My Path

I am trying to get in touch with and bring together different tech communities to use and support ubuntu and other OSS projects.

My Interest and Experience with Linux

I started messing with slackware linux back in 93, mainly to play the "free" games included with it. Since then, I have tried many different distributions on the desktop, server and many devices (empeg car stereo, routers, xbox, chumby, etc). Currently, I manage 3 ubuntu servers, 1 gentoo and 1 fedora for personal use. Professionally I manage over 1000 servers running Debian for a web hosting company. This is all done out of interest and excitement with linux. I find it to be the most powerful OS and computing technology, while still maintaining stability and usability.

Every Tuesday I help teach classes at a local community center (South End Technology Center) in Boston, MA. The focus is on using ubuntu and computing in general. I also install ubuntu onto donated machines to be provided back to the community at little or no cost.

My Involvement with Ubuntu

Ubuntu Teams

I am a member of the Massachusetts Team

I help run and manage the Massachusetts Team, it's events and meetings

Projects i have started / helped manage:

Events i have started / helped manage:

Events i have attended:

Wiki Contributions

I have helped manage and reorganize the MassachusettsTeam Wiki

Outside contributions

I advocate Ubuntu at work, friends, family and to all of my home consulting customers. I am in a very slow process of running my own home consulting / storefront business to support the community in their computing needs. This will have a strong focus on ubuntu and OSS. I am currently helping with the carrier im project (pidgin fork), to provide a multiprotocol solution which caters to it's users need as opposed to the developers personal preferences. I am also an op in #ubuntu on EFnet and help daily with support questions.

  • P.S. I have a tux tattoo Wink ;)