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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Achim Behrens, i am 26 and live in Cologne/Germany. I am a student of Sportsience and row in the german rowing bundesliga. Besides rowing i like many different sports, coach the Kids in my rowing club and like to fiddle about computers; e.g. I placed my Homeserver into my shoe cabinet.

I tried using Linux several times since 2000 but back then hardware support wasnt what it is today. I am using Ubuntu in Dualboot since Breezy Badger and as my main operating system since Edgy Eft afair. I still use Ubuntu on my Laptop, Netbook and my homeserver.

I don't want to persuade people to try or use Ubuntu but i like to arouse their interest, because i think when people get pushed to Ubuntu and something goes wrong (e.g. some drivers not working) there wont be an easy second chance. If they are interested by themselves maybe they try to solve the problem and dont surrender.

What have I done for Ubuntu so far?

After some time hanging around and helping in the german IRC channels i was asked to become an operator in 2008. Since then i try to keep some nice and proper climate and help in the german support- and offtopicchannels.

In the group of active operators i am one with the longest age of service and was granted superop status to change flags on the channels through the teamleader.

When i have some sparetime left i try to help with the german translations in different packages in launchpad. I dont have any favorite package there, i take a look on the locoteam site what needs to be done urgently or in rosetta where are some holes to darn.

What will I do for Ubuntu in the future?

I 'll try to keep up the work in the IRC channels and help as many users as possible to stay comfortable in and with the community.

Actually we try to setup a new bot, because the old bot is more like a longlife "temporary arrangement" since the owner left the team some time ago. But in lack of freetime work is going very slow there. Another point is that we try to increase the amount of supporters in the german support channel.


Would be nice if you could leave a comment on my work. Thank you!

  • "In my opinion, k1l is a very active, helpful and fairspoken operator. He is a very valuable team member and has left a good impression in the german-speaking community." --Fuchs Jul 25 22:42 CEST 2011

  • "k1l is one of the guys active in the german operator team longest, and though he is still not tired of supporting and helping people where he can." -- sdx23 2011-07-30 17:42:41

  • "k1l is a very active OP and is always ready to politely point people into the right channels if they start to talk about god and the world in the support channel and people usually listen to him." -- yofel 2011-08-03 12:16:35

  • "As an older person but very new operator of the german spoken ubuntu channels I learned to respect k1l as a loyal SuperOP colleague. He is usually very busy in #ubuntu-de*. It is very rarely that he is _not_ the first with an helpful answer or target-oriented counterquestion. He is always very helpful and patient but strong enough and quick if it is time to respond." -- jokrebel 2012-06-01

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