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I started off with linux with Dapper but only really got into the whole linux idea with Gutsy this was when I switched my primary OS to linux. I contribute primarily to the Ubuntu Forums and to my LoCo team. I try to report bugs when I notice them.

I recently have directly and indirectly been involved with many loco activities such as GlobalJams, Release Parties, Ubuntu Hours, Rebuilding our website, being the point of contact between the other loco's as well as the local Lugs.

I try to give back as much as I can since I know and understand that starting to work with a completely new operating system like Ubuntu can be confusing and hard for newcomers. I also feel that what sets Ubuntu apart from the other *nixes is the community support and overall atmosphere. It makes a newcomer feel welcome enough to ask the questions they need in order to learn. I have also noticed that, because of this, a lot of them stay on to help out, like me.

Community Involvement

  • https://launchpadlibrarian.net/5779448/uf.png Ubuntu Forums

    • Member of the Ubuntu Forums Loco (Moderator) since October of 2008
    • Member of the Ubuntu Forums since February 1st, 2008
    • I help out mainly in ZA loco forum, AB, FFH, Programming Talk, Server Platforms and Security.
  • https://launchpadlibrarian.net/15994865/Untitled.png Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team

    • Member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team since Sept 2008
    • Member of the Ubuntu Beginners Dev team since Sept 2008
    • I can generally be found on IRC in #ubuntu-beginners, #ubuntu-beginners-dev on freenode, where I try to make myself available to help out with general Ubuntu questions, or in any other are where I can make myself useful.
  • https://launchpadlibrarian.net/7640132/ubuntu_14.png South African Loco Team

    • Member of the Ubuntu South Africa LoCo Team since April of 2008

    • Active in #ubuntu-za and #glug on freenode as drubin, and on atrum #clug as drubin
    • I mostly provide support to people via the forums and mailing lists, which are the most active means of communication in our loco team, and via IM.
    • Continue to provide CD's to those that don't have bandwidth to download them.
    • I produced Ubuntu case badges for the loco.

Future Hopes

  • I intend to try and help run/arrange some sort of install fest for Cape Town. Ideally it would be a few active members of the Loco that help out users with issues setting up their PC and educating them on portioning and best security practices and file permissions that tend to stump most users. Since bandwith is rather expensive in south africa it would ideally have a local repository on the lan for users to update/download their required application. (This is mostly done at all release parties since Jaunty). I see this as a great service to provide to our community since often users can't download and experiment with their bandwith restrictions.
  • Taking a more active roll in organizing/helping out of the Release party.
  • Trying to make our Loco Forum more active since I prefer Forums as a means of communication/support. Our community tends to prefer mailing lists.
  • Try to get more of our members into our irc channel #ubuntu-za


EMEA Regional Membership Board

  • In addition to the points made above, I'd like to mention that David is an excellent team player. He is modest and is happy to notice and acknowledge contributions that other people make with the result that it is a pleasure to be part of the ubuntu-za community. He is accessible and generous with his knowledge and help.

    -- Maia Grotepass <maiatoday@gmail.com> - Ubuntu-ZA team

  • BodhiZazen - I would like to endorse drubin for a position on the EMEA Regional Membership Board. drubin is very active with the Ubuntu Community and has been a long standing member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team. I believe his experience with assisting users new to the Ubuntu Community integrate into the community will be invaluable to the EMEA Regional Membership Board.

  • David has an ability to "cut" right to the case, and see past distractions. His direct method of dealing with even the biggest of issues is an essential asset with everything he does. His ability to intuit exactly what is being presented proves a very valuable asset when serving on the approval board. I can without reservation endorse David for the EMEA board. I wish him the best of luck, and I hope you look upon his application with good favor.

    Paul Tagliamonte ( paultag@ubuntu.com )

  • I have worked with David on the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is not the type of person to give into peer pressure, and has no issue expressing opinions that contradict what the rest of the group might believe. This is a valuable skill for someone on a council. David has no trouble making decisions and standing behind them. So although I have not worked with him in a situation where he has been required to judge another user's contributions, I think he could probably due a pretty good job on the regional membership board. -- nhandler 2010-04-20 03:02:05

  • I have known David for a while now through the work he has done in the Ubuntu-ZA team. He is consistent and reliable and is great at 'getting the job done' and following up on things. David is passionate about Ubuntu and he is familiar with the community structure and its foundations. --jonathan 2010-04-20 14:51:15

  • I've got to know David through the Ubuntu Beginners Team. One thing I've noticed about David is he's very active on a number of mailing lists that I'm also subscribed to, as well as on IRC. David is always willing to provide input to things, as well as give feedback - even if it's negative - in a constructive manner, that will almost always be of benefit to the person receiving it. I wholeheartedly feel that David would be a valuable asset to the EMEA RMB. -- joeb454 2010-04-22 19:35:39

Ubuntu Membership

  • David Rubin is one of most motivated and thorough programmers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail and general knowledge is top notch. Please consider his application favorably, David is a true addition to our community.

    Paul Tagliamonte ( paultag@ubuntu.com )

  • forestpixie - I thought long and hard about writing this testimonial - simply because Drubin and I are both now, it appears up for membership on the same day and I wouldn't want it to look like a case of 'you rub my back, I'll rub yours' But I decided that rather than not write one and then wish I had, sufficed to put aside any qualms that I had. I first saw drubin on the forums shortly after he joined, I believe I helped him fairly early on with something, then I started to see his name more frequently - being nosy at times, I tend to look at posts by users I recognise, it was obvious then to me that he was extremely helpful to other users and patient at the same time. Once I joined UFBT I realised that he was a member of that team, since then I have grown to know more of him and the way he works - he has brought much to the team and it is a pleasure to spend time on IRC chatting to him. I would think that drubin is the sort of user that would bring as much to Ubuntu generally as he has the forums and the teams I am in with him and I wholeheartedly think that he is deserving of membership.

  • David Rubin has been one of the most active members of the Ubuntu-ZA LoCoTeam. He has become our forum moderator, where he is always quick to respond, and is active on our IRC channel, #ubuntu-za, where he often helps people out. He has been one of our top contributors to our wiki as well. David is passionate about Ubuntu, always ready to help someone. I highly recommend him for Ubuntu membership.

    Morgan Collett (morgan@ubuntu.com) - Ubuntu-ZA co-leader

  • David Rubin is very passionate about Linux, and very eager to learn. One of his most admirable traits is his ability to recognise those areas he still needs to learn about, and to try his best to fill the gaps in his knowledge when he can. He is very helpful and active in a number of areas in the community, and his excitement about Ubuntu and keenness to pass on his knowledge has helped the Ubuntu-ZA team considerably.

    Jonathan Hitchcock (jonathan@vhata.net) - Ubuntu-ZA team

  • I'd like to echo the other testimonials. Not only is David passionate about Free Software and the Ubuntu cause, but he's also been consistent and trustworthy. David is mature and friendly, and I believe that he will continue to be an asset to the Ubuntu community for a long time to come.

    Jonathan Carter <jonathan@ubuntu.com> - Ubuntu-ZA co-leader

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