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About Me

Bodhi.zazen is derived from Buddhism. "Bodhi" is a symbol of enlightenment and refers to the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. "Zazen" is the sitting meditation at the heart of Zen Buddhism.

I am a non-IT professional in Montana and a father to four children. I chose Montana for the natural beauty and the solitude of the outdoors. I spend my weekends with the children hiking, skiing and touring the local hot springs.

The Ubuntu Community was invaluable to me as I learned Linux and I was able to migrate to Ubuntu (no more closed source OS), at least for all boxes under my influence. The openness and welcoming spirit of the Ubuntu Forums is an invaluable asset to the broader Linux community and it is an honor to be a member of the community.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community


Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team

I really should take the time to thank all the dedicated volunteers on the Beginners Team. I has truly been an honor to lead the Beginners Team. The purpose of the team is to both welcome and support new users and although the focus has been the forums the team also supports the Wiki team, Launchpad, IRC, and even Development. The Beginners Team encourages deeper involvement in the Ubuntu Community and many members and former (less active ? ) members have become Ubuntu Members, Ubuntu Developers (MOTU), and moderators on the staff. It has been a pleasure to learn from and with the members of the Beginners Team.

Useful information

Sample config files : I will admit I am following jdong's lead on this, but I have made a few items available as examples (sample .bashrc and .zshrc, sample aa-profiles [See the "aa-profiles" directory]). : Although I listed my web site above I should comment that I am dabbling with some tutorials on a personal server, as much for my education and learning as anything else. I am new to web pages, html, css, etc. The current pages are from sessions I have given at the Helena LUG and I have converted the content / handouts of talks I have given to HTML and made them more widely available.

Future Plans

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Guru गुरु ~ It is an honor and privilege to be considered as a potential Forum Council member. I plan to remain active with Ubuntu as as a teacher/mentor.

Testimonials (old, from the Ubuntu Membership process)

  • MattHelmke - Bodhi is an amazing part of the Ubuntu Forums community. As the leader of the Beginners Team, he has shown incredible patience and ability to teach new users and ease their transition from other operating systems. He is gracious, highly knowledgeable, friendly, skilled, and consistently gives people a positive impression of the forums, the Ubuntu community, and the software itself. I can't think of any candidate to whom I would give a higher recommendation. Approve him immediately! Smile :)

  • Tseliot - Bodhi is a very knowledgeable member of the staff on His involvement in the Ubuntu Forums community, especially as regards helping beginners, is admirable.

  • bapoumba - All my best cheers to Bodhi on his application for Ubuntu membership. His knowledge, dedication and patience towards forum members are well known and the forums would not be the same without him. His inputs are always balanced and appreciated when it come to moderating the forums.

  • Cloudfx - Bodhi is an active forum admin and beginners team member. He gave me a huge hand when I converted to Ubuntu, and I support his membership 100%.

  • Joeb454 - Bodhi was a huge help to me after I joined the forums, and very welcoming in his leadership of the Beginners Team. Personally I feel he does a great job in moderating the forums & leading the team, and has taught me a lot about Ubuntu/Linux.

  • overdrank - Bodhi is a great influence in the community, forums, Beginners & Unanswered Post Teams. Always willing to help in anyway.

  • Joseph Price - Not sure I can say anything else without repeating the above. Bodhi's been a great forums moderator for some time and he's got my backing for membership.

  • RyanTroy - Bodhi, is a great asset to the Ubuntuforums and has taken on many forum related tasks and does a outstanding job with them. I am very glad he is part of our team, a true rockstar on the forums with over 10,000 posts Smile :)

  • StaceyRVC - Bodhi is always there when you need him to lend you a hand. He has been a pleasure to talk to and receive help from. I enjoy how patient he is when dealing with people and the current issues they are having. I am glad to know someone as knowledgeable as him.

  • Rocket2DMn - It is easy to see that Bodhi's lengthy and continued contributions to the forums more than warrant Ubuntu Membership, but perhaps his shining attribute is his ability to draw others toward deeper involvement in the community. The Beginners Team has had a major impact on the forums, and has expanded to the community wiki, launchpad, and IRC. Bodhi has always remained professional, patient, and open to new ideas - he truly embodies the finest traits of an Ubuntu Member.

  • MikeBasinger - Bodhi is a fantastic contributor to the Ubuntu Forums. I echo the sentiments voiced about and support him 100% for membership.

Testimonials (new, for the CC to see as we consider bodhi.zazen for membership on the Forum Council)

  • MattHelmke - Bodhi is already an Ubuntu Member and an amazing part of the Ubuntu Forums community. He leads our Beginners Team and has shown excellent leadership in developing a group of volunteers to assist newcomers to the forums. I will also echo my comments above, made when he was applying for membership.

  • Joeb454 - As Matthew said - bodhi is a fantastic member of the community, and as a member of the Beginners Team & Forum Staff with bodhi, I can say that he's both a pleasure to work with, and an awesome role model. The amount of patience he shows is quite frankly astonishing, and this shows in his dealings with newcomers to Ubuntu. As I stated above, I give my full support for bodhi's membership to the FC.

  • Rocket2DMn - I've been working with bodhi on the Beginners Team for over a year, and on forum staff with him for about 8 months, and he has always proven to be thoughtful and level-headed. He has a lot of experience interacting directly with Ubuntu users and community leaders, and I'm positive he would make an excellent addition to the Forum Council! Like Matthew, I stand by my comments from when he applied for Ubuntu membership.

