I am an Australian residing in Finland. I started my Ubuntu experience with Edgy and proceeded to get more and more involved. (Long may it continue). I moved to Kubuntu with feisty and havent looked back. I am Windows free and use Linux exclusively.

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~jussi01

IRC(freenode): jussi, jussi01

Email: jussi01 (at) ubuntu (dot) com

Ubuntuforums: jussi01

Ubuntu Member


  • Active in Kubuntu, User support, bug filing
  • Active member of Ubuntu Studio development team - User support, Mailing list Management
  • IRC
    • Part of the operator teams for Ubuntu core irc channels and others.
    • Active in channels - both in operator and user/helper roles.
  • Forum member of www.ubuntuforums.org (and moderator of Ubuntustudio section)
  • Bug reporting
  • Bot master extraordinaire - ubottu
  • Bot hosting - ubottu + bantracker website

The Future

I plan to continue the work within IRC, and within Kubuntu, wherever I can be helpful. I enjoy communication in various forms and that is my focus. I am also somewhat active with the KDE promo team helping in items there.

Opinions and Testimonials (IRC Council Nomination)

  • Jussi is a levelheaded, cool and mellow as a pot of milk, has sense of real life and handling people in a friendly and firm way. --Myrtti

  • Jussi is responsive, responsible, and helpful on IRC, generally quick to provide requested services or coordinate any discovered issues. Within the Ubuntu Studio channels, Jussi has maintained an effective discussion forum with the majority of discussion on-topic within the appropriate channel, and significantly disparate userbases. Jussi also has a fairly strong technical understanding of Ubuntu systems, and effectively uses this to interactively support users in a variety of fora. As a mailing list admin, Jussi is tireless, and ensures timely delivery of mail caught in the moderation queues, with little to no inappropriate content presented. While Jussi has previously been active in Development, the time constraints involved in his work in IRC, the forums, and as a mailing list admin leave him little time to do more than assist new developers with an understanding of process or help to troubleshoot specific issues. -- EmmetHikory

  • Jussi is very helpful and active on IRC. He also does great work with the bots and is very responsive to any issues. -- JonathanDavies

  • Jussi is a very helpful member of the Ubuntu IRC Operator team, and I think he'd make a very good addition to the council. He is level headed, and is unlikely to be led down any wrong paths. -- Sarah Hobbs
  • [02:45:29] <apachelogger> please add a note "Apachelogger can't login due to ongoing wiki breakage with Konqueror. However, he wants to say that Jussi is really nice guy and cares a lot about IRC. Apachelogger is very happy that Jussi is in most channels he is in as well, thus protecting him from the evil forces out there"

  • Jussi is very helpful on IRC. He has never misbehaved, like, ever, and he is a great help helping people in #kubuntu-kde4, where I mostly lurk/give support. --JontheEchidna

  • I think Jussi would make a great addition to the council as he's someone who really cares about our work on IRC (both support and maintaining the channels). He's always willing to help out and has a friendly attitude. Speaking as a fellow operator on the Kubuntu channels, I can say that Jussi has a lot of respect from our users and that speaks more about him than I can on a wiki page --TerenceSimpson

  • Jussi is an active, helpful member of the IRC ops team. His help with hosting Ubottu has proved invaluable to the whole IRC community. --ChrisOattes (Seeker`)

  • Jussi has the rare ability to discourage overheated situations on irc while still making the users feel they are valued. I feel he understand the value the Ubuntu IRC community adds to Ubuntu as whole and adds even more to it with his sanity and friendliness. --Lynoure Braakman
  • Jussi's contributions to Ubuntu Studio have been of great value. Knowing him now for a few years I have always seen him deal with any situation in a smart, respectful, diplomatic and proper manner. That is why I trusted him to our mailing lists and he has reached my overpassed my expectations on keeping that forums very productive both to users and developers, and surprisingly active (thanks to his work to make it a warm welcoming place to discuss anything related with the project). --LuisdeBethencourt

  • I support his application -- JonathanRiddell

  • Having worked with the dude for some months inside the Ubuntu Studio project, and having even met him a couple of times face to face (one of which occasions he invaded my residence), I can vouch for Jussi's integrity and sense of responsibility. I'm ever flabbergasted of seeing how enthusiastically he works on IRC bots. -- Janne "AstralJava" Jokitalo

  • Jussi is insightful and considerate -- JussiKekkonen aka Tm_T (by proxy Myrtti, by request of Tm_T in IRC due to problems with logging in)

  • I have not known Jussi for a long time, since he hasn't become a member of the #ubuntu-offtopic family until recently, but in the short time that I have known him Jussi has been a fun and outgoing person. He brings that same personality to the table when trying to calm down a heated argument, and generally prevents them before they start. If anyone deserves to join the IRC Council, it's Jussi. -- snuxoll

  • Jussi is great to work with and knows how to deal with people. He does an excellent job at giving support and keeping trolls and upset people in line in #kubuntu-kde4 (and I am sure in other channels as well) whenever needed. -- Nightrose

  • Jussi has been a great asset to the management of the Ubuntu Studio community, both on mailing lists and especially on IRC. -- AndrewHunter

Opinions and Testimonials (Kubuntu Council Nomination)


  • As a friend and a fellow member of the Ubuntu IRC Council, I can strongly recommend Jussi for any Council that can grab some of his time. -- JuhaSiltala (topyli)

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