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Signed Code of Conduct 2007-09-10

Approved on April 16, 2010 to Op in #ubuntu.

Approved on June 17, 2010 for Ubuntu membership.

Approved on November 22, 2010 to op in #ubuntu-ops

My Blog feeds to PlanetPA and Planet Ubuntu Quebec


Ubuntu IRC: IdleOne on &

Ubuntu Email: idleone @ ubuntu dot com

Ubuntu Launchpad: IdleOne

Ubuntu Blog: IdleOneSpot No longer online.


I have been a fairly active user in #ubuntu for 4 years or so and I always try to be as helpful as I can. I am a bit of a stickler for the rules but I try to use common sense in times when the rules should be bent a little i.e. offtopic chatter now and then is good for the moral of the channel. Lets people see that we are human and not just robots who answer questions.

I am also a member of the #ubuntu-us-pa channel. Unfortunately I never did get to go to any of the events but I think I made a good friend in pleia2 Smile :-) (shameless name dropping). I did one time help make a flyer promoting an Ubuntu event (Myth install Fest?) for a Linux event Lyz was attending that evening and she was able to hand out and promote for the ubuntu-us-pa team.

I'm also a member of the ubuntu-qc channel and attended the GeekFest in Montreal which I blogged about. I got to meet up with MagicFab and cyphermox both great people!

During the establishment of #ubuntu-irc-helpers my input was considered. I was one of the first "helpers" to be invited to join the channel and I was tasked with sending out the announcement regarding the new channel. UbuntuIRCHelpers Here is a link to the mail archive.

Ubuntu-women-project. I spend a lot of time in #ubuntu-women and #ubuntu-women-project I decided to join the team after a few months of idling there and getting to know the members. They are a great bunch of dedicated people, both women and men. I have participated in a couple of the IRC meetings and gave my opinions on a couple of issues. Namely the whole "Do we log or not?" debate. which I am glad to say spawned a new channel #ubuntu-women-project. I can't say enough about these ladies, they work full time jobs, they raise children and to top it off they find the energy to work another almost full time job for the project. Thank you all for making sure my daughter has a chance at being a geek just like her Daddy.

I volunteered to start doing translation of the site to French and also created ToDo which is our pages that need translating list. The goal is to get the UW project wiki translated into as many languages as possible so we can continue to promote Ubuntu and FOSS to as many women and men as we can. Please feel free to help out with translation of the wiki.

Got a mention on Ubuntu Planet thanks to Seveas aka Dennis Kaarsemaker. That was a very cool thing for me because I kind of always have looked up to Seveas. My first day on #ubuntu-offtopic I was acting like a spoiled brat cursing left and right and Seveas took the time to pull me aside and explain the rules to me and also pointed me towards the Code of Conduct. I don't know if he remembers it but I never did say thank you to him. Smile :-)

Created and proposed to the Community Council French Code of Conduct so that non English speaking members of the community could have an official Code of Conduct to read and sign. I encourage everybody to do the same for other languages as well.

I Love Ubuntu, so much so, I got a tattoo of the CircleOfFriends on my forearm

Why I want to OP in #ubuntu

I have been an OP on many different channels on several different networks EFnet, Idlezone to name a few. I also used to be a Server Admin on Idlezone I admined and hosted a ircd that was linked to the network. I have not had a server linked there for a few years but I am still a regular fixture in the main channel. It is mainly a small group of friends who have known each other for almost 12 years. I still hold Staffer status but I rarely need to use the privileges.

I feel that my experience being an OP on those networks for many years and my experience of being in #ubuntu combined make me a good candidate. I think I can "read" people fairly well on IRC and that my willingness to help as limited as my technical skills may be would make me a good OP.


My current schedule has me working between the hours of 10am and 7pm EST. My work schedule rotates monthly so this month I would be available between the hours of 1-4am UTC but I am willing to do my part on weekends/days (Thursday - Friday) off and any other free time I can give.


Thank you in advance to all of you who put a good word here for me :-) I am. Because you are!

I support IdleOne for OP. He's a helpful, stable sort of guy with a tendency to equalize volatile situations. -- UberTaco

I support IdleOne for OP. He's responsible, dependable and a all-around great guy to be around. -- evilGUI

Giovanni/IdleOne is one of the people in #ubuntu-offtopic who are always fun to hang around. He's never annoying and often help people. I support his effort to become an operator and keep the Ubuntu channels friendly -- Seveas

I support IdleOne for OP. I see them around in many projects / rooms, and they're always level headed, polite, and helpful. -- etali

Testimonials (for OP in #ubuntu-offtopic)

I fully support IdleOne for OP in #ubuntu-offtopic, and any other Ubuntu Core channels. He is a very level headed person, with the skills of an IRC veteran. He has made it one of his primary efforts to be an upstanding member of the community, and tries to keep the community a family-friendly place. His skills and talent at diffusing situations of tenseness and argument rivals that of the most seasoned IRC veterans and operators. I believe he is a wonderful candidate to be an op in #ubuntu-offtopic, and can dutifully uphold all the duties and responsibilities of the position. -- Thomas Ward (LP)

Ubuntu Membership Testimonials

IdleOne has been a very integral part of my startup and is always around to help me out. He's easily the most devoted person I know to Ubuntu specifically and F/OSS in general. I support IdleOne -- SpaceGhostC2C

What can I say - IdleOne rocks! Every time a hand is needed he seems to magically show up and pitch in, either for documentation, translation, support, presence at events! He's often present on the Ubuntu QC IRC channel, helping others and welcoming any new members. He's a great Ubuntu person in every sense. --MagicFab

I've talked to IdleOne a fair number of times. He's always around for a good chat and a good OP! I recommend him for Ubuntu membership -- nigelbabu 2010-06-11 02:34:13

IdleOne is great, very sensible and helpful, and the tattoo really does indicate an obsessive level of commitment! +1 from me. -- -- alanbell 2010-06-11 06:22:51

Ubuntu Membership Board

Approved on May 30, 2012 to sit on the Ubuntu Membership Board.

Ubuntu IRC Council

I nominated myself at the IRCC meeting to sit on the Ubuntu IRC Council. If anyone would like to give me a testimonial that would be greatly appreciated. You can leave a testimonial in the section below or send an email to the Current IRCC which will get forwarded to the Community Council.

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