  • cprofitt - bodhi is the person that is most responsible for converting my efforts to supporting the Ubuntu community. He does a fantastic job of encouraging and motivating people who volunteer their time. He takes an interest in each and every person that is in the UFBT; he ensures that they have the opportunity to contribute to the greater Ubuntu community. I support bodhi becoming a member of the forum council with the full weight of my respect and conviction. He will be a strong, vibrant and positive addition to an important part of the Ubuntu community.

  • dmizer - I can't think of a better person to include on the Forum Council. Bodhi's consistently level head, mentorship of both the community and staff, balanced approach to moderating duties, and commitment to the spirit and philosophy of Ubuntu are traits that will undoubtedly augment the already unique and conscientious Forum Council. The Forum Council is the keystone of what makes the Ubuntu community what it is, and I have no doubt that Bodhi will embody that spirit. I wholeheartedly support Bodhi's addition to the FC.

  • JacobPeddicord - Bodhi is an excellent community member, always helping out wherever he can. He's always able to keep a level mind even in the craziest of situations. Especially for his work with the Beginners team, he has always shown a lot of perseverance. Having Bodhi on the FC is a no-brainer.

  • overdrank Bodhi has been a great leader for the Beginners team. Bodhi has also contributed greatly to the forums and would be a great asset to the FC also.

  • pmdematagoda The first time I met bodhi was when I was trying to enter the Ubuntu Beginners Team and from there on I got to know a lot about him and I must say that he is both knowledgeable and very helpful to everyone, from the very beginner to the seasoned power user. I definitely believe that he would be a worthy addition to the Forum Council.

  • frodon - Bodhi on top of being a nice and friendly person is, like others well said it, an amazing contributor and a great tutorial writer. No need to mention how good and wise moderator he is, people like him are exactly what gives ubuntu and linux in general a positive image. Having him in the FC would really be a must.

  • ugm6hr - To reiterate others' comments: Bodhi is a great contributor to the running of the community forums in his current role as moderator, in addition to solving technical problems as part of the Beginner's Team. I am certain his experience and level-headedness will be invaluable to the FC; I firmly believe it would be remiss not to appoint him.

  • bapoumba - What can be added that has not already been said ? Bodhi's addition to the Moderator Team was smooth and natural. I am certain that his integration to the Forum Council will be the same.

  • RyanTroy - I am pretty much echoing my comments above. Bodhi, is a great asset to the Ubuntu Forums and has taken on many forum related tasks and does a outstanding job with them. I am very glad he has accepted the offer to serve on the Forum Council. He will be a great addition to the group.

  • Nathan Handler - I really got to know Bodhi through the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team. He serves as the team leader, but he does much more than just lead. He is usually one of the first people on the team to introduce himself to new prospective members. He also has been working hard to come up with new ways for the team to contribute to the Ubuntu community. Without Bodhi, this team would be nowhere near as successful as it currently is. Although not by career, Bodhi is also a teacher and writer. He assists with problems both on IRC and on the forums. He also writes very clear and detailed tutorials for some of the common issues he has helped to resolve. To conclude, Bodhi is a dedicated forum user/moderator, a great leader, and has an outstanding ability to lead. He has my complete support for being on the Forum Council. -- nhandler

  • David Rubin - Bodhi leads the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team with pride and enthusiasm. He is a great leader and has my full support for being on the FC.

  • forestpixie - it is quite hard to add anything to the many fulsome testimonials that appear above me - all I could really say is that if bodhi was a sailor instead of a skier then his boat would steer a straight line across the Atlantic such is the steady hand he shows in all that I have seen him take part in. It has been an honour to work with him on the UFBT. I can't think of anyone I would rather have adding his hand to the tiller of the Ubuntu forums.

  • - I know, lots of people better known and who've been here longer than yours truly have already replied giving their glorious remarks. I shall add myself nonetheless, why? Because. I. Can. Seriously. Someone's gotta bring this guy down. It's all too glowing. He's an amazing team leader for the Beginners Team. Runs a tight ship on the forums as an Admin. Is nice and helpful, caring and considerate. He even brought me onto the team and was my mentor. All that and he has a day job as a doctor and a family. Clearly there's only ONE possible explanation. He's NOT human, be he robot from the future or alien overload walking among us in disguise I move he's ineligible for this post. Period. Instead, he must be given an even higher position as supreme chancellor of Milky Way, right under the SABLFL. Consider my tongue firmly in cheek. All the best of luck to ya Bodhi, I know your the right guy for the job. out.

  • ZachK_ - Well first, I definitely with in the fact that several better known people that have been here WAY longer than I, and have already given their most esteemed thoughts on this matter. That being said I fully stand behind Bodhi concerning his possible acceptance to the Forums Council as I believe that he would be a most important and welcome addition to said council as he is a great guy, a most level headed and calm person, a great mentor, and an awesome friend. He runs the BeginnersTeam with such skill and enthusiasm that I truly believe without a doubt that he will bring that same enthusiasm and skill to the Forum Council as well. Anyway...I've not said enough but I don't want to make this speech worth fifty pages...(wait, fifty pages wouldn't be enough...hmmm) anyway, all the best to ya Bodhi! ZachK_ out. (P.S. Here's some cookie Bodhi Wink ;-)

  • josephmills - Dear Bodhi.....

    • You Rock ! Thanks for all the things that you do for the community!
  • freakalad - Dear Bodhi, Just wanna say thanks again for the great work you're doing. I keep circling back to your posts when doing my basic background read-up work online, and it's always very enlightening.

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