About Me:

* Full Name : Hasanuddin Abu Bakar
* IRC Nickname : bizkut
* Age: 27 years
* Status: Single
* Working as: Network Security Engineer at Sigma Rectrix Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.
* Education: Diploma in Computer Science (UiTM), BSc. Electronic Engineering (Computer) (Malaysia Military Academy)

* Email:
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* IRC: bizkut is a user on channels: #nslu2-general #nslu2-linux #myoss ##mac #ubuntu-my #ubuntu-arm

A little introduction about myself. I start using Linux since a kid, in 1998 I start using RedHat Linux because of eager to try new things and since then I tried so many Linux distros and finally I stick with Debian. When Ubuntu appeared, I start using Ubuntu in 2005 for desktops and workstations and still using Debian for certain server requirement.

I am very interested in embedded devices especially Linux ARM port and using these devices extensively in my works. I've shared my interest with Martin Michlmayr, current Debian ARM port maintainer and he had help me a lot with Debian on NSLU2.

I am a part of Malaysian Ubuntu LoCo Team Members
Currently assign to moderate Ubuntu Malaysia Forums


Projects Currently Working On:

1. Moderating and inviting Malay speakers for using Malaysia Team's wiki and forums
2. Moderate Forums for Ubuntu Malaysia team
3. Participate Ubuntu Malaysia Events
4. Spread Ubuntu knowledge amongs Malaysian Ubuntu users
5. Answering question on IRC, Forums and mailing list.
6. Using and managing Ubuntu in work environment for enterprise projects and using FOSS for all tasks.
7. Managing & running Ubuntu Desktop & Server for internal task/working environment

  • - Currently running Ubuntu Server for Freeradius / Coova-chilli for Hotspot / Captive Portal

    - Actively using OpenWRT on Linksys and Buffalo routers for WiFi solutions

8. Reporting Ubuntu Bugs
9. Optimizing Ubuntu for use with Netbook, currently testing Intrepid Ibex on Acer Aspire One
10. Running and testing Ubuntu ARM on NSLU2 for simple server job for speed and stability. (Serving files with NFS and Samba)
11. Using Ubuntu server for amateur radio APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) with GPSd in Small Form Factor unit on ATOM CPU and ARM.
12. Compiling and packaging FOSS ARM port for using with NAS and PDA (Currently testing on NLSU2 and Blueangel HTC PDA phone running Xanadux Linux)
13. Selling and providing FOSS books for Malaysian community.
14. Providing Ubuntu installer medium in form of CDs and ISO for new users.
NSLU2 aka Slug running Ubuntu ARM Jaunty Jackalope on a 8GB Mimoco flash drive.
Ubuntu server on Dectop with AMD Geode GX500 (366MHz) and 128MB RAM with GPS module attached for APRS setup (Small Form Factor)
Buffalo and WRT54GL stack running OpenWRT for Radius authentication.


Next Coming Event (Plans):

Future Plans:

1. Getting new devices (embedded system) for Ubuntu development (Buffalo Linkstation Mini in mind. It is the smallest SATA RAID in the world)
2. Running Ubuntu on every house hold electronic devices.

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