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Elián Hanisch

I'm an avionics technician and electronic engineering student. I started using linux in 2007, my first distribution was Kubuntu 6.06 and I have been a Kubuntu user since then.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


m4v, on irc://


Why Ubuntu?

I don't believe Ubuntu is the "best" distro out there, neither the one with the best technical merits. But Ubuntu has a great community, where I feel comfortable working with, and is the distro with the vision I believe is right. For the same reason you can only have freedom of speech if there's a literate society, you can only push open source if the society can use it, and for that the Linux desktop has to be easy to use, and mainly "just work". Not just for the people without computer skills, but for professionals that can't afford wasting time in figuring out why video or wireless isn't working. Since that's Ubuntu's aim, I'm with Ubuntu.


Most of my work is devoted to the Spanish support channels in freenode, I joined first #kubuntu-es and a couple of years later #ubuntu-es. Together with erUSUL I helped to get #ubuntu-es back to its feet, give some new life to our social channel #ubuntu-es-cafe (previously named #ubuntu-es-offtopic), recruit new operators and get an Spanish infobot. I have been active since 2008, and been responsible of the channels' health since 2010.

I work with the Ubuntu IRC Bots team, writing code, fixing bugs and whatever problem I can help with the bots in general. Also working on Stormyfacts, a factoid plugin for ubottu & clones that aims to improve factoid collaboration and localization.

I also help the Spanish Ubuntu classroom team, mostly with IRC organization, Classbot, and keeping an eye on the occasional troll that shows during events.

Long term goals


Thanks everyone! I'm now a member!

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