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== Team Members == = Team Members =
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= Acknowledgements =

Thanks to RaymondSwart for our new Ubuntu Zim logo!

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The initial goals of the team will be:

  • To bring together Ubuntu users within our local community
  • To make Zimbabweans aware that Ubuntu exists
  • To promote Ubuntu in Zimbabwe through the organisation of demonstrations and any other promotional activities
  • To assist Ubuntu users with support and advice wherever possible

Although Ubuntu has not gained wide-spread popularity in Zimbabwe (yet!), there are evidently a number of people and organisations who are keenly interested in it and some who have whole-heartedly adopted it. The starting goal of the Zimbabwe Team is to bring those people together, thereby establishing a solid base to begin building on, to promote the overall growth of Ubuntu in our local community.

If you are already an Ubuntu user in Zimbabwe and feel that you might have something to offer as a team member, please feel free to contact us.


Mailing List: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-zw BRForum: http://zimbabwe.ubuntuforums.org BRTeam Contact: NeilCoetzer, MailTo(nit006.5 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)

Presently, due to the small number of 'known' Ubuntu enthusiasts in Zimbabwe, the mailing list is the main form of contact. We do plan to set up a web site in the future however, and hopefully once the user-base has grown sufficiently within the community, we will also be able to offer an IRC channel. Please also support the new forum and get posting!

Team Members

NeilCoetzer, JustinSteenbok, GarthGreeff, RaymondSwart, [:HelmTM:HelmTM]


Thanks to RaymondSwart for our new Ubuntu Zim logo!


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