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About Me

My name is Chow Loong Jin, and I am currently a Computer Engineering student at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I have been an Ubuntu user since July 2006, shortly after the release of Ubuntu Dapper Drake.


  • Active member of SingaporeTeam.

  • Ubuntu Archives and Releases mirror administrator (http://ntuoss1.uni.cx, previously known as http://ntuoss1.ntu.edu.sg but without a DNS record), since October 2008.

  • Banshee Team and Banshee Unstable Team administrator and PPA maintainer, since May 2008.
  • Geany Dev Team Administrator and PPA Maintainer since February 2009.
  • Member of the Debian CLI Applications Team, as of January 2009.
  • Packaging
  • SRUs and other bug-fixes

Packaging Contributions

Among the packages I've packaged, and have entered Ubuntu are:

Packages which have entered Debian but not Ubuntu:

  • bansheelyricsplugin

Packages still waiting in REVU:

  • spellcheck
  • geanydoc

Packages maintained in Debian:

  • banshee (co-maintained with Sebastian Dröge)
  • banshee-extension-mirage
  • taglib-sharp (co-maintained with Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo and Sebastian Dröge)


  • Banshee 1.4.3-3ubuntu1
  • nautilus-share 0.7.2-4ubuntu1

Bug Fixes

  • #248705 Evolution Exchange does not authenticate to Exchange servers with a relative path in the form action, e.g. "owaauth.dll"

  • #263779 Evince hijacks global multimedia keys

  • #186938 nautilus-wallpaper not working in hardy heron after update to nautilus-2.21.6

  • #287374 [Intrepid] Suspend fails when telling pm-utils to use uswsusp

  • #201462 nautilus-gksu stopped working in hardy

  • #268141 no ssh-agent after resume from hibernate

  • #329125 Evolution Calendar sets wrong foreground colour for calendar items

  • #322781 banshee doesn't save new last.fm stations (backported fix by Gabriel Burt from SVN)

  • #257060 installing samba through nautilus crashes if synaptic is open

  • #293601 folder sharing - share name = empty despite given name

  • #305987 Sharing is enabled despite the package manager failing to install missing packages

  • #209136 [nautilus-share] use system icons

  • #202089 Pulseaudio is blocking normal sound after resume

Development Skills

I was proficient in XHTML, Javascript (especially DOM manipulation and XMLHtttpRequest), and CSS, as well as Perl, back when I was still actively doing web development (2003-2005). A little something I was working on back then was a webforum powered by AJAX. I never completed it, and it still lingers around in its incomplete state -- http://nerdforum.tripod.com

Now, my interests have moved towards desktop applications. I am currently familiar with Python, Bash, C and C++, as well as Java, though my language of choice is C++. I am in the midst of development of a download manager, written with Gtkmm, Curl (thinking of changing to CurlPP), and the boost libraries. It does not have a name yet as the only name I had come up with (HyperGet) was already taken.


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