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Mike Holstein

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Mike Holstein

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About Me

I have been using Ubuntu regularly since Hardy. I have been using and tesing UbuntuStudio, and helping support the UbuntuStudio community in the IRC channel #ubuntustudio, as well as new users in #ubuntu-beginners and where ever else i feel i can help. I am not a coder, but I'm really good at troubleshooting, and enjoy giving back to the community in the IRC support channels.

Solo Recording

This is a solo recording called 'open' that was made entirely using Ubuntu.


Time Availability

I am a musician, and i have a rather irregular schedule. I am usually available most daytimes from around 16:00 UTC til 20:00 UTC, however other arrangements can easily be made on my end (professional schedule permitting). My timezone is EST.

My Involvement with the Ubuntu Community

I try and work with the support channels as much as possible, and do QA iso testing.


I can be found as 'holstein' in these and other channels on freenode...

  • #ubuntu-us-nc
  • #ubuntustudio
  • #ubuntu-news
  • #ubuntu-beginners
  • #xubuntu
  • #lubuntu
  • #opensourcemusicians
  • #music-theory

Teams & Memberships

Current Projects & Goals

  • Helping new users troubleshoot issues they may have when using Ubuntu.
  • Continue sharing my passion for Ubuntu and FOSS with others.
  • Become more involved with the UbuntuStudio team.

Future Plans & Projects

  • Continue to contribute to the UbuntuStudio project, and help solve issues in the IRC channels.


Ubuntu membership

This guy deserves Ubuntu membership on giving support alone, I see him help people with their issues daily! Excellent work man. -- UndiFineD 2011-04-14

holstein spends many hours assisting users with issues on IRC. I have observed him solving users problems with great ease patience. An outstanding troubleshooter, he works through complex issues making them appear easy to resolve. Able to assist both beginners and experienced users alike, I have no doubt he will be an outstanding Ubuntu Member. -- charlie-tca 2011-08-12 03:04:26 , Xubuntu Project Lead

I first met Holstein when I first came onto #ubuntu-beginners to get a few technical questions answered. This man spent a full hour with me going over different ways to accomplish a ssh task. When others will just link me to the documentation he just not only gives support, he teaches from experience. Holstein has showed me what true patience is when giving support to other Ubuntu users and has allowed me to see the spirit of Ubuntu when he Takes control and helps people with their computer problems. he does this with a grateful, not combative or condescending way, as I have seen many times with other tech support channels. He represents the Ubuntu code on conduct with his spirit, to show how good this system truly is. As a Ubuntu Member I think he would make an excellent member as well. -- philipballew 08-13-2011

Mike Holstein's assistance to the Ubuntu Studio team is invaluable. I have compared his work in the #ubuntustudio help channel as a force majeure; it is his presence alone that anchors that channel. Routine testing of ISO images and applications is among his many other areas of service for Ubuntu Studio. It would be a grievous misrepresentation to limit my testimony to Mike's contribution to Ubuntu Studio alone as he often helps with general Ubuntu questions as well in a variety of forums. Furthermore, I am aware that he participates in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. In closing, I am both fortunate and extremely appreciable that Mike is so active, passionate, and willing to help however he can to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Studio team. -- slavender 8-16-11

Mike's help with the North Carolina LoCo team is an invaluable asset. He is a clear thinker who brings calm and composure to almost any situation. He is willing to step up when needed. He's a quick study and equally quick to share his knowledge with others throughout the community. Mike is also responsible for getting the NC LoCo team involved with the Western NC LUG group and continues to promote Ubuntu through this venture as well as Global Jams and release parties. Mike has also volunteered to help with UWN and continues to do so when he is able. Mike is a well rounded contributor with talents in many areas across the community. +1 from me on Mike becoming an Ubuntu Member. -- akgraner 2011-08-18 21:35:38

Op for #xubuntu

Mike has provided the #xubuntu channel a good amount of valuable support. He has also demonstrated his ability to resolve issues with his knowlegde, patience and good communication skills. His work is solid, and #xubuntu would benefit a lot from Mike being an op in the channel, so a strong +1 from me. -- knome 2012-11-27


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