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 * Web Design ( XHTML , CSS , JavaScript )  * Web Design ( XHTML , CSS , Javascript )
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 * (27 april 2011) Made my first branch and registered it to the project I'm working on.
 * (28 april 2011) Pushing and getting some launchpad karma :D yea lol

Launchpad ID:






Ubuntu Forums:



Use launchpad contact form or my email

About Me

I started to use Ubuntu in a more regular way at work when i installed it on my work computer in the middle of 2010, i'm interested in open source projects and i wish to be an active contributor in open source projects, besides Ubuntu I'm interested in Firefox development too, but i find that the knowledge I have isn't enough for me to contribute yet, so I'm planning to join the Ubuntu beginner team and from there i believe i will be able to get more knowledge and be able to learn new things that will enable me to contribute online.

Currently i work as a PHP developer and I'm studying python to be able to use it in understanding and maybe contribute in some Ubuntu packages that are written using python.

Programming languages

    • Currently my main programming language since i work as a PHP/MySql developer in a website development company.
  • Java
    • Used to use it when i was in college and i also used it in my graduation project, but since i started giving more attention in web development i started to use it less often, and if i ever decide that i need to use it, it will take me a little to refresh my memory.
  • Web Design ( XHTML , CSS , Javascript )
    • Started to use them more often as soon as i started giving web development more attention, about a year before i learned PHP, Currently I'm interested in most modern web technologies, like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Python
    • Currently learning this language and i find it so exciting, I've finished reading perdo3005's tutorial Intro To Python and i plan to start finding other more advanced ones to read in the near future.

Team Memberships

So far I haven't joined any team yet, but I'm looking through the requirements of joining the Ubuntu beginner team and as soon as i achieve that i will apply to join it Smile :)

Future Plans & Projects

  • Of course my main objective here is to be able to fix minor Ubuntu bugs and in the future i would like to start participating in developing some packages.
  • Currently I'm studying python in my spare time and soon after I plan to try Google's app engine using python and think of ways of how i could use the benefits i could get from using it.


  • So far nothing more than just few feedbacks on some bugs on launchpad, if that counts.
  • 26th April 2010: So now that i've started to hang out more on the irc, my decent knowledge with Ubuntu is apparently useful for some other people, and i found that the irc is a good way to help out people, and in the same time you get to learn from other people who are also trying to help.


In this section i'm going to try to keep track of my improvement and progress in this Ubuntu community and the Ubuntu beginners team :), Since the first couple of days were fast i don't think i'm gonna put any dates.

  • Made my wiki page, which you are reading right now.
  • Completed my launchpad account, did the PGP key, signed the code of conduct using it, which i found cool because the email was encrypted and i had to decrypt it with my key using the terminal and click a link in it :D, did my ssh key.
  • I've put my name on the people seeking masters/mentors page, but since i was so impatient i actually contacted jledbetter my self because i found that she contacted 3 before and yet she hasn't had any apprentice, she replied the following asking of my interests and such.

  • Started hanging out on the irc channels, met few people and got to know new people who also hang there often.
  • Actually met jledbetter on the irc and i guess she decided to take me as an apprentice/padawan, which was cool :P lol

  • Got in a talk with some people about some open source project Opunity, and actually got invited to join, and since PHP is one of my languages i accepted, and i joined my first project on launchpad.

  • Did my first bazaar branching and put my ssh key into use lol.
  • (27 april 2011) Made my first branch and registered it to the project I'm working on.
  • (28 april 2011) Pushing and getting some launchpad karma Big Grin :) yea lol


  • So far this section is empty, but i hope it get's filled in the future lol.

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