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My name is Kai. I am a computer science student from Germany. I have been using Ubuntu since 2007 and started contributing a few years ago. My aim is to improve the platform for end-users.

This means, I want to improve and create new apps. I think that will make Ubuntu more attractive for a broad audience. In particular I think we need a messaging app that supports more than SMS (so people can e.g. connect to XMPP/Facebook), a powerful app for social media (friends is on a good way to become this app) and a proper e-mail client. During my times as students employee I have learned to properly use Qt and QML and think I can help to develop and improve those apps.

Additionally, I want to make Ubuntu more popular at my university. Ubuntu is broadly used on the server side, but many professors still rely on Windows. I want to change that.

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Besides regulary helping to fix bugs by reporting problems, I also contribute actively to the Ubuntu ecosystem by:

  • Developing some small apps for Ubuntu Touch, e.g. swish -- an app that retrives scores from sports leagues. I have no wiki page yet but a preview for it is on this post on Google+.

  • Working on friends/friends-app. For example I have fixed serveral bugs with Twitter and work on a better integration of media into the timeline.

Future Goals

In the future I would like to focus on two things

  • Making the friends-app convergent by adding a multi-column view
  • Adding XMPP support to the messaging app

  • Adding support for App.Net

  • Hopefully getting ipfw/dummynet into the repos (See this bugreport).


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  • Kai has made several excellent contributions to Friends and is on track to contribute several more. He responds well to feedback and is a great team player. -robru


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