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Prior to 9.10 Motd displays 7 lines of legal warning that takes up usefull space. In 9.10 this legal text is only diplayed the first time each user logs in. DustinKirkland has already implemented and commited it, legal has approved the change.

Given the reclaimed extra space, and in order to provide visibility to new or important features in Ubuntu Server Edition, we could add an ubuntu-tips package, installed by default, that would randomly display 2 lines of text at the end of the motd coming from a list of tips placed in a given directory.

The Goal of this page is to describe how to add tips for inclusion in the next release of Ubuntu Server Edition. Feel free to add to this list, all tips are welcome but should be solely related to functionalities provided in Ubuntu Server Edition.


  • Tips should not be any longer than 2 lines of 80 characters, plus one line for url when needed.

  • Tips are not advertisement, but information. No paid services or product can be referred to here, except if an exception is granted during a server community meeting.
  • Tips should only refer to what's directly available in Ubuntu Server Edition and in main, unless an exception is granted during a server community meeting.
  • Tips needs to be meaningful to most administrators.
  • Mention of a new package or tool should include a pointer (url) to get more information when necesary.
  • Url in tips should preferably not be pointing to a wiki page, which holds to high a risk to be defaced.


Tip suggestions should be added as a bug report on the fortunes-ubuntu-server package.

Typical tip looks like:

  • Ubuntu Server Tip:
    Instead of typing exit or closing the terminal if you
    want to logout you can press Ctrl+d.
    See more: http://some.url <-- optional

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