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My name is Jamal Fanaian. I have been a web developer for about 5 years. Started working with PHP, and although most of my work is still in PHP, have been slowly transitioning myself to Python. I started using Linux for servers years ago, but only started using Ubuntu around the 7.10 release. Since then, though, I have stuck with Ubuntu for my desktops, laptops, and even servers.

I recently got married, and have been trying to drag my wife to Ubuntu with some luck. She is thinking of switching to GIMP so she can free herself from the closed-source alternatives.

Contact Information




jamalta @ irc.freenode.net










Florida LoCo

I have been a member of the Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team for about 10 months now. I am active in the Florida LoCo IRC Channel, and attend many of the events hosted by the LoCo.

I also try to participate in social events set up by the LoCo when I can.

Ubuntu Learning

I am involved with the Ubuntu Learning team and will be presenting a talk on Restricted Drivers for Ubuntu User Days on January 23, 2010.


I have been doing bug fixes for Launchpad that have landed in devel. For now, they have mostly been trivial as I learn the system. I have made a few bug fixes for Gwibber, most of which are waiting to be merged. I created a website for the Zeitgeist project (http://zeitgeist-project.com) and will start working on a site for the Docky project soon. I wrote, GrooveNotify, a script that uses Ubuntu's notification system to show current playing song from Grooveshark Desktop (hopefully the web version will be supported soon too!).

I am also working on an open-source streaming service, called Pandamon, which will be similar to Justin.tv or Ustream.tv. The goal is to rely on open standards and try to get rid of awful nonfree plugins (a.k.a., flash). Although, because of the current state of these standards, it will need to provide alternatives to fall back to.

Future Goals

  • Become involved in the project to organize the FloridaTeam wiki

  • Become active in the 5-a-day BugSquad project

  • Become a member of the BeginnersTeam (and the Development team)

  • Getting a working version of Pandamon
  • Working with the Zeitgeist team to help integrate the engine with the web
  • Finishing Docky's website


  • Jamal is a designing force behind the Zeitgeist Project giving it an identity by reworking the logo, solely creating and maintaining the projects website and intensively testing GNOME Activity Journal. His eye for usability detail is amazing. He is approachable, humble and creative. A big plus for the Ubuntu Community. seif Seif Lotfy

  • Jamal consistently participates in the Florida LoCo's events, both online and in person. He contributes to our efforts and is always willing to offer support to our members. I have had the pleasure of having him and his wife over to my house on multiple occasions, both for LoCo events and just plain social visits. -- mhall119 2010-01-20 17:14:20

  • Jamal's support has been a great bonus to the Florida LoCo. He regularly volunteers his time and energy to further the goals of Ubuntu and the Florida LoCo. His dedication to making Ubuntu rock is apparent in his work with the Beginner's Team, User Days, and the LoCo team. He's a great example for the community. I heartily recommend Jamal for membership. -- dantrevino 2010-01-20 18:45:12

  • Jamal has is quite active in the Florida LoCo, both online and in person helping out any where he can. He is also presenting a class on Restricted Drivers for the first Ubuntu User Day on Jan. 23, 2010. -- chrisjohnston 2010-01-20 19:02:11

  • Jamal has been a great contributor for the Florida Team and Ubuntu. He has been present at a lot of our LoCo get togethers, including but not limited to Bug Jams, Packaging Jams, and the recently formed Orlando Ubuntu Hour. He is always quick to help others learn more about Ubuntu and the development processes that he has learned. He has been working on some really cool applications (see the wiki above for details), and has contributed bug fixes to some existing projects. He helped out at the Florida Linux Show 2009 in Orlando staffing the Florida Team table and helped answer questions that the attendees had on Ubuntu and the Florida Team. His zeal and fervor for Ubuntu, the Florida Team, and Open Source is contagious. I highly recommend his membership, and am glad he has chosen to apply. I look forward to seeing Jamal achieve his future goals. -- itnet7 2010-01-20 20:39:18

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