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About Me

Hi, I am Gaurav. I am 23 years old and I am from India-Mumbai. I also work at Tata Consultancy Services as System Engineer in Linux, C++, Java, Perl and Shell. As a client of TCS, I am serving Ericsson for last few years in CDMA technology.

First time I got introduced to computer when I was 13 years old. I wrote a simple DOS program and found it very interesting. Then I completed by graduation as Computer Engineer from University of Mumbai.

I like coding, learning new development technologies. and I love computer games and photography.

Me and Linux

I am using Linux since last 7 years. I have used Redhat Linux, Mac, Sun Solaris and using Ubuntu since release 8.10.


I can be found mostly on these channels: #ubuntu-beginners-team.

Ubuntu Beginners Team

I have joined Ubuntu and my current mentor is Benny Hult. Now I am working with duanedesign.

My aspirations are to work on networking and kernel domains. Also I would like to work on few areas in cloud computing.

Previous Work Experience

Working on CDMA technology with Linux and C++. Worked on J2EE for developing websites. Perl and shell scripting for data parsing.

Future Plans & Projects

I would like to learn Ubuntu kernel and work on the same along with networking.

Now I am working on Randy-QT which is used for complex passwords generation.

Looking forward for much better development opportunities.

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