• My name is Loell Anthony Erecre from Davao City, Philippines
  • Used Ubuntu and joined the Ubuntu forums since 2005
  • Marine Cargo surveyor / Developer
  • Currently employed at Syeport Marine Services.




Web application


Some Ubuntuforums.org Howtos

Upstream Contribution



Future Plans

  • Organize users in the southern part of the philippines ( loco meetups )
  • Conduct Ubuntu Seminars in some parts of Mindanao.
  • further Testing
  • Documentation


DaxSolomonUmaming: Loell has been really great on our LoCo forum, he responds fast and provides informed suggestions and comments. New users aren't afraid to ask him questions since he's so approachable and oldies like me almost always turn to him for help. Someone on our community even called him a walking index since he always has links to various subjects ready for posting for anyone who asks. His Gyachi packages also helped tons of Filipino users in getting their Video Chat on Y!M.

Boyet: i have an internet cafe that exclusively using Ubuntu OS here in Cebu, Philippines and Loell has been very supportive in assisting my shop technically. He provides free technical assistance in the forum for Ubuntu OS, Cafe Con Leche and Gyachi. His PPA Archive is a great help for us here.

killer_d76: I seconded what Daxumaming and Boyet had mentioned above.. Loell has been very helpful with all, i guess not just mine but even newbies ubuntu issues alike, he makes things easier for noob like me, and he even make my transition/switch from Windows to Linux very easy, manageable and fun as well, and i am very glad that loell is there all the time.. specially on the wee hours of the day when i am doing my work late at night, and i got issues with ubuntu, i just post my concern there, i just need to wait for a few minutes and boom!.. all i need to do is just press "refresh" button and you have Loell to the rescue, providing you with all the details that you need to do to solve your issues!.. two thumbs up for you man!.

Duncan: Loell has consistently displayed excellent technical and people skills while acting as the sole active moderator of our Philippine LoCo forum. He epitomizes the true spirit of Ubuntu and is an asset to the community.

Joeb454 - I've seen Loell around on the Ubuntu Forums quite a lot ever since I became a member. He consistently posts friendly and helpful advice, as well as being a LoCo Moderator for the PH team. Having looked through all of the extra things he does outside of the forums via this wiki page, I can honestly say I'm surprised Loell hasn't applied for membership before now, and I wholeheartedly support his application for Ubuntu Membership.

drubin - Loell has been around the forums since before I was around. I first noticed his polite manner in which he handles all requests. His presence on his loco team seems to be apparent in his activity there. His green name and being a LoCo Moderator for the PH team shows his commitment to the ubuntu community as a whole. I support his application for Ubuntu Membership ten fold. I am sure his Membership will only strengthen his commitment and his devotion to his loco team.

pinoyskull - Loell is a nice guy, a techie that is always there to help, I've seen him jump from thread to thread to help people, especially newbies. I can even talk to him in IM. I think the membership is long overdue to this guy.

JeromeGotangco: I fully support the application of loell for Ubuntu membership which I believe is long overdue. I am witness to his willingness to support people through the forums and he's a very responsible moderator for the Ubuntu-PH subforum. He tries his best to answer support questions in the forums and have gone beyond to creating his own PPAs for packages that of big help to local Ubuntu users.

dodimar: much had been said (above) and the forum is the evidence. You can see his username on most of the queries of Ubuntu users in the Philippine LoCo. He's been very helpful. Sir loell has my full support for Ubuntu Membership. And I believe he deserves it after the many contributions that he made to the Ubuntu Community, local and global.

dmizer - I had always assumed that loell had become an Ubuntu member ages ago. loell's contributions to the Ubuntu community as both a loco moderator and as a tireless supporter of multiple howtos in the Tutorials and Tips section of the Ubuntu forums have been lengthy and significant. loell has been a contributing member of the forums for many years, yet I've never seen him post anything but friendly and courteous help for many many people including myself. loell's contribution to the community extends well beyond the forums, including a ppa and bug tracking/reporting, and translation. I would like to offer my unreserved support for loell's Ubuntu membership application.

aji santiago: he's always been there to help other people. i had been using ubuntu for more than a month and had a few troubles, but he was always prompt in responding to questions. he's provided great help and support to many people.

MattHelmke: Loell has been around the forums for a very long time and has always displayed the sort of courteous and gentle demeanor that we desire in our community. He is helpful to other users, both new and old, and is active in the Philippines LoCo community as well. I am actually surprised he is not already a member, and if he were coming before the EMEA membership board on which I serve, the decision would be an easy one.

forestpixie: Loell is one of those members who made it easy for me to stick around when I was new to bot the forums and Linux in general. His attitude towards new users is commendable. It is very easy for people to lose sight of the fact that for many of us the first port of call when needing help is the forums and that those who stick around to help for many years provide a much needed and valued contribution to Ubuntu. I wholeheartedly support him in his membership application.

AllanCaeg: Loell has always been one of my "Ubuntu Heroes." Even before there was a Philippine team subforum, he always supported me when it comes to gtk-, gyachi-, and webcam-related issues as we always bumped into each other even if the community is very large. When there was already a Philippine team subforum, his user support seemed to be like instant messaging. He responds very quickly and his advises are useful because he is one of the most knowledgeable Ubuntu folks in the country. I fully support his application.

sef: Loell is someone who I have greatly appreciated for his work on making a deb package for Gyachi. I also have appreciated his thread on Gyachi where he quickly and politely responds to problems or questions that people ask. If he isn't sure what is wrong, he asks questions and suggestions of the poster to the problem can be resolved. I 100% support his application.

ysamu: The Pioneer himself, he helps a lot especially the critical applications for internet cafe software like Gyachi and Cafe con Leche. He is one of the valuable asset of the Philippine Local community.


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