I am an active member of the https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-hamsubuntu-hams group.

Running Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and have been an Ubuntu user since Feisty

Enjoying computer, amateur radio, nunchaku, guitar and also blogging at (http://9m2pju.blogspot.com). i wrote a lot about using Ubuntu as ham shack's complete operating system. Reporting bugs for (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuHamsPackages).

I hope that Ubuntu will be the best operating system for ham radio operator.

73 de 9M2PJU
Ubuntu Ham Radio Operator.

Endorsements for Ubuntu Membership

  1. Piju has been a very active member of the ubuntu-hams team, and is present and participating in our IRC channel #ubuntu-hams almost every day. He has been blogging about using Ubuntu with amateur radio for more than six months, and is a strong advocate for Ubuntu. Piju is planning to teach some classes introducing amateur radio operators to Ubuntu. I recommend him for Ubuntu membership, and hope to see his blog as part of Planet Ubuntu. -- SteveConklin - Ubuntu Member, ubuntu-hams member, kernel developer.

  2. Piju has been active in the ubuntu-hams team in email and also on #ubuntu-hams. He's done mock-ups, blog posts, bug reporting, and a number of other interesting things. I'd like to encourage him to get more deeply involved in the Ubuntu ecosystem and contribute more on the wiki. I recommend him for Ubuntu membership. -- JoeyStanford, Ubuntu Member, ubuntu-hams member.

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