Zaki Chowdhury
[18:39:24] <Maaz> zaki: Yessir
[18:39:26] <jerit-> I don't understand what's happening here
[18:39:26] <Cryterion> ok not for me
[18:39:40] <Cryterion> jerit- monthly meeting
[18:39:40] <chesedo> the core is usually on a server that is on 24/7 to stay connected to IRC all the time
[18:40:17] <chesedo> Any one have anything to raise from previous agenda?
[18:40:31] <chesedo> s/agenda/minutes/
[18:40:32] <Cryterion> nope
[18:40:52] <chesedo> Cryterion: awesome
[18:41:12] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed All happy with previous minutes
[18:41:12] <Maaz> Agreed: All happy with previous minutes
[18:41:23] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Plans for 2016
[18:41:23] <Maaz> Current Topic: Plans for 2016
[18:41:33] <Cryterion> believe debconf went well, I couldn't make it unfortunately
[18:41:51] <chesedo> magespawn: you here?
[18:42:10] <chesedo> Kilos: how is it going with tareq's ubuntu membership?
[18:42:22] <chesedo> ... and sorry for the question :P
[18:42:35] <williamk> Unfortunatly I was in Cape Town the week before
[18:42:47] <magespawn> hi chesedo 
[18:43:05] <Kilos> magespawn can you please help jerit sort quassel after the meeting
[18:43:07] <pavlushka> chesedo: on Kilos behalf, tareq is busy fow a
[18:43:17] <chesedo> Cryterion and williamk: you guys were going to try for volunteers right?
[18:43:18] <pavlushka> *for a while.
[18:43:30] <Kilos> chesedo he is very busy as is everyone else but will get there
[18:43:39] <superfly> williamk: you could have visited us at DebCamp
[18:43:39] <Kilos> ty pavlushka 
[18:43:55] <zaki> Maaz: I am Zaki Chowdhury
[18:43:55] <Maaz> zaki: Okay
[18:44:03] <chesedo> magespawn: we are at ubuntu memberships with the meeting... any update on your page task?
[18:44:36] <pavlushka> Kilos: For one hand typing and pressing enter in the middle of a line?
[18:44:39] <williamk> I would have volunteered
[18:44:42] <chesedo> Kilos: you got my question ?
[18:44:52] <chesedo> williamk: right
[18:44:57] <magespawn> no  i have not done anything about that yet, but i will do before the end of august
[18:45:01] <Kilos> um
[18:45:09] <Kilos> about tareg
[18:45:24] <chesedo> magespawn: awesome... is it the wiki page?
[18:45:35] <chesedo> Kilos: yes
[18:45:38] <magespawn> yes
[18:45:50] <Kilos> i answered and so did pavlushka 
[18:46:02] <chesedo> magespawn: it will need testimonies right?
[18:46:23] <magespawn> yes iwll be asking for those once i have done the page 
[18:46:28] <chesedo> Kilos: oh boy, now i am falling behind... about where?
[18:46:33] <magespawn> i will
[18:46:51] <Kilos> Kilos> chesedo he is very busy as is everyone else but will get there
[18:47:46] <Kilos> we need to push the pro a bit as well
[18:48:03] <chesedo> magespawn: ok, want to maybe add the testimony discussion for the next meeting now or will later be better?
[18:48:39] <Kilos> when magespawn is ready ill add one too
[18:49:17] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed Kilos will be of the first to add testimony for magespawn's membership
[18:49:17] <Maaz> Agreed: Kilos will be of the first to add testimony for magespawn's membership
[18:49:29] <Kilos> haha
[18:49:31] <chesedo> Anyone else needing help with membership, launchpad ID, etc?
[18:49:38] <Kilos> im always first sigh
[18:49:46] <kulelu88> does membership get me a free @ubuntu email address?
[18:49:55] <Kilos> yes
[18:50:02] <Kilos> its an alias
[18:50:13] <Kilos> on top of a gmail address
[18:50:19] <kulelu88> aah sies
[18:50:21] <Cryterion> yuck
[18:50:28] <Kilos> dunno how fly did his
[18:50:32] <magespawn> chesedo: bext meeting should be okay
[18:50:43] <kulelu88> shuttleworth greedy to host his own :/
[18:50:46] <chesedo> magespawn: great will do...
[18:51:01] <Kilos> ask superfly kulelu88 
[18:51:04] <Sicelo> haha kulelu88. i'm surprised too, tbh
[18:51:16] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting
[18:51:16] <Maaz> Agreed: To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting
[18:52:06] <Cryterion> umm, why is www.ubuntu.co.za running windows server?
