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Torrents and Downloads

The LXLE website uses LibreAnte to conduct its downloads. This is not a tracking device, but rather a way to monetize downloads, without inflicting cost on the user. LibreAnte is a smart solution, developed by the LXLE team, to help balance out the problem of users who download FOSS without making donations nor contribution to the Linux community.

After Installation - Configuration

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Add uDuck to Your Browser

It is recommended that you add uDuck to your Browser, both as a part of your Searchbar and on your Bookmarks Toolbar.


LXLE's help tool, uDuck, in the DuckDuckGo search engine, is an Ubuntu-based, meta search for help and support of any *buntu based distribution.

This little search engine will become your first resource for problem solving. uDuck is focused on Ubuntu support areas, and chances are that your question will be answered here within seconds.

Help and Support Etiquette

Dedicated volunteers create the software you use, and other dedicated volunteers give their time to help you learn how to use it. In time, you will be able to "Pay It Forward", and help others on their journey.

LXLE provides personal support in mailing lists, chat rooms, and its Forums. However, you will soon discover that people are more likely to help you if you've done research before asking your questions. Many of your questions will be frequently asked questions (FAQs,) and those FAQs can be found simply in uDuck.

Please do the best you can to try and solve your problems with uDuck, first, before asking the friendly support people. If nobody answers you right away, you might assume that your question is probably a FAQ.

Selecting a Desktop Paradigm

LXLE Paradigm's special feature - changeable desktop experiences - allows the user to enjoy the "feel" of popular desktops on demand.

WHEN - You must select the desktop experience you want prior to logging in with your user name and password.

WHERE - After you boot your computer, a login screen will appear. You will find a drop down menu in the lower left corner of the screen, under the password box.

CHOICES - You can give your desktop the "look and feel" of five different desktops. Choose between:

  1. LXLE Gnome 2
  2. LXLE Unity
  3. LXLE OS X
  4. LXLE XP (default layout)
  5. Lubuntu Netbook.

Random Wallpaper

How to stop it at startup

  1. Go to the programs menu > Preferences > Desktop Session Settings

  2. Uncheck which ever program you don't want to run at startup.

  3. Click OK

If you want to renable the wallpaper randomizer, just repeat, but check instead of uncheck.

Add your own wallpapers to the randomizer

  1. Your randomized wallpaper folder is located at: Places > Pictures > Wallpapers.

  2. Save your wallpaper to this collection, if you want it to mix with the ramdom wallpapers.

Setting the Clock

  1. Go to www.foragoodstrftime.com

  2. Choose or create your desired layout code.

  3. Copy the code for your desired time layout.

  4. Right click the Time in your desktop panel (task bar.)

  5. Click Digital Clock Settings.

  6. Paste the code from the website into the Clock Format box.

  7. Click Close.

Setting Fast Forecast (add your location)

  1. Go to programs menu > Then click run.

  2. Copy/Paste the command line snippet below into your Terminal (or enter by typing), and press ENTER:

    • gedit /usr/share/applications/fastforecast.desktop

  3. Check the box run as root.

  4. Then click OK.

  5. Edit the existing zipcodes "17403", and change to your zipcode.

  6. Exit the file and Save.

  7. Next, go to your panel, and Right Click the Fast Forecast weather icon next to clock.

  8. Select Application Launch Bar Settings.

  9. Remove Fast Forecast from the left column.

  10. Then Re-Add Fast Forecast, from under Accessories in the right column.

  11. Click Close and your done.

Some countries, including Canada, need a work around, as the postal codes use a different format.

Alternate configuration examples:

  • weatherman -m 'varna, bulgaria'; weatherman -mx 'varna, bulgaria'

    weatherman -m 'vancouver, canada'; weatherman -mx 'vancouver, canada'

Inducing Arrowsnap

Arrowsnap is LXLE's Aero Snap like feature.

  1. Select the window you would like to move (either up, down, left or right)

  2. Hold Super Key (Windows key) and press an arrow on the keyboard in the desired direction.

  3. Repeat for the second window you would like to position.

Inducing the QuickStart Launcher

  1. Hold down the Alt key and then tap the Z key.

  2. Begin to type the name of the program you want to launch.

  3. Hit Enter to launch the program, or use arrows keys to find what you want, then hit Enter.

Changing the Timer for Update Reminder

  1. In your programs menu, select Terminal. This will open ROXTerm.

  2. Copy/Paste the command line snippet below into your Terminal (or enter by typing), and press ENTER:

    • pcmanfm ~/.config/autostart/

  3. Open the file updatereminder.sh using gedit (right click on it.)

  4. Adjust the time between reminders as you wish.

  5. Save and close

  6. The new script will be followed after the next restart.

Conky Configuration

Hide and Show Conky Toggle

There has been a known bug in the LXDE panel plugin to hide all windows and show the desktop. Otherwise known as Show Desktop. This bug entails conky and the way the plugin treats open windows. The plugin believes conky is a window, regardless of what type of internal configuration is set.

The Hide/Show Info Tool, located in the panel, works around this. You can also find it in your System Tools menu. Basically it tells the window to either appear or disappear.

How does this help with the bug? If you hit the Show Desktop plugin in the menu bar, conky will surely go with it. To get it back, just make sure to have any program or window showing, and then click the Hide/Show Info Tool button.

This workaround also comes in handy when in the Lubuntu-Netbook mode. Conky would normally be blocking and covering some of the screen while looking quite awful. Thankfully, you can just click the same Hide/Show Info Tool button to make it disappear.

Network Activity

  1. Go to the programs menu > Accessories > ROXTerm

  2. Copy/Paste the following command line snippet into ROXTerm then press Enter:

    • gedit ~/.conkyrc

  3. Find All “eth0” (without the quotes.)

  4. Change to your connection, usually one of these: “eth0, eth1, wlan0, wlan1, wlan2”.

  5. This information can also be easily found in network connections.

  6. Once changed just save and exit.

Stop Conky at Startup

  1. Go to the programs menu > Preferences > Desktop Session Settings

  2. Uncheck which ever program you don't want to run at startup.

  3. Click OK

If you want to renable the conky, just repeat, but check instead of uncheck.

How To Update LXLE Paradigm 12.04.3

Easy Method: Automatic Update Reminder and Update Manager

These two programs work together to ensure that you have the latest updates from the Linux community and your distribution. Follow the prompts, as they pop up on your desktop to remind you.

You can change the timing of the Update Reminder by following the instructions in the Configuration guides, above.

Best Method: Synaptic Package Manager

The LXLE team recommends that you learn to use the Synaptic Package Manager, period. This full featured update manager is also the recommended way to install programs, remove programs, and other tasks involving your packages.

Using the Synaptic Package Manager, as a beginner/intermediate user, will prevent you from making many mistakes that you might not know how to correct. Advanced users may use their terminals for command snippets they are familiar with; however, if you need to rely on help and support volunteers, while you learn things, it will be exceedingly difficult for them to help you, not knowing what you entered into your terminal.

Simple update with Synaptic Package Manager:

  1. Open the program.
  2. Start menu/System Tools/Synaptic Package Manager.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. After it opens, Click on RELOAD.
  5. Allow it to do its search, then Click on MARK ALL UPGRADES.
  6. If there are upgrades to do, if any were marked, then Click on the GREEN ARROW - APPLY.
  7. Close the program.


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