Peter Matulis

About me

I live in Montreal, Canada and I am mostly interested in Server applications and Server documentation. I can usually be found on the following IRC channels:

  • #ubuntu-server
  • #ubuntu-doc




pmatulis AT




IRC operator on #ubuntu-server

I became an IRC operator on #ubuntu-server in September 2011.

Member of Ubuntu Documentation Committers team

I became a member of ubuntu-core-doc in November 2011.

Ubuntu Server Guide

  • I have been the driver for the Ubuntu Server Guide project since the Ubuntu 12.04 cycle (leadership, promotion)
  • I review contributions and commit code changes to the master branches (since 2011)
  • I triage Guide bugs and actively contribute to the Guide (since 2011)

I sometimes assist with making changes on infrastructure pages but most of my work on help is publishing the Server Guide.

Testimonials for the different Ubuntu thingies I have requested to be a part of.

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