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About Me

I'm 20-ish, let's not get into details, and live in Birmingham, UK. I've been using Linux for more than 10 years and it's been my primary OS for most of that time. I started using Ubuntu from the Breezy release, before that I was using Debian stable. My primary desktop environment is KDE but I won't hold it against you if you like something else Smile :)

What I Do For Ubuntu

I spend a lot of time in several IRC channels on freenode, for example #kubuntu helping out where I can, and #kubuntu-devel. I am an operator on many Ubuntu IRC channels, and am a member of the IRC Council. I tend to run the latest development version on Kubuntu to test it out, find bugs and hopefully fix a few. I have also edited some wiki and documentation pages when I notice something wrong, or get feedback from users (on #kubuntu and #ubuntu) that they can do with being clearer, I also do a lot of adding "and if you're on Kubuntu, do...." bits, like:

(and some others)

I help with bug triage and contribute patches as well as assigning bugs to relevant packages and getting information for bugs. See my bug page for more. I have contributed to packages, such as the ubuntu-dev-tools package, adding the dgetlp tool.

And, of course, I try to get as many people I can to convert to Ubuntu. So far I have converted several friends, a few family members and a couple of random strangers Smile :-)

Team Memberships

I am a member of the UKTeam LoCo team, Kubuntu Users, Ubuntu Members, Kubuntu Members, Launchpad Beta Testers, the Ubuntu IRC Operators team and more.


I am now the main maintainer and developer of the Ubottu plugins for Ubottu. We have begun the process now of getting together a team of developers for the bot, so development and bug fixes should be improved. I help guide new IRC operators in #ubuntu-ops and am a member of the IRC Council. The bots team and I am in the process of redesigning the web interface for ubottu, specifically with the Bantracker 2 project, as well as rewriting/updating/improving the plugins.

For more specific information on my plans and ideas for IRC, please see my Plans and Ideas for IRC page.

Comments from others

  • Terence has been an excellent contributor in the IRC sphere. His cool head in tight situations has been a major plus for the IRC team, both in dealing with problem people and problems caused by bots and other interference. His work with the bots and ban tracker has been nothing short of legendary, as proved by his inclusion in the Ubuntu Hall of Fame. I would whole-heartedly give Terence my backing for the IRC council. -- JussiSchultink

  • I strongly support Terence in his application for the IRC Council. He has done tremendous work on the bots, and on the ban tracker. I know him as a kind and well thought person. His insight in the technical aspects are on a truly professional level, and I appreciate his thoughtful and calm attitude when dealing with people and issues. Terence would be a great addition to the IRC Council. -- MyriamSchweingruber

  • Despite only having been associated with the operator team on IRC for a short while, I've come to know Terence as an amazing conflict resolver, always calm and easy-going, never losing his temper. He also has a great in-depth knowledge of the IRC bots, which he spends far too many hours for his own good developing. In short, Terence would be a fantastic addition to the IRC council, and I whole-heartedly support his nomination. -- LasseHavelund

  • tsimpson is a great operator and a cool-headed conflict resolver. He would definitely be an asset for the IRC Council. -- JuhaSiltala

  • A technically competent person who has helped a lot with things like managing and developing useful bots, and seems to know when to step into issues, as well as when to stay out (and when to stay 'stdin'). As a prospective IRC Council member, I look forward to Terence helping to effectively conjugate the technical with the human aspects of IRC in a powerful mix. -- LorenzoJLucchini


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