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About Me

Greetings, I'm Benny, 28 years old (l)ubunteer from Finland who is also a husband and a father of two fabulous kids.

I got my first touch for the computers with Commodore 64 back in the year 1988 when my brother got it as a christmas present, but it didn't take long for me to take it over from him. Since then I've owned lots of different kind of x86, PPC, 680x0, Alpha and SPARC computers.

I've been using Linux since 1998, it was Red Hat 5.2 Manhattan and I can say that I've been through RPM dependency hell. From Red Hat it was an obvious move to try out Mandrake and keep moving toward the Debian, I had heard about apt-get and how it can handle the dependencies. It was like a miracle!

Then came my former neighbor who showed me a path to the dark side and gave me a FreeBSD, Since 2003 I've used it regulary, mainly as a router and dns machine.

I remember it was 2005 when a friend of mine gave me a mystical CD which he got from school. It was Debian based new Linux distribution which had a LIVE CD possibility to try it out and give instant desktop to use when you install it. So, that was the moment I first installed Ubuntu 5.10 to my girlfriends (nowdays my wife Wink ;) computer. And since then, I've been using Ubuntu and different kind of versions of it and spreading the word about it. Even my parents-in-law use Ubuntu on their laptop and desktop Wink ;)

My Involvement in the ubuntu community


I'm a member of Ubuntu Beginners Team and I've been helping people on IRC and Forums. You can find me from,


I've been hunting bugs from Lubuntu 10.10 and using different kind of hardware as possible, you can mainly find me from the Finnish Ubuntu community Forum, but as a father of two young children I'm not visiting that site too often, so I'm usually giving advices on IRC. I'm also a member of Lubuntu mailing-list and I might post something, if I've got something to say, but usually I just like to watch what people write and have to say.

And if someone needs help in Finnish, I'm eager to help him as much as I can.


For me Lubuntu is the most precious Ubuntu of them all. So pretty and still so fast, simplicity is the beauty.

I'm supporting and helping with what i can in the Lubuntu project. And I also maintain a FAQ for #Lubuntu IRC channel.



As a Lubunteer you can find me on #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic

Ubuntu Beginners

As a Ubuntu Beginners Team member you can also find me at #ubuntu-beginners and #ubuntu-beginners-team. I am also a mentor for Lubuntu Focus Group in Ubuntu Beginners Team.


I am also hanging out on our LoCo channels #ubuntu-fi and #ubuntu-fi-offtopic on Freenode.

And if you're using other networks, don't hesitate to message me.

Current Projects and goals

Looking forward how I can improve myself and others with *buntu's. Trying to get mentorship badge so that I can mentor people to help with Ubuntu community


I gained my Ubuntu Beginners Team mentorship on the 27th of January 2011, I would like to thank all my supporters for those kind words in my Testimonial section, thanks once again Wink ;)

Future Plans and Projects

The acceptance of Lubuntu into the official family and gain a Ubuntu membership status.


If you wish to describe any of my contributions to the Ubuntu Community, please feel free to do so below. Thank You.



phillw was delegated with the day to running of #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic well over a year ago

  • phillw +votsriRfAF (founder) [modified 1 year, 13 weeks, 5 days, 18:36:31 ago]).

As a part of that it was left to my discretion to appoint OPs as and when I felt they were ready. as nhandler was my mentor for a while on UBT and instilled into me the role of freenode-catalyst and also the higher Code-of Conduct Higher Code of Conduct as it pertains to both forum dealings, IRC dealings etc. Each and everyone of the current OPs on lubuntu not only follow the letter of the rules, but also the spirit. They are our ambassadors, and I am privalidged to count them also as good friends. I have no hesitation in recommendeding bioterror who was appointed as a lubuntu OP bioterror +votriA (OP) [modified 22 weeks, 2 days, 21:14:28 ago] for full core OP's adoption. phillw 7th Jan 2012

Ubuntu Beginners Team

Hi, I've had the pleasure of seeing bioterror in work on the #lubuntu channel. He has the knowledge, ability to find out stuff but most importantly; he has the patience of saint. He is a valued member of the lubuntu family and has volunteered to help out on ubuntu-beginners, I have now seen his work at first hand on there and on the main forums (He's been accepted by ##ufbt). I think that says a lot of his character and I totally support his application. phillw

As has phillw I've had the pleasure of bioterror work in the #lubuntu and #ubuntu-beginners channels...he's pretty knowledgeable, has the gumption to help out when and wherever needed, and he's extremely patient...I know this is almost a repeat of what Phill said but it's the truth...bioterror is awesome! I support his application to the Ubuntu Beginners Team and hope that it is received favorably. zkriesse 2010-11-08 15:16:17

Bioterror is an extremely helpful guy and has helped me with several issues concerning ubuntu. I'm also hanging around a lot in #lubuntu and I see him helping out others a lot as well. It looks like he has very much know-how. Also in other channels like #lubuntu-offtopic he is just a really nice bloke which anyone can have a laugh with! I give him my support to join the Ubuntu Beginners Team. Timo_ 2022-07-04 10:09:12

I have lots of fun with bioterror since I met him as of (2010/11) on several teams, like Lubuntu and Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is always willing to lend a helping hand. I am grateful for solving my chromium sync issue on lubuntu.
-- UndiFineD 2011/01/12

Ubuntu Beginner's Team Mentorship

I can whole heartedly support bioterror in his application to be a UBT Mentor focussed on the Lubuntu area. His ability to help others via IRC and other mediums has repeatedly shown to be not just of great quantity but excellent quality. He is a real team player with great capabilities especially with regards to Lubuntu and UBT Jared Norris (aka head_victim) 2022-07-04

After attaining UBT membership and now applying to be a mentor for others, bioterror surely enthuses the whole ubuntu ethos and will bring nothing but to any team he is involved with. He is a delight to interact with and has the patience to help new comers, as well as the experience to help other people who are familiar with ubuntu but are just 'stuck' on a problem. phillw

I know Benny both officially and personally. He has both mastering skills as well as mentoring skills when it comes to lubuntu. I feel proud to be the one among all, sitting with him in the same room and helping people with him.I fully support his application for the Ubuntu Mentorship and for anything he applies in the future. Mohi

bioterror is one of the most active on the #lubuntu channel, always trying to help and answer questions from people of the channel. Always friendly, always patient, he done an amazing work helping people using Lubuntu. I fully support his application for the Ubuntu Mentorship. gilir

I know Benny a.k.a bioterror both officially and personally. He has the skills, patience and mindset of a mentor. He is the kind of guy that shows the correct ways of doing things and never backing down when it comes to Ubuntu support in Beginners Team as well as Lubuntu. He is a kind of guy that should be one of the mentors. He has also showed me some of the fun tips and tricks of the Linux world. Therefore, I'd like to say again, that he truly deserves a position as a mentor.
-- Ye Myat Kaung (a.k.a JoeMaverickSett) 2022-07-04

bioterror is our help support star at #lubuntu, always helping with issues that our visitors have. I fully support his application for Ubuntu Mentorship. Chow Loong Jin

I fully support the notion for bioterror to be a lubuntu mentor. He is a all around great guy so hes open and friendly for support and that coupled with his patience and knowledge of the workings of lubuntu greatly qualify him to be a mentor. stlsaint

Ubuntu Membership

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