Alberto Salvia Novella


How I got here

I clearly remember the first time I saw a computer, when I was nine years. I thought that Pentium at 133MHz machine was so good to be real, so computing became more and more the thing I love the most; and expended a hole life just making computer systems that could bright under the sun.

And eventually got to the point on which my computer was so good at anything that it seemed to be taken from a science fiction novel. Then I realized nearly nobody could be able to manage his computer as needed to delight what I was living; because the operating system (Windows) needed too much maintenance and expertise for not getting infected or fragmented, or stay at a minimum level of order.

After that, one night I dreamt a different operating system was installed on my computer. Its interface looked basic, but it was very robust and did everything without any problem at all.

So after that, having no idea of the existence of any different operating systems, I started a journey on year 2008 of testing; which took me to try out around fifty different operating systems and perform hundreds of formats on my computer for two years.

At the end, before it got somehow famous, I realized that the best option to take at that moment was Ubuntu. The differentiating reason was I felt decisions were made following facts and analysis, rather than opinion. So I though this would made it very hard the project not to succeed in the long term, and it seems my suspicions are being confirmed now it has became the world most popular libre operating system.

It also happened that I saw the operating system didn't had as much quality as I was expecting from it, so decided that perhaps if I didn't do something myself nobody would.

Having clear what I wanted and then choosing to do what I could: then I did it, got in a process of continuous grow in this project.


  • People to be free to live as wished, and respected for that.

  • Computing to be libre in all its aspects.

  • Computing to be a tool for people to be liable of their lives.

  • Reduce non rare software defects down to zero.

  • Making software development and fixing a nutshell for anyone.

  • Making desktops as easy to use as a mobile phone.

  • Making gaming a rich experience for your emotions.

  • Making people realise we all belong to the same thing.

  • Making Ubuntu the representation of the above.

And I'm serious about it Smile :)


Alberto is a passionate bug triager. He carefully deals with a variety of bugs, always following the Ubuntu guidelines closely. Also, he has invested a great deal of time and effort in reactivating and maintaining the Papercuts project. I fully endorse him for Ubuntu membership. -- fitoschido Belongs to the "Ubuntu Members" team 2013-10-27 22:08:23

It is really good to see such dedicated people coming on, he has proven his commitment and I ask that the council look favourably on his application. -- phillw 2014-04-10 16:17:09

I participated in the bug weekend with Alberto and it was inspiring to see how the Ubuntu spirit is quite alive on him. He's very energetic and a good team player. He accepts criticisms and reacts to it. He deals with a large amount of bugs on launchpad, assigning importance and triaging when possible. Although sometimes I'd like to see more in depth analysis, he does the job. I think Alberto can be a good addition to the formal Ubuntu Community. -- chilicuil Belongs to the "Ubuntu Members" team 2014-04-10 17:38:27

He promptly stepped in at the bugsquad mailing list when I reported a glitch in 14.04-devel and guided me to properly file a report on Launchpad -- martincigorraga 2014-04-12 19:32:09

Very good wiki page and a sustained contribution in bug management. I think Alberto would be a valuable addition in Ubuntu family. Voting +1 on his Ubuntu membership application -- nick-athens30 Belongs to the "Ubuntu Members" team 2014-04-16 13:15:05


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