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from Urban Poor

FOSS advocate Member of Ubuntu Testing Team. Member of Ubuntu Bugsquad Team. of Ubuntu Marketing Team (to spread the highway of freedom, to spread the word ubuntu and fix the bug#1)

I usually hang out at #ubuntu-ph, #ubuntu-testing, #ubuntu-marketing, #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-beginners

My Ubuntu Story

2007: I met Edubuntu 7.10 at my college school installed on Pentium III in library way back in 2007, our school use many variants of Ubuntu such as xubuntu on computer laboratory, Ubuntu Studio on multimedia room, Edubuntu on library for research and Ubuntu Desktop for file Server in Technical room, I had even FOSS subjects there that influenced me to be a devotee.

2008: I'm Ubuntu Live CD user since 8.04 (I don't have machine that time, so I use to borrow from my neighbor, don't laugh but until now. Currently a full time user at work

Loco Community

Attended Ubuntu Philippine Team's Parties': Ubuntu karmic ,Lucid Lynx, Natty Narwhal, Oneiric Oncelot, and Precise Pangolin.

Advocating FOSS thru Ubuntu

Operating System is the foundation of application software. therefore, I believe that if everyone will use Ubuntu then they will probably use FOSS applications too.


On Launchpad:

Convert a friend. I've done lots of activity to promote Ubuntu at school where I studied such as organizing events and advocacy:

  • Free talks- "Virtualization on Ubuntu 9.04"

  • I promote ubuntu every time I got an opportunity.
  • I provided one week free help and support on every machine that i had installed ubuntu personally
  • I helped some folks on installation online via im,ym,fb. 2010: I got my first job as IT Tech/Trainer at Asian Academy Of Bussiness and Computers, so I had a great opportunity to promote Ubuntu in Puerto Princesa City.

  • I taught FOSS/Ubuntu on my former class
  • September 2010: I organized Software Freedom Day 2010 and I presented Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, (introduction to Gnu/Linux/Ubuntu installation demo, how to participate and join the Ubuntu Community)

  • Distributed 85 pcs. of CD, Printed some marketing meterials like Posters and CD sleeves. 2010: I organized Maverick Meerkat Release Party-Puerto Princesa , simultaneously held by Ubuntu-ph from different parts of the Philippines. 2011: Led the installation of Edubuntu 10.04LTS on 20 computers in Angel John Integrated Academy computer lab., Sta. Maria, Bulacan, PH. 2011: Free talks-Introduction to Gnu/Linux Ubuntu at Angel John Integrated Academy, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, PH. 2011: Free talks- Introduction to Gnu/Linux Ubuntu at Software Freedom Day 2011., Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Quezon City. 2012: Free talks- Introduction to Gnu/Linux Ubuntu at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Quezon City 2012: System76 Ubuntu Sticker Distributor 2014: Free talks- Introduction to Gnu/Linux Ubuntu-- Linux Day 2014 – Community Collaboration And Sharing at University of the Philippines

Future Plans

  • continue advocating Ubuntu wherever I go.
  • continue iso testing for upcomming Alphas, Betas and RCs.
  • organize more offline events.


Efren has been an active contributor ever since I started in the Ubuntu community. He has been part of many events globally and locally some of which he organized. He has represented well the principles of Free and Open Source Software (most particularly Ubuntu) wherever he goes and whoever he meets. His dedication to bringing the quality of software through bug triaging and ISO testing proves that he is indeed an asset and an advocate of excellence.

The Philippine Ubuntu Team needs someone like Efren. His Ubuntu membership will surely benefit not only the local community but also the global community of users, testers, developers and advocates as well. Thumbs up for kidsodateless!

By JeanAustinR.

He's been to many parts of the archipelago and when ever he may roam, His Ubuntu & FOSS Advocacy always shines through, he's very effective in engaging Ubuntu discussions with the younger crowd. His contribution speaks for itself, as a current Ubuntu Member myself, I do believe that his membership will be essential to the loco and to the Ubuntu Community as a whole.

-- loell


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