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Matt Burns

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Alabama, US

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About Me

I'm a graduate student and IT professional with experience in Web development and education. My first experience with a Unix-based system was in early 1995, using telnet client (in Windows 3.1) to connect to an IBM AIX server. For the next decade, my experience with Unix-based systems was limited to terminal access to servers, mostly for Web development and administration. Then, in 2006 a friend told me about a (relatively) new distribution of Linux targeted at the desktop and focused on ease of use, so I installed Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) on a spare desktop to try it out. A year later, I was dual-booting Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) on my laptop, and using Ubuntu for most tasks. Now, in 2009, Linux is my primary OS, installed on all my computers. I still dual-boot with Windows, but only for the rare occasion I absolutely must use Windows-specific applications.

Contributions to the Community

  • Active contributor to the Ubuntu Forums (particularly the General Help forum), focusing on older and unanswered posts
  • Padawan of the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team, devoted to aiding new users in embracing Ubuntu and the Linux operating system

  • Local activist, educating friends and family about the advantages (and disadvantages) of Ubuntu and Linux, and encouraging use through support
  • Constantly looking to contribute in any way I can


  • Become an active member of the Ubuntu Forum Beginners Team
  • Encourage wider use of Linux and FOSS through education and support
  • Continue to help and support new users, and to retain more of the user base
  • Think of more goals


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