About Me

Well my name is Dan Chapman, I live in the UK with my partner and two children. I have been using Ubuntu since 10.04 and haven't looked back. I am currently studying with the Open University, and when not playing Dad/Student spend the rest of my time working on Dekko email client and helping in the Ubuntu QA community with package testing and automated tests for the ubuntu-autopilot-tests project.

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# elfy I have spent a lot of time working with Dan within the Quality community. He embodies, in my opinion, all that being an Ubuntu member should be about - he is constantly helpful, positive of attitude and always trying to push Ubuntu forwards. He works tirelessly helping to the push the quality of our releases forward with unbounding energy.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in strongly supporting his application for Ubuntu membership, it will be a sad day when people who work so tirelessly as Dan does, towards our shared goals, is not seen as a suitable candidate for membership.

# balloons Daniel has been an amazing contributor and has done a lot of work at keeping our desktop autopilot tests in shape. He learned autopilot and then tackled rewriting and fixing our desktop autopilot tests which are not so friendly. Going the extra mile he's helped write an emulator for autopilot to make it easier for others to contribute autopilot GTK tests and is currently the leading resource for our effort to automate the image tests. He's even done some development work on the tools we use in the community.

I consider Dan a wonderful example of the power of a community contributor. He's gone from student to master, a self starter and not afraid of tackling problems. He's been helpful to new contributors and is a regular on IRC. A stand-up guy and heartily recommended for membership.

# smartboyhw I am very poor at Python that I fail to write a complete autopilot test. Fortunately the Ubuntu QA Team has Daniel that he can write loads of high quality autopilot tests for us. It's thanks to him we don't have that much work to do. I sincerely recommend him for membership.

Future Goals

With career aspirations of becoming a SOftware Engineer in the FOSS ecosystem, I want to help make Ubuntu become a world leader in quality open source projects. In return this will give me valuable experience towards reaching my career goal. The Ubuntu family is an amazing group of people and a real honor to have the opportunity to work and learn alongside everyone who is involved.

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