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Ubuntu Email: ofp.prieto@gmail.com

Ubuntu chat: OscarPrieto (IRC)

Ubuntu Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~ofp-prieto

Ubuntu Twitter: @ofpprieto

Ubuntu Google +:Oscar Fabian Prieto.

Ubuntu Facebook: Oscar Fabian Prieto.

Ubuntu skype: oscar.fabian.prieto.gonzalez

Ubuntu Personal Blog :Ofprieto

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My name is Oscar Fabián Prieto, I live in Bogota, Colombia. I am a computers connectivity and maintenance technician, Currently i am studying computers ingeneering at Universidad Cooperativa the Colombia and i am working as a system analyst, i love technology and specially learning about its building, functioning and development. Right at the time i was developing my carrer, i met a teacher, which i am so grateful and he showed us his Laptop, for us the best machine with an incredible system and an unknown technology, he shared the free software technology and gave us a copy of Ubuntu and from then on it was only knoledge.

During these years of studying i have met the Ubuntu’s community in Colombia and i have activelly participated in the broadcast area of distribution, i have participated in several events and activities in and out of town, but i also have worked with debian, opensuse, suselinux, mint and some others and i strongly shared Ubuntu because of its ease and great development that help the average usser to learn and approach to the Linux world


Ubuntu Bachiller: I.E.D Costa Rica

Ubuntu Technical: Institute of Business Studies (INESCO) Technical Systems

Ubuntu Others: SENA (Computer Maintenance)

Ubuntu University: University of Colombia Cooperative Systems Engineering.



Council Ubuntu Colombian: link


Ubuntu Colombian Team: link


Site Web: link

Personal Goals

Ubuntu Promote the use of ubuntu operating system for personal use.

Ubuntu Do diffusion the operating system events, talks, activities and my personal environment.

Ubuntu Promote and disseminate Colombia Free Software.

Ubuntu Share the knowledge gained from the community that has given me the free software community to assist in the development if my community and our country.

Ubuntu Contribute to ubuntu doing projects or developments to the creation of new technologies or the application of known technologies to create knowledge.

Objectives Ubuntu

Ubuntu Spreading my group of friends, family and colleagues, using Ubuntu as main Operative system

Ubuntu Helping new users in the migration process and support when needed, encouraging learning and use of Free Software.

Ubuntu Strengthen the Ubuntu community in Colombia

Ubuntu Making Events, workshops, seminars, talks and barcamp to strengthen Colombia free software.

Ubuntu Creating spaces to assist new users in their process of migration.

Ubuntu Creating spaces for migration processes in companies of Colombia to the Free and Open Source Software.



Networkbogota is a project of applying free networks using free software, free hardware and promoted the philosophy of sharing, creating connection nodes and mesh networks that interconnect our community by providing a wifi connection for free and public access.

Sitio web:NetWorkBogota

Project Status: (In development)

MULTYSO (Research Group)

Multyso is the hotbed of the cooperative research university dedicated to research Colombia Free free technologies and systems, which aims to promote the use of free software and provide free diffusion of technologies.


Project Status: (Active)

Contributions and participation






  • Ubuntu I testified! \o/ Oscar is one of the new guys in Ubuntu Colombia *the future* and working from the Ubuntu-Co Council has proved his amazing skills as Community Leader and I am sure he will be an amazing UbuntuMember and we will heard amazing things from Ubuntu-Co in the near future! - SergioMeneses

    Ubuntu Don Oscar is a great friend, since i met Oscar around 6 years ago He works heavily for a lot of communities in colombia included Ubuntu Colombia, Hackbo, Bogota-Mesh, since it encourages the work in the Colombian free software, in these areas has increased considerably within the ubuntu community has excelled in Colombia by his great leadership. I have witnessed how their work has inspired the community in the Colombian reborn. ingforigua

    Ubuntu Oscar is a member of Ubuntu Colombia, who in recent years has collaborated on many activities and works in the community.Oscar is a model to follow in the Ubuntu community, I am working with him on several projects in the island of Tierra Bomba, including education and Free software projects.

If you want to know more about this island watch this video,http://vimeo.com/106425254 it only lasts 6 minutes, kcbart

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