[18:52:17] <chesedo> i also got the basics for a Nikola docker image ready to start on the Ubuntu for Hope website
[18:52:17] <Sicelo> O.o
[18:52:22] <kulelu88> o.0
[18:52:30] <chesedo> oh boy, busted :D
[18:52:32] <SEptic> sies
[18:53:03] <kulelu88> chesedo: if you need a pelican version I can get it up and running quickly for you
[18:53:36] <chesedo> kulelu88: this is what is there currently -> http://ubuntuforhope.org/
[18:54:15] <chesedo> just need to convert it to a static site generator (nikola) and create a proper theme (bootstrap)
[18:54:20] <kulelu88> minimalist beauty right there <3
[18:54:24] <Kilos> chesedo 
[18:54:26] <pavlushka> me surprised on <26Cryterion18> umm, why is www.ubuntu.co.za running windows server?
[18:54:42] <chesedo> Kilos: ?
[18:54:48] <Kilos> you should say something about that in our team reports'
[18:55:03] <Kilos> you do team reports right'
[18:55:14] <kulelu88> Cryterion: can you verify it is windows-server?
[18:55:20] <chesedo> Kilos: nope
[18:55:46] <Kilos> well i propose chesedo to do our team reports
[18:55:52] <chesedo> kulelu88: on of interest, what is meant by 'pelican'?
[18:55:53] <magespawn> Cryterion: owned by Alistarir Carruthers
[18:55:58] <Cryterion> pavlushka, it's probably not ubuntuza related, there's a diferent ubuntu thing that goes on
[18:55:58] <Kilos> and seconders
[18:55:59] <chesedo> s/on/out/
[18:56:09] <kulelu88> pelican = nikola alternative
[18:56:41] <Kilos> pavlushka remember pelican
[18:56:59] <Kilos> peeps like the git thing
[18:57:04] <jerit-> if hosting is needed for www.ubuntu.co.za I can provide. Just need to discuss cost and whether or not I'll charge at all
[18:57:21] <chesedo> kulelu88: oh... don't know... i was eyeing hugo (another alt) but seems that nikola is prefered
[18:57:23] <pavlushka> Kilos: memorized it now and will remember :p
[18:57:31] <Kilos> we dont know who that is jerit- 
[18:57:40] <jerit-> oh I thought it was our site
[18:57:44] <Kilos> well i dont
[18:57:55] <kulelu88> superfly likes nikola and he normally does a lot of the work geen geld, so perhaps nikola 
[18:58:00] <Kilos> it opens to blue screen here
[18:58:56] <chesedo> kulelu88: will you be able to help with the site devel?
[18:59:14] <chesedo> Kilos: what is it that you wanted in the team reports?
[18:59:31] <kulelu88> I can definitely try, but I need to know *what* is needed to be done
[18:59:35] <Kilos> the ubuntuforhope thing
[18:59:42] <chesedo> kulelu88: 
[19:00:21] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed kulelu88 to help with Ubuntu for Hope site devel (need to add him to gitlab)
[19:00:21] <Maaz> Agreed: kulelu88 to help with Ubuntu for Hope site devel (need to add him to gitlab)
[19:00:39] <Kilos> well have to look at old reports chesedo 
[19:00:40] <chesedo> kulelu88: will pm you
[19:00:43] <magespawn> jerit-: ubuntu-za.org
[19:01:59] <chesedo> Kilos: i think there is something about the reports in the trello task as well... so will have to look to sort it
[19:02:11] <Kilos> cool ty
[19:02:18] <jerit-> website looks very bootstrap
[19:02:28] <Kilos> i dont know who did them after maia
[19:02:34] <chesedo> Maaz: idea To add the Ubuntu for Hope website/tasks to team reports
[19:02:34] <Maaz> Idea recorded: To add the Ubuntu for Hope website/tasks to team reports
[19:02:47] <Kilos> what is bootstrap jerit- 
[19:03:10] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Events
[19:03:10] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[19:03:10] <jerit-> the ubuntu-za website
[19:03:21] <jerit-> uses bootstrap for design but anyway, off topic :P
[19:03:31] <Kilos> yes its a cool site
[19:03:39] <chesedo> superfly: you can fire away with the debConf report
[19:03:39] <Kilos> no bzr and nikola
[19:04:04] <chesedo> Kilos: bootstrap is a css framework that the site uses...
[19:04:11] <Kilos> oh my
[19:04:50] <superfly> I don't have a report. If you want a report, watch the closing ceremony
[19:05:00] <chesedo> while fly is at it the channel can thank paddatrapper, superfly and tumbleweed who were part of the organizer...
[19:05:03] <superfly> http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2016/debconf16/Closing_Ceremony_2.webm
[19:05:25] <chesedo> superfly: lol, feedback would be better
[19:05:32] <superfly> All I can say is that it seemed to go well, people were happy.
[19:05:55] <chesedo> Sicelo who gave a talk...
[19:06:02] <chesedo> and andrewlsd and kmf who were volunteers
[19:06:29] <Kilos> kudos to the za guys
[19:07:01] <chesedo> thanks for all your efforts guys...
[19:07:19] <chesedo> Kilos: load cheers to that :D
[19:07:28] <chesedo> s/load/loud/
[19:07:30] * inetpro quietly takes a seat  
[19:07:44] <Kilos> inetpro we see you
[19:07:54] <chesedo> rofl
[19:07:59] <Kilos> speak up
[19:08:07] <inetpro> oh my... 
[19:08:07] <Kilos> login
[19:08:17] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer 
[19:08:17] <Maaz> inetpro: Sure
[19:08:20] <Kilos> answer you questions etc etc etc'
[19:08:28] <chesedo> was anyone at the AWS Summit in cpt as well?
[19:08:30] * Kilos hides
[19:08:51] * chesedo remembers that andrewlsd was going there
[19:10:09] <Kilos> hehe pro scrolling
[19:10:24] <Kilos> andrewlsd is afk atm
[19:10:26] * Cryterion pulls away inetpro's chair
[19:10:26] <Kilos> naughy
[19:10:28] <chesedo> now all seems exhuasted or am i going too fast?
[19:10:30] <Kilos> naughty
[19:10:40] * inetpro gives up scrolling 
[19:10:46] <Kilos> hahahaha
[19:11:13] <Kilos> oh inetpro there was mention of you membership application
[19:11:21] <chesedo> inetpro: team reports is the only thing that we wondered about...
[19:11:23] <inetpro> talk to me chief
[19:11:36] <chesedo> Kilos: there was?
[19:11:38] <Kilos> oh yes
[19:11:56] * chesedo seems to have missed that too
[19:12:01] <Kilos> yes chesedo you said we need to push him
[19:12:09] * Kilos hides
[19:12:23] <Sicelo> awesome .. so my wifi card is dead :(
[19:12:24] <Kilos> haha everyone scrolls
[19:12:31] <chesedo> oh yes now i remember *reading* something about that
[19:13:15] <inetpro> hmm... let's not disrupt the meeting Kilos... please continue chesedo
[19:13:26] * chesedo now understands what Kilos meant back there
[19:13:35] <chesedo> or up there :D
[19:13:42] <chesedo> ty inetpro
[19:13:42] <Kilos> haha
[19:13:47] <Cryterion> lol
[19:14:15] <chesedo> since no one else went to AWS, that seems to be it for events?
[19:14:33] <jerit-> AWS meaning Amazon Web Services?
[19:14:44] <jerit-> oh wait, its an event you're talking about, my bad
[19:14:54] <chesedo> jerit-: yes... 
[19:15:31] <chesedo> oh, anyone planning any ubuntu hours, fests?
[19:16:32] <Kilos> superfly any news on loco packs
[19:16:35] <chesedo> ...moving on then
[19:16:47] * chesedo will wait a bit
[19:16:54] <Kilos> we havent even planned a release party
[19:17:10] <inetpro> we need to plan the next one now
[19:17:23] <chesedo> Kilos: not one that is recognized at least
[19:17:32] <Cryterion> it's already released
[19:17:43] <inetpro> that be 16.08?
[19:17:50] <pavlushka> lol
[19:17:54] <Kilos> yes but normally we wait till the goodies arrive
[19:17:58] <chesedo> lol
[19:18:04] <Cryterion> ok
[19:18:15] <chesedo> inetpro: you want one for 16.10?
[19:18:27] <magespawn> sorry guys i have to go or i am going to get home very late
[19:18:39] <Kilos> go safe magespawn 
[19:18:41] <magespawn> chat later.
[19:18:43] <Kilos> ty for attending
[19:18:44] <pavlushka> see ya magespawn !
[19:18:46] <inetpro> oh 16.04.1 is out now, is it time to upgrade our servers yet?
[19:18:47] <chesedo> np magespawn and thanks for joining in
[19:19:02] <williamk> cheers magespawn
[19:19:39] <Kilos> williamk what did you want to announce
[19:19:42] <chesedo> brr... moving on then
[19:19:45] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Miscellaneous
[19:19:45] <Maaz> Current Topic: Miscellaneous
[19:20:58] <chesedo> does the 'ubuntu in the wild' topic still seem relevant or can we maybe remove it?
[19:21:10] <williamk> Kilos : not going to announce anything, just wanted to join you guys tonite
[19:21:24] <Kilos> wonderful, ty williamk 
[19:21:51] <superfly> Kilos: no, sorry, I haven't gotten there yet
[19:22:05] <Kilos> np superfly 
[19:22:08] <Cryterion> inetpro: ubuntu server 16.04 been running 27days now with mail support and stable for me
[19:22:09] * pavlushka still laughing on 16.08
[19:22:31] <chesedo> williamk: you and kapanda were the guys that talked about the education program?
[19:22:37] <Kilos> pavlushka read the news letter
[19:22:52] <Kilos> lotsa funny nubers added now
[19:22:54] <pavlushka> Kilos: I have
[19:23:04] <Kilos> numbers
[19:23:45] <williamk> chesedo : still wanting to do that
[19:24:12] <Kilos> oh my inetpro save me please
[19:24:25] <Kilos> give the link for the funny numbers
[19:24:35] <chesedo> williamk: is it still in the fog (can past/other resources be used)?
[19:25:02] <chesedo> Kilos: this one -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/800310/what-is-ubuntu-16-05-16-06-etc
[19:25:15] <Kilos> yes ty chesedo 
[19:25:21] <Kilos> there pavlushka 
[19:25:40] <jerit-> mirc wasting my time again
[19:25:54] <chesedo> Kilos: your op on the 'ubuntu in the wild' agenda topic?
[19:26:01] <Cryterion> you still using mirc?
[19:26:36] <Kilos> he needs to get quassel sorted still Cryterion 
[19:26:52] <chesedo> i think we could keep the trello item up for a bit longer to see if it has interest
[19:26:58] <Kilos> chesedo i dont have one, was just interesting 
[19:27:16] <inetpro> haha, pavlushka see, it's true
[19:27:22] <Kilos> thats about other places using ubuntu right
[19:27:30] <chesedo> Kilos: yes
[19:27:49] <inetpro> sorry Kilos, Iwas drifting away to work again
[19:27:49] <Kilos> who has time to find these things out
[19:27:53] <chesedo> it has seven items currently
[19:27:55] <Kilos> np inetpro 
[19:28:12] <Kilos> we  can look again tomorrow chesedo 
[19:28:25] <Kilos> maybe archive it
[19:28:26] <williamk> chesedo: just do not seem to get anywhere, have to sit down and start something
[19:28:28] <chesedo> hmm... we will have to see who answers that
[19:28:36] * pavlushka now stopped laughing and looking stupid
[19:28:43] <Kilos> hahaha
[19:28:48] <chesedo> williamk: ok
[19:29:32] <chesedo> Kilos: right
[19:29:48] <inetpro> pavlushka: I must say I don't like the idea, guess we should just stop talking about it... will just confuse people
[19:29:53] <Kilos> not today
[19:29:54] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed Ubuntu in the Wild can be archived
[19:29:54] <Maaz> Agreed: Ubuntu in the Wild can be archived
[19:30:25] <Kilos> been busy today so tired now
[19:30:28] <pavlushka> inetpro: so do I think, ;)
[19:30:34] <chesedo> Anyone have anything to add about getting more involved with lugs?
[19:30:48] <Kilos> the weekly news letter will tell with what
[19:30:51] <paddatrapper> Sorry I'm late
[19:30:55] <chesedo> Kilos: almost done..
[19:31:05] <inetpro> paddatrapper: you as well?
[19:31:28] <Kilos> haha welcome paddatrapper you can login with Maaz 
[19:31:29] <chesedo> does not seem so...
[19:31:31] <chesedo> hi paddatrapper
[19:31:36] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:31:36] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:31:37] <paddatrapper> inetpro: Lost track of time...
[19:31:43] <pavlushka> paddatrapper: keep standing :p
[19:31:44] <paddatrapper> Maaz: I'm Kyle Robbertze
[19:31:44] <Maaz> paddatrapper: Huh?
[19:31:50] * Kilos votes for chesedo
[19:32:02] <chesedo> anyone interested in the hot seat for next meeting...
[19:32:09] <paddatrapper> Maaz: I am Kyle Robbertze
[19:32:09] <Maaz> paddatrapper: Yessir
[19:32:35] <inetpro> +1 for chesedo
[19:32:36] <paddatrapper> chesedo always seems to do a great job
[19:32:44] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed chesedo to chair next meeting
[19:32:44] <Maaz> Agreed: chesedo to chair next meeting
[19:32:52] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Next meeting
[19:32:52] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next meeting
[19:33:01] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed Next meeting is 23 August 2016 @ 20:30
[19:33:01] <Maaz> Agreed: Next meeting is 23 August 2016 @ 20:30
[19:33:13] <inetpro> chesedo: thanks for doing a great job!
[19:33:21] <chesedo> thank you all for joining in tonight and sorry for running a bit late
[19:33:25] <nlsthzn> good job all :)
[19:33:30] <Kilos> thanks a ton chesedo you keeping us alive
[19:33:35] <SEptic> chesedo for president
[19:33:35] <chesedo> Maaz: end meeting

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