Who We Are

We are the Ubuntu South Africa LoCo, and we have been an approved LoCo since July 2005.

We represent the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, and even though we have a lot of area to cover with only a handful of us, we are happy to help our fellow Ubuntu mates.

We have smaller auxilliary groups in Cape Town (West coast), Durban (East coast), and Johannesburg/Pretoria (Inland).

This document is a team effort.

Key Details


Immediate future

  • Continue to have events,
  • Continue to distribute DVDs,
  • Continue to provide support on the mailing list and in IRC

Long term

  • Involve more people so that we have a better presence in more areas in South Africa and that we increase the diversity of our Ubuntu community.


LUG Involvement

To contact and list all LUGS for inclusion.

An Open Concern: LoCo Activity

We are aware of a decline in active Launchpad members since our last Re-Evaluation - roughly a 60% reduction (from 115 to 73 members). Our mailing list is still our most active form of communication, where many members do no opt for IRC, while our LoCo sub forum has been archived due to inactivity.

We addressed this issue in our monthly IRC meeting. While we acknowledge this lull of activity, some have voiced willingness to embrace new projects and new members to revive the group.

How this will be accomplished, and which projects are to be undertaken, still need to be worked out.


Please add your voice by writing out a testimonial for us, especially if you are a new Ubuntu user, or had a good recent experience. Sign it with your name, alias, and optionally link it to your Launchpad profile URL if you have one. Many thanks in advance!

nlsthzn - I have had the honour of being an active (more active at some times than others) member of the Ubuntu ZA LoCo for many years and it continues to be a brilliant source of advice and technical assistance to any persons in South Africa looking for assistance with Ubuntu and very often with FOSS in general. You will always find an answer or friendly greeting in either IRC or on the mailing list.

nuvolari - Being part of the Ubuntu-ZA LoCo has always been fun. Our online community is friendly and always willing to help on IRC and the mailing lists. Regional groups also contributed in reaching out to others and developing interest off-line.

Kilos - I have been helped by the Ubuntu-ZA LoCo since 8.10, and have progressed from being a diesel mechanic with a farming background to being able to help newbies with unity and kde on occasion. Also learned lots about using the command line. All those who helped me did so with great patience and understanding as I have been brain damaged in an accident in 1998, and have no short term memory. Also I am on the older side of the scale (63) and get treated with great respect by everyone on #ubuntu-za. Over the years there has been a slow down of activity as many of our members are family people, and, with the struggle to make ends meet their time is limited but even so when anyone has any serious issues time is made to help them out whether it is in the mailing list or on irc. Also we have lost two of our old hands to silicon valley. Go well cocooncrash and tumbleweed, but they are still on irc with us for serious problem help. kudos Ubuntu-ZA LoCo

gremble - Invited to join the people at Ubuntu-ZA LoCo and haven't left. A friendly and intelligent bunch, always ready to help out one another. The mailinglist often contains interesting information and there is no shortage of friendly conversation in the IRC channel.

theblazehen - "I've been active on the #ubuntu-za community for a few years, and really enjoy the friendliness of the community. The people there are all really supportive of new users as well"

DigiGram - A few years ago I was very active and part of the #ubuntu-za community. Sadly life and work got in the way, and even though I was estranged from my community friends, every time I pop back in for a question, anyone and everyone is willing to help and that with a smile on their faces (well, I hope so at least). A few members I knew way back then as the kind that was willing to help, but without the knowledge to do so is still around, but the community has taught itself so well, that those members possess the working knowledge now, and still has that willingness in them to help other members, newcomers and the flybyers that just need a quick fix. Everytime I need something, I rather come to #ubuntu-za to the friendly helpers that I know and like! Long live #ubuntu-za

magespawn - I have been a member of the IRC channel for sometime now and it my goto place when looking for answers regarding anything to do with Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular. I have not been able to attend any of the activities unfortunately, mainly because of being out of the way, but I understand that these are always well received. I am less active on the very busy mailing list where we have a lot of members who are 'list only', I can recommend either way of contacting the Ubuntu-za Community when in difficulty or just looking for extra information.

superfly - I've been with the UbuntuZA gang pretty much since it started. It has an ebb and flow of members, but it's never gotten close to dying. The folks are friendly and helpful, and the community warm. UbuntuZA struggles a bit with activities, due to the large gap between classes and the size of the country (comparatively, South Africa is slightly less than twice the size of the state of Texas). There are very few Linux users in South Africa compared to countries like the USA or the UK. Unfortunately I don't see a solution any time soon, but we do get involved in other FLOSS activities held around South Africa, like Software Freedom Day. A special mention goes to Kilos for pretty much being the backbone of the community. He'll deny it, but he keeps things going, reminding everyone about our monthly meetings, other events, and always holding the fort in IRC.

I have been using OSS from around 2006 after a nephew told me about Ubuntu - tried other OSS but could not fit with the others so started using Ubuntu and loved it.

zabear1 - I am semi-retired but use Ubuntu for my Real Estate franchise since 2007 and for my guest house business since 2010, running Ubuntu on 4 or 5 PCs. I have absolutely No programming knowledge and do not have time for bother. That is why I love Ubuntu. I recently updated from 12.04 on my own to 1404 LTS - no outside help, and it just worked (perhaps I was just lucky or perhaps Ubuntu just worked :-). I also added a new HP Printer (4 in one) to the system 2 weeks ago and it also just worked out of the box. I am now relocating to Margate with both businesses and hope to find Ubuntu friends there. (added by nlsthzn on behalf of zabear1 via an e-mail request).

Lionthinker - After a friend of mine loaded Natty onto my laptop in 2011 I never looked back. I found out about Floss and eventually stumbled onto the Ubuntu ZA community. Since then they have helped with issues, and so have I to others. We are a small community but in time will grow, especially with events like we had last year with RMS and other events such as the LTS launch party this year.

inetpro - Been a ubuntu-za member since 2006 and a fulltime (K)Ubuntu user since the first release. I know many people who still use Ubuntu on a daily basis across many different professions. Linux is still very strong in South Africa and most people use Linux in some form or other without even knowing it. At ubuntu-za we strive to keep the community active despite the many challenges. Thanks to everyone involved to keep things rolling.

LeeSharp - I am a consultant, and I have worked contracts all over the world. So I have actually joined a few LoCo, but this is the only one I am active on. Even with me not currently actually being in South Africa. It is a very vibrant community at a time when other LoCos are actually falling off quite a bit. There are a lot of resources I find here than I do not see other places. And perhaps a bit of nostalgia. Smile :) either way, it is really my strongest tie left to the Ubuntu "Community."


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