The package fortunes-ubuntu-server will be installed by default on Ubuntu Server Edition.

Release Note

Useful tips are now displayed each time a user logs into Ubuntu Server Edition.


This should provide a mean for new (or old) functionalities to be discoverable by normal users on a text only installation.

User stories

Joe connects to Ubuntu Server and discover in the message of the day that he can use XXX to do YYY



Package already exists, MIR is approved, needs to be seeded in server seed.



  • Jump URL for tips - [ #36573]
  • Drive for more tips - Daviey spearing.
  • ADD "Ubuntu Server Tip" above output from motd
  • Add to server seed - see MIR bug #423667

UI Changes

Typical tip in motd should look like

Ubuntu Server Tip:
Instead of typing exit or closing the terminal if you
want to logout you can press Ctrl+d.
See more: http://some.url <-- optional

Code Changes



Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

Polycy review

Tips should not be any longer than 2 lines of 80 characters.

  • Tips are not advertisement, but information. No paid services or product can be referred to here, except if an exception is granted during a server community meeting.
  • Tips should only refer to what's directly available in Ubuntu Server Edition and in main, unless an exception is granted during a server community meeting.
  • Tips needs to be meaningful to most administrators.
  • Mention of a new package or tool can include a pointer (url) to get more information.
  • Url in tips should preferably not be pointing to a wiki page, which holds to high a risk to be defaced.


  • Should a tip *ALWAYS* have a url? No

  • Can we add a 3rd (optional) line for URL? Yes

Changes made at


Multiple sections, used when certain packages installed: -> fortunes-ubuntu-server

  • Ships different sections, enabled at runtime.
    • (Perhaps not an issue until overwelmed by tips)


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