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제 이름은 장재준 (영문 Jason Jang)이며, 개인 홈 페이지'와 블로그'가 없는 O.M(또는 O.T)입니다.

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제 이름은 장재준 (영문 Jason Jang)이며, 개인 홈 페이지'와 블로그'가 없는 O.M(또는 O.T)입니다.

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컴퓨터 관련 개발자가 아닌 보통의 사용자입니다.

  • 전자우편주소는 hL1sxa(at)gmail(dot)com 을 주로 쓰며, JasonJang(at)msn(dot)com도 사용합니다.

    • hl1sxa 는 아마추어 무선통신국(HAM)의 호출부호이며,
  • messenger 로는 JasonJang(at)msn(dot)com 또는 ICQ UIN은 #24619404 입니다.

  • 휴대전화는 +82-1o-E9EE-EBSI

My name is Jang jaejun (aka Jason JANG), I'm o.m(o.t) without personal homepage/blog and just common user with not developer relating computer.

  • my e-mail address is hL1sxa(at)gmail(dot)com, also using jason(at)msn(dot)com.
    • HL1SXA is a call sign of amature radion station from I.T.U.
  • messenger named jasonjang(at)msn(dot)com and icq uin is #24619404
  • my cellular phone no is +82-1o-E9EE-EBSI

Launchpad ID:



F2F18F1D, (F87FD055, 8C48EC9A)

Ubuntu Forums:

ubuntuforums.org / ubuntu-kr.org(korean)


jasonjang @ irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-ko


hL1sxa(at)gmail(dot)com , jasonjang(at)msn(dot)com

About Me

Team Memberships

2009~2012년 Contact of Ubuntu-KR LoCo team.

2013년 현재 Former Contact of Ubuntu-KR LoCo team.

member of L10n team, ...

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Future Plans & Projects

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A personal home page can be used to publish data about yourself, such as:

  • who you are, what you do, what you like or dislike
  • your phone number, email address or other contact information
  • a photo of yourself

You also can use a personal home page to store information for yourself (and maybe also for others), such as:

  • your favourite links
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Keep in mind that a personal home page is usually public, anyone can read and edit it (and this is a good thing, see it as a means of communication with you). However, you can create protected sub-pages to restrict public access to some of your pages.

& https://wiki.ubuntu.com/yourname


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