quesh / frederic mande

launchpad id : http://launchpad.net/~quesh

blog : http://www.quesh.fr

email : frederic.mande --at-- gmail.com

email : quesh.mail --at-- gmail.com

email : quesh --at-- quesh.fr (for pgp)

jabber : quesh --at-- jabber.ubuntu-fr.org

irc : quesh or quesh-i on Freenode

about me

I'm 40 and I live in Paris (France).

I'm working currently in field maketing sector. About my Linux profile, I started using gnu/linux with Hoary Hedgehog in 2005.

One of my former trainnees (Bastien) gave me a Ubuntu CD. In fact, I wanted to do what he was doing with his debian, to get documents located in my PC at home from my office. He thought it was good idea to hand me a CD and he was right.

While looking information, I discovered one of the first Ubuntu party and I proposed to give a hand. Thanks to my marketing knowledge, I thought "a good meal is even better if it is nicely shown". My English is not very good even if I understand quite well. That's a shame...

ubuntu involvment

In assotiation with other members, I promote Ubuntu in France ( RMLL, Solution Linux, La fête de l'humanité, Braderie de Lille, LibreAcces and of course Ubuntu-Party)

I created and manage a monthly event around Ubuntu and free software in Paris : premier-samedi.org

Launchpad team participation


  • I animate a conference on Ubunty discovery in Ubuntu parties throughout France.
  • I initiate people to Ubuntu and gnome interface.
  • I 'm in charge of the marketing and promotion part.


  • Finish learning Python to develop my own free software in sport associations management.
  • Develop ubuntu-party.org to make it an international web site in order to help loco teams to promote and organize ubuntu-party.


  • Quesh is a essential teammate to all event activities of the Ubuntu-FR Association since 2006. He have good advices for communication works of the Francophone community. It is one of the few volunteers ready to spent full time, sometimes risking its financial health, as free software advocate. As Ubuntu-fr board member he is an infinite source of ambitious ideas. OlivierFraysse

  • Frederic has made awesome work in the French community for the ubuntu party and promoting it since years. He is really convinced about Ubuntu and it's philosophy and he is one of the top ten person making Ubuntu known as it is in France. I strongly recommend him as an ubuntu member DidierRoche

  • This guys share a lot of his marketing skill with the LoCo ubuntu-fr (example with http://ubuntu-paris.org that promotes ubuntu party of paris). His marketing skill can be shown by many things, but you can check @ubuntuparty on twitter, he is the main maintenaer of this account. Hi is a very active guy is the LoCo, always helping to organize an event. Since a while, he is leading a webradio ( http://trop-large.org/ ) that use ubuntu, and this webradio is following ubuntu-fr's events by having a live in-situ there and by interviewing talkers and people of the events (check podcasts). I strongly recommend him as an ubuntu member. cm-t

  • quesh a toujours de nouvelles idées pour l'association et les événements. très actif et très sympathique. ~karum

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