Personal info:

Real name: Wikus van Dyk
Country: South-Africa
Region: Gauteng
Town: Cullinan
Loco : Ubuntu-za;
IRC server:
IRC channels: #ubuntu-za , #minetest , #minetest-technic
IRC username: mazal

Description & History


I work in an IT environment. Main task is user support at ground level. I also am responsible to install all hardware on our network , as well as all OS and applications. I have a network of just over 300 pc's and 350 users that I support. The work environment is a Microsoft one , unfortunately.



My primary hobby is working and playing on my computer. I started working on pc's for the first time in 1986 on a XT home pc running DOS. Got hooked on it and was into computers ever since. I enjoy to learn new things and do a little bit of everything that I find interesting. At home I have a mixed environment of both Ubuntu and MS machines. I run desktop pc's and a basic file server as well. My favourite OS is Kubuntu though and prefer that wherever possible.


I love gaming and have been doing it since 1985. My first gaming machine was a Commodore 64. Since then I have gamed on all pc platforms from the first XT's until I7 era. I am also a very huge fan of Playstation. I have had from PS1 to PS3. I mostly play FPS and Racing games , but also enjoy RTS and action adventure. Recently I discovered minetest , a free alternative to mincraft and really enjoy that a lot. Minetest is available for linux and I can highly recommend it.


I used to be a avid cricketer. But also did rugby , tennis , athletics , squash and golf. But age caught up to me and the occasional round of golf is all that is left.

History on Linux and Ubuntu

My first time ever working with Linux was back in 2002. I started to use Red Hat 8 for my file server at home. That soon changed to Fedora. I stuck with Fedora on my server at home but didn't use Linux on my desktop pc's.

It wasn't until 2007 that I started to look into using linux on my desktop pc. I started with Ubuntu Ultimate Edition. I quickly saw that Ubuntu has the apps and ability to run as a fully functional desktop OS. After a year I decied I want to learn more about Ubuntu and want to start from a clean install and learn how to install the apps I need. I left Ubuntu Ultimate and Ubuntu 8.04 was the start for me on a fresh install on a standard Ubuntu distro.

I learned how to install the OS , configure it and install the apps I need. I also learned how to setup a basic ubuntu server with file sharing and LAMP. I use that on daily basis both at home and at work. I never looked back and Ubuntu is still my OS of choice for my work desktop and my basic servers at home and at work. Ubuntu , the OS of champions !!

Current Projects